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thank you, that paul mitchell gel works for men too? i only ask because its demoed by a woman on their site lol
I want to get my hair cut like this: http://www.beauty-and-the-bath.com/i...rt-hair_fs.jpg http://images.filmmagic.com/images/tnm/1027886.jpg and am confused what product to style it like that with? stuff like american crew firm hold gel or the forming cream type stuff?
in MY opinion i think it would look good with some raw black jeans and a black shirt, but thats just me and if i buy it thats the opinion that matters rite?
i dont know if that question matters, i think it does? in my opinion? i was just wondering
you guys dont think white leather jackets are "gay" do you?
http://cgi.ebay.com/MARC-NEW-YORK-LE...QQcmdZViewItem i was wondering how you guys felt about a white leather jacket, opposed to the tradtional black or brown
? anyone?
thanks guys, from what i've heard now, i guess japanese selvage is the best so one more question, what are the best slim selvage jeans?
thank you and also i mean if the jeans are a size 30 then what equivilant would this be in terms of waist size because some jean companies say size down or size up and i was wondering if evisu runs true to size.....
nudies use japanese selvedge denim don't they?
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