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A sweep of the Sox at Fenway! Sweet! The 11th straight road win for the Tigers. Today, the Tigers (.692) play in Cleveland. I know the Indians are struggling, but I am always apprehensive of the cunning mind of Tony Francona. And, at this time of year, those pesky May flies are all over that ballpark.
This morning, 4 miles. Temp, 36 degrees. Had to wear my mittens.
If it were Denny McLain, it would have been intentional! There are very few nasty pitchers like Denny anymore. And, that is a good thing. Both Norris and "Ver" (as Ausmus calls him) are not of that ilk.
The place over on Forest?I took the yoga plunge only quite by accident. I learned that the brother of a former personal trainer was a yoga teacher. A UM grad, he explained, in his biography, that he was had several sports related injuries and that yoga helped restore the muscles. He was tired of taking pain pills. All this got my attention, so I gave it a try. He is a good teacher which, as in anything, makes all the difference. He practices a form of Bikraim Yoga. ...
2.5 miles, this morning, in the cold, cold rain. Temperature around 44 degrees. Whither Spring art thou? I, who always laughed and scoffed at people did yoga, have begun yoga. After only a few sessions, I can tell that there is an improvement in my wretched, arthritic hip and shoulder. For me, this has been a good thing. I'm not running faster, but the stiffness and pain are greatly reduced. I'm hopeful for more progress.
This coat looks wonderful on you. I'd say that you made out like a bandit.
An attractive and interesting suit! It's a great fit. I like the length of the coat. But, the right shoulder is peaking up slightly. Maybe it is due to the way you are standing or the angle of your arm.
Hey, I like your movie, too!And, the Tigers leave Baltimore with a sweep. On to Bahston and the Monstah.During the broadcast, it was pointed out that the Central Division record against the Eastern Division is something like 28-14. So much for the Central being so weak.
A solid PS would enhance the look.I don't have a solution for a better tie to go with that shirt. The tie and shirt are too matchy-matchy. Checked shirts are really cool but are devilishly hard to coordinate.I would keep the tie and wear a solid white or light blue shirt.The suit is a good fit.
Plenty of details of which to take note. Nicely matched.
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