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Oh dear.
I'd narrow the choices down to the Napoli and the York. Take them both a competent tailor and let him/her tell you which has the most potential for a perfect fit.
I was invited to submit a list. I will start with a 20+ thumbs up from one of my favorite forum members, Igor. His creative and daring combinations are much missed. Also, he's a real gentleman. IST66:Brilliant pocket square, this:Texture and a lovely, bold tie. There much going on here, but I think it comes together nicely.This defines "sleek":The cut of the coat with the extra touch of the ticket pocket puts this to the top:
In today's Freep, there is an interview with Scherzer where he says that Dombrowski apologized for the clumsy way the press release (regarding the negotiations) was handled. That's good. But, the damage has been done. Detroit sports media have had a field day with this story. It has tarnished some of the excitement for Opening Day. I've not been paying attention, but Doug Fister, unfortunately, has not had a good spring training as he is experiencing his 2nd injury. ...
I think there is more evidence that the Ilitch "kids" are more than eager to assume control of the team. Perhaps, they have done so already.
My initial reaction was "Yikes!" But, I am compelled to like this. Certainly, your students must look forward to each new day to see what "Mister Acute" is wearing! You have mastered the art of extreme dapper dressing. You make it work.
The shoes were brushed clean when I left the house, this morning. Oh well. Crusty's bow tie is outstanding!!!!
All of your attire postings are superior. But, this has to be one of your best. The (seemingly) simple color combination is perfect.
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