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They are pricey! The company claims that these shoes last longer than most. I hope that this is true.Of course, there is no magic shoe--in spite of the hype that all manufacturers have for their products. . But, for me, these shoes encourage me to run with good form. As with any shoe, you still have to do all the work!
Early Pentecost Sunday run: 3 miles
I own both. Indeed, there is more "room" in the upper waist in the Napoli than in the Lazio. I would call a store and ask a sales rep this question regarding the comparable measurements. You can always order the suit through that store. I have had excellent service from the Chicago SS store via the telephone. I would recommend asking "Jeremy" for assistance.The thing about going up or down in a SS size is that, while one measurement gets a better match, another...
Really loving my new Newton Gravity shoes. I have worn them for the past week and a half. The new design uses 5 lugs. More "action-reaction" science??? For me, the lightness of the shoe and the "spring", not softness, encourages me to keep going. Twas a gorgeous morning. 46 degrees. No wind. Blue sky. Sunrise. Pure Michigan 6 miles. By the bye, here is a stretch that has been beneficial to my "wretched" hip...
Impresionante corbata!
Indeed, you define Sans-souci. You make it look so easy.
We know!
Enjoying a cuppa after a long morning of lessons.
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