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For me, true to size.
Just got tickets for the opera. Always geeked about Puccini!
It is the same as a Havana, I'd say.
Exquisite! Wow!
At 5 a.m., the temperature was 33 degrees, and I ran 6 miles. If I lived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I could say "runnin' in da moonlight. You betcha!" Gorgeous moon! I really wanted to run more.
This morning, a coffin shaped box arrived, and this was inside.
A coffin shaped box arrived this morning, and this was inside. The wool fabric is top quality. Nice button. There are side vents. The trousers are slightly slimmer than most tux trousers. Nothing extreme. This is the way the coat fits right out of the box. The back side is clean. There is just a bit of fabric that needs to be taken out on one shoulder. This is a 40S. For $569, this is as good as other tuxedos for twice the money. The arm length, for me, is...
Liking this tie: colors and fabric.
I dread October 25.
To my eye and IMO, the coat is borderline too short. It just barely covers the derriere.It just looks small. One would think that the best MTM SuSu location would be Amsterdam. I would hope that you could take it back.
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