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I have noticed that there seem to be at least 2 ways that side vents can constructed:   1. The vents are to are over lapping/tucked underneath, which pushes out a tail creating a "skirty" look.   2. The vents are flush, which makes them almost invisible when standing.   Is there a term for this? Has anyone else noticed? Can a tailor fix "skirty" vents?   Thanks,   Stephen
 I am 31, and since I got out of the Military in 2005 at age 23, I have always either been at or near my fighting weight of 175, or my lazy cheeseburger eating weight of 210. When I am fat, my friends, family and coworkers always lie tell me that i am not overweight and that it is all in my head. When I start getting back in shape they tell me that I am too skinny and to stop losing weight. Since this is a style forum it should be safe to assume that anyone reading this...
I visited the local haberdasher yesterday to have a look around and it didn't take me long to realize that brand new Canalli, Oxxford, Samuelsohn, and Brioni suits are out of my price range.    They do have a "house" suit that runs around $600 that caught my interest, and seemed to be comparable with the 2 leading contenders for my next purchase, Suitsupply or the BB 1818.  The house suit is half canvassed and made in China. With the house suit being about $150 more...
It is really nuts what a couple of days reading on the internet can do. I had my series 7 exam today, and it just so happens that the most upscale men's clothing store in town is right accoss the street from the testing center. I had never been there for a couple of reasons, one being it is really far out of the way, so it is really hard to accidentally end of there, and 2 it has always been a little out of my knowledge price range.   So anyway, I go over to the store...
  Ohhhh......I misunderstood,  you were recommending that I post in the thread.....not try to read and sift through 212 pages. I wish that I would have realized that before I cut my wrist.  Thanks for clarifying.
  Can't say that I have, but thanks for asking. Friendly bunch you guys have here:)
 No I was being facetious, I would not expect him to tell me which page to read anymore than I expect myself to read through a 212 page thread that started out about noodles advice and may be "geared towards" something that may help me.
  Between page 1 and page 212 where should I start?
 $300 is usually my cutoff on HB, because I know that they go for $250-$275 a couple of times per year. This time around I am going to be more selective on my color instead of buying what is still left in early Jan. Since being picker raises my price-point, shopping around and doing my due diligence is exactly what I am doing so I will know exactly what I want when it is time to start cutting checks.
  I agree,  I may take it to the next level if I find a brand that I like for just a little bit more,  but I will hold off before I try to take it up any more levels. 
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