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not to hijack my own thread lol, but what fabric/pattern is the man on the far left in this photo wearing?
Thank you for the replies, do the buttons on the jacket (sleeves, main buttons) have to match those used on the trousers (button fly, suspender buttons)? Both would absolutely be horn, but i am just wondering if they should be the same shade, etc.
so in theory, the tailors could match the stripes (jacket to pants) and such?
Has anyone ever had a bespoke suit made by two different tailors (i.e. one does the pants, the other does the jacket)? I was wondering this because I have never seen trousers that I love more than the ambrosi trousers, while I am in love with rubinacci jackets. If I was able to provide both tailors with the same cloth, would it be possible to make a bespoke suit that effectively came from two separate tailors? Thanks, Ben
honestly lol, purple. I was looking for driving mocs that would spice up a boring khakis type outfit
okay, I apologize.
wow, fine ill work on never ever starting "noob" threads but dang I didnt know it was an offense to simply post this after I had searched and looked. However, I still do appreciate your help. I apologize if I upset you through my posts but I just didnt like the seemingly condescending attitude you accusing me of already knowing the answer. Sorry
um i don't? but I just know that they are not tod's and not the brand that you listed because i have tried tods and those werent them on google and i attempted your suggestion but it didnt seem right either. Im sorry if i implied that I know who makes them. I dont.
unfortunately thats not who i am thinking of. the brand also isn't tods btw
Hey everyone, A while back I remember seeing a shoe company (possibly even on here) that produced suede loafer type shoes (maybe even only one model) in just about every single color under the sun. I remember the shoes having a thin flat sole as well. Can anyone possibly help identify this mystery brand? thank you, Ben
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