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Wednesday, paisley, and the Westminster Hymnal.
The pocket square and shoes elevate the entire ensemble from good to very good. This is a great example of how restraint and simplicity can enable small details to "shout". Brilliantly done.PS For those who might complain, I tried putting the pictures into a spoiler but it would not "take".
A SuSu day: suit (Lazio), shirt, tie, and PS
Earl Grey for a grey day. SuSu Lazio
It always rains on Election Day.
Why does it always rain on Election Day?
For a Shetland sweater, it is fairly snug. My jacket size is 39. I tried the O'Connell 40 and the 42. (Their website suggests sizing up.) Both were huge on me. This sweater is a 38, and it is roomy enough. You would not want a skin tight Shetland wool sweater. You would overheat! The science of the Shetland sweater is the air space between the wool and you.The O'Connell sweater is thinner and lighter than a J Press Shaggy Dog.
O'Connell's Shetland sweater Color: mushroom
Such a coat!!! Splendid!
From Saturday... It was freezing in the Big House. At least, we won. U.S. Navy pea coat vintage circa 1955 LL Bean Shetland sweater Brooks Bros OCBD J Crew classic wool trouser AE McAllister
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