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A much needed mid afternoon cuppa. (Ginger tea)
As of Friday night, here is a surprising stat: Since July 4 of last year, four major league pitchers are tied for most wins--13. Rick Porcello is one of them! Last night, Drew Smyly convinced us that he belongs in the starting rotation. Today, the Tigers have a 7-0 lead in 5 1/2 innings.
This tie is a thing of beauty.
A summer tie from SS.
My only bright red tie.
Wow! The Tigers, actually, played a game last night. The Tigers have played the fewest games of any MLB team due to inclement weather. A come from behind win, thanks to a bunt by the stand-in catcher, Bryan Holaday, that made it all the more sweet.
Lovely suit. As for the tie, I would like to see it on a blue blazer, white shirt, light grey trousers.
Lovely tie. Equally liking the eye glasses and the rain coat.
There is not much material for letting out the side seams. Perhaps, 1/4 inch on each side.
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