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Thursday: Brooks Bros tie, Sid Mashburn tie, SuSu suit, AE shoes
Note to @uppercrustI saw Régine Crespin only once, years ago, at Ravinia; she was one of the soloists in "La damnation de Faust" by Berlioz. The next night, she attended the all orchestral program. When she made her grand entrance to her seat, she was accompanied by an entourage of young men in their 20s--one held her purse, another dusted off the seat, etc... She was one of a kind.
Too much blue. But, it seemed to work.
Oh! Régine Crespin!!!
Sunday and Monday
Wednesday. A languid afternoon in August.
This sport coat, shirt, and tie combination are well done. It looks great.
Monday. Found an old tie and PS in the back of the closet.
Tuesday: OCBD with a plaid bow
First of all, I hope that you get satisfactory results with your tailoring concerns.I have never seen such a detailed and to the point posting about trouser alterations on this forum. Very cool!
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