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I have been wondering what is traditionally the best type of leather jacket inside? I know must are lined but some are not, is there an advantage either way? For example, I saw this jacket: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=49788 with no lining but just the "split" leather inside. is that better or worse than say this jacket: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3582/...deb2e450ed.jpg with alpaca lining. Also are there any jackets that have no lining but have the top...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Cashmere Sweater- RL purple label Shirt- Pringle Pants- Prada Shoes- Bettanin & Venturi Watch- Bvlgari Scent- Bond No. 9 Nouveau Bowery that outfit looks way nice lol, what model pants are those, i cant find them anywhere? thank you
idk im kinda partial to backpacks, what recomendations do you have for backpacks not messenger bags?
that jerome olivet one is crazy, does anyone have that one?
well i am in high school haha, so a laptop isnt an essential, i just need some folders and such, there is another tumi one: http://www.tumi.com/backpacks_messen...?modelid=90168 its a little bigger but idk which one to choose....
im really liking the tumi leather ones, and i saw them onsale somewhere cant remember right now, but they look really classy yet practical, like this one http://www.tumi.com/backpacks_messen...90170#Features what do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by scfdefinit No idea what it is but I dig this one. I just bought an iDiom backpack but then again I dress more technical street/hypebeasty so its probably not what you're looking for. If I were to get a messenger it'd be more along the lines of acronym or bagjack. +1 for Jack Spade and Marc Jacobs too. that one is crazy lol
So now that i've begun dressing much nicer i need to upgrade the rest of my things as well and ive decided that i need a new backpack as well, i want something leather that is very high quality, i would be using it everday for school, i was looking at this one: http://eluxury.com/estore/browse/pro...sp?id=11291624 idk what u guys think bout that one? but something that is nice and stylish to go with the nice outfits, i would love your guys input on this. thank you!!!
mergers and acqusitions attorney lol
well put haha
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