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The new version is a nice shirt--but not so nice as to warrant the jump in price. The cloth, to me, is the same as old must-iron version. I never had an issue with the collar roll with the old version of BB OCBD. I think the success of a collar roll is related to neck size. If one wears a shirt with too big of a neck size, the collar roll is affected--negatively.. The buttons on the new shirt are awfully cheap for the price. I have ordered a few soft Ivy collar...
Last night, at a concert. SuSu tux Tuesday morning. Proper Cloth soft Ivy OCBD; Brooks Bros bow
Monday: checkes and a bow tie
Third Sunday of Easter A SuSu bow tie
Nice color matching. It is amazing how well purple goes with most everything.
This is one serious tie, @Cleav!
Bow tie Monday
Royal blue on stripes and grey.
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