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Morning cuppa... After tea, packing for another out-of-town trip. It seems as if my entire life, lately, has been packed into this bag.
This was my first SS suit--a Washington. After I purchased it, I had a real case of "buyer's remorse"--thinking that the peaked lapels and the ticket pocket were just "too much". And that it was shorter than any coat I own. After wearing it for the past 4 months, I've come to like it and feel comfortable wearing it. So much so, that I would consider buying another Washington.
A rainy, damp, cold, dark Wednesday.
Just for my two cents, the ideal fit, from what I can see from your pictures, would be the shoulders of the 38 Napoli and the mid waist of the 40 Napoli. The shoulders of the 40 Napoli are too big. A tailor could advise you if there is enough material to let out the mid section of the size 38. SS is notorious for not providing extra fabric for alterations. I think both Siennas are very tight around the middle and are not flattering.Trousers can be altered rather easily...
Today, wearing the Napol I have a SS Lazio, a Washington, a Napoli, and 2 Havanas. Of the bunch, the Napoli is the least snazzy. Yet, I am always reminded that simple and clean lines are what really matter.
Lovely suit. Liking the double monks. Congrats on the good news!!
Stunning tie! Is this the SS Soho?
Thanks!As for the book, it is a meticulous read. Gardiner is ultra thorough in supporting his assertions and discoveries. After I finish a chapter, I have to go back and read it again--taking the time to listen to the many musical references, by Bach and others, to get the full meaning of what Gardiner is saying. He is dispelling many beloved myths and legends about Bach's personal life and education. Absolutely fascinating.
Bach and a bow tie.
Donning a new Maize 'n Blue tie, courtesy of SF member, @BooksandTweed. Beat the Spartans! This season, my Wolverines have beaten MSU twice. Can we do it a third time? #very nervous Shamelessy, at the end of the final hymn at church, this morning, I inserted the first four measures of “The Victors” into the bass line.
New Posts  All Forums: