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The old luggage tags looked like this:But you're right, I don't think it's the white space that makes it look off to me. Maybe I only like red font on rectangles, not squares. Maybe I just don't like change.I think what really bothers me is that the old style looks like it could've been used since the company's inception while the new one obviously had the marketing department's hands all over it.
It might be silly, but I can't get over how much I dislike these new tags and their whole "Made at Filson" thing. They're using these tags on all the luggage now, they seem almost a parody compared to the old style in my opinion. Take out the city they're rooted in and one of the better mottos of any company and replace it with "Made at Filson"? What does that even mean? Wouldn't anything made at a Filson factory be "Made at Filson" regardless of location? Also, I don't...
Title says large, photo appears to show an XL. Which is it?
Would kill for one of the old style travel trays...if anyone has any leads let me know.
Bag looks fantastic, unique patina. Have you re-waxed it? If so, curious about the process.
Filson flannel lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket Seattle Fit, Size MEDIUM Unworn, but tags removed. Price includes shipping within USA.
-sale pending- Filson Briefcase in Otter Green, brand new with tags. Price includes shipping within the USA.
How do the sweatpants fit? Rec size up?
Interesting thread. I think it would be cool to compile a list of Streetware and Denim type brands that are made in the USA. It's taken me quite a few years, but I'm now at the point where over 90% of what I wear is USA made. I've done this for many reasons, some logical and some not so much.
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