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5 miles, this morning. Lots of fog and hills while listening to and getting caught up with Dirt Dawg running podcasts.
Finally, a decisive win as Rick Porcello pitched a 3 hit complete game shut out. #14 for him. A grand slam home run by Victor Martinez did not hurt, surely. Meanwhile, Kansas City loses a game--at last. I have nothing but admiration for the Royals who have "done it" without big super stars and a bloated payroll. Next week, the Jeter Farewell Tour comes to the "D". I'm sure all three games will be standing room only.
Perhaps, it is what one is used to experiencing when it comes to cold weather.Last year, in Michigan, we had the worst winter in decades with many days of wind chills below -20 (F). I own, and wear, an early 1950s vintage coat and a current Mil Spec Sterlingwear coat. The vintage has a higher arm cut. But, I can wear a thin sweater underneath. I was warm as toast. The vintage is an extremely heavy coat--the weight of the wool makes it seem like one is wearing an...
Stripes and stripes and stripes.
Sage advice, for everyone. Well said.
4-6 miles every morning, this week. The weather has been extremely cool--temps in the 50s. On Monday and Tuesday, I was in Pittsburgh--a runner's heaven. There are miles of trails, river walks.. with gorgeous views everywhere. On Tuesday, I ran atop the Mt Washington neighborhood--the tallest hill in the city. The panoramic views of the rivers, the stadiums, the city were amazing. Sigh! Now, back home in Lake Woebegon.
Saturday morning. Before and after.
Tigers/Mariners In a game where the defense was sloppy, the pitching poor, and the bats were silent, this was the only highlight: Tiger Traxx, of course. It was appropriate that Austin Jackson, now CF for the Mariners, received a standing ovation on his first at bat.
I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Detroit. For all the SF members from the metro Detroit area, it would have been pleasure to have met you. I have never eaten atop the GM Building which is referred to, still, as the RenCen. The food may not be the best in the city, but the view must is spectacular.
New Posts  All Forums: