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Today begins the World Series of the AL Central, Tigers v Royals. Both teams have nearly identical records. Both teams are different from last year. Uh, the Tigers have something new called "defense". What a difference this has been. Every game features a spectacular play by Iglesias (SS). Thus far, the Tigers have won every series save one--the Yankees. And, we have done it without Verlander. And without stars of last year--Scherzer and Porcello.
Nice stuff! The choice of shirt is rather daring, paired with the active pattern of the coat, but it works!
The solid, contrasting color tie is the perfect choice for this coat. Neat links, too.
The bright blue tie is a brilliant choice as it brings out the hint of blue on the jacket. A smart look.
Heading out to face a blah Monday.
This brightened the day! Dazzling tie!
Al fresco Sunday.
Unintentionally, yesterday was an all Su-Su day.
Quick shots before leaving the house. Unintentionally, an all "SuSu" ensemble.
New Posts  All Forums: