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Wider strap = better weight distribution = likely more comfortable, even without a pad. I don't think Filson has much room for improving the comfort of the bridle leather straps without sacrificing durability by using softer materials, or sacrificing aesthetics using synthetics or a bulky pad.
Since the straps just clip on it wouldn't be hard to swap them for something more to your liking. I'd suggest contacting Filson with your complaint, maybe they can provide you with the wider nylon webbing strap as used on the Tin Cloth version of the briefcase.
It is the Navy fabric. I have a Navy 256 from before they changed the tags and also noticed that the fabric seems lighter and definitely less stiff when compared to my tan rugged twill bags. I wouldn't say it's anywhere near half the weight, or even 75%, but it is noticeable. On the other hand my new tan cooler bag, with the new tag design, has construction and fabric quality on par with any of my tan bags purchased over the last 15 years or so. As much as I dislike the...
I don't have experience with their new photo bags, but I have used both my medium field bag and original sportsman bag with Domke inserts for photo equipment, and they've worked well for me. You might consider this as an option if you already own or intend to purchase one of these styles, I've found it quite versatile.
Ebay. I had contacted Alaskan Brewing a few months ago after I first came across the cooler, begging them to sell me one to no avail. I entered their contest via text almost every day, but no luck there either. When I saw it pop up on ebay I couldn't pass up the chance. Interestingly I had contacted Fillson about a month ago asking if the would be producing it as a regular item. They told me that they had no plans to do so, and if they did it wouldn't be until next spring.
Saw the cooler was being discussed, so I couldn't resist sharing. Great design, looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. And don't forget that tag I hate so much...
Filson Travel Kit in Navy. New without tags.
Filson Original Briefcase in Navy. New without tags.
Still available.
The old luggage tags looked like this:But you're right, I don't think it's the white space that makes it look off to me. Maybe I only like red font on rectangles, not squares. Maybe I just don't like change.I think what really bothers me is that the old style looks like it could've been used since the company's inception while the new one obviously had the marketing department's hands all over it.
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