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Will there be any more amethyst in the future? I really want one of those but they're sold out now
I posted this in the ask a question, get an answer thread but I have yet to get an answer, so in the effort of not cluttering the board with another short thread, I felt that this was the best place to post this (someone please tell me if I am incorrect however). I was curious as to where I can purchase the metal hardware that ambrosi uses in their side adjusters.   
I wasn't, why?
Sorry to disrupt the thread but can anyone tell me what the name of those are???? I really like the look of them.Thank you,Ben
Does anyone know where I can get the exact hardware that Ambrosi uses for their side adjusters (i.e. the metal adjuster component)?    
would it also be possible to do a scarf lining like this: or However, I am wondering where to get silk scarves that would be heavy enough for a lining, any ideas?
I want to get a mtm suede A-1 blouson jacket from temple of jawnz, like this one: but I want to have a cashmere lining in it. Something like this: or basically the same idea as these:...
I have seen cucinelli ones that were close to what I want, but i still wonder if a bespoke tailor could create the exact jacket that I want
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