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"Let's go, Ti-gers!" clap...clap....clap, clap, clap I might wear the bow to the ballpark. Goodness knows, we need all the help we can get. #beattheyankees #jeterfarewelltour
Yeah, normally I would wear a spread collar. But, I think this works with an OCBD. Good enough for summer! Thanks for your nice comment. Now, if the Tigers can get a few home runs tonight....
We, in Michigan, have been spoiled by a summer of fairly low humidity and rather cool temperatures. That has changed in recent days. I'm not used to coming into the house after a run all sweaty and drippy.
Sunday morn: bow tie and hymn books. SuitSupply, Brooks Bros, the Evangelisches Gesangbuch et al...
Detroit Tigers - 6; Minnesota Twins - a whole lot
Mighty fine. Lovely fabric.
Friday plaid-day.
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