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sorry no, i was just wondering...............?
I know of alot of companies who make japanese selvedge jeans but i can't find any who make italian selvedge. i want a diverse closet lol, what companies make italian selvedge jeans? Are diesel and rock and republic selvedge?
Dang i'm too late, the selvage denim is sold out
I saw a pair of evisu deluxe jeans for sale that are size 30, and i was wondering what "true" waist size this is equal to as many companies have different measurements and i have no way of trying the jeans on........... thank you
sorry that question sounded dumb apparently but i just liked the way the shirt looked even if it is just cotton, but whatever i guess lol
i saw this shirt when i was looking online and really like the material of the shirt but i don't really like the design, does anyone know of other shirts that have this same material but a different design? thank you
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