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From a couple of days ago when I spoke at an afternoon tea. A bit frivolous.
The tie is Easter egg purple.
Brown and blue.
Those socks! Love it!
Not convinced about this combination. I am on the road , and this is all that I packed.
Early Sunday morning. I forgot what the opening hymn is. Long day on the organ bench....
This morning, as the REAL temperature dropped to -27 degrees F, it was comforting to read that the Tigers pitchers and catchers had reported for training. Spring can't be too far behind. Verlander sounds like he is back to his optimum condition. Maybe, there is hope.
I posted this new sports jacket a few days ago. HELP! I need suggestions for a tie that will work. The coat is mostly shades of brown with some blue and purple mixed in. A white, blue, or even pink shirt would work.
New jacket. Trying out a tie. Need to find a better PS. there is some purple in the jacket pattern.
Liturgically correct for Ash Wednesday.
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