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Two days in a row: done in by the bull pen. Unbelievable. I cannot type what words I said out loud. I have no doubt that Price can pitch a long game on Sunday. Now, the pressure will be on Porcello. We are going to have to rely on his wonky, awkward, hard-to-hit pitches. When he's good, he is very good. We need that very good.
12-3, Orioles. What a disaster. Suddenly, what Porcello does or does not do becomes all important. I'm confident that Verlander and Price can get the job done.
Gray day; gray suit.
The SF-SF members have too much fun. #jealous Looking forward to seeing pictures of the party.
Sunday. Game 162. 7th inning. All we have is a 1-0 lead... Meanwhile, today, the White Sox are not going to help us out. The only reassuring factor is that David Price is pitching. I hope that if the bull pen is needed, one of the available starters is used. "All hands on deck!"
This morning, 8 miles. Temperature, 42 degrees. No wind, no problem. I wore gloves. As long as my hands are warm, I'm fine. For the entire week, Michigan has had ideal, perfect weather: cool mornings, clear blue skies, moderate afternoon temperatures. I wish this would last forever.
Woe is us: 11-4, Twins. Brad Ausmus needs to channel his inner Charlie Dressen: "Stay close, boys, I'll think of something"
I purchased it last year. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/havana-light-blue-plain/P3731.html?start=5&cgid=Suits&prefn1=collection&prefn2=styleFit&prefv2=Contemporary-Havana&prefv1=Fall%2FWinter
An attractive shirt, knit tie, PS combination.
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