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Splendid overcoat
Thursday: Stripes, gingham, and stuff.
Not liturgically correct for Laetare Sunday. I need to find a rose-colored tie.
Home, just in time, to watch the Michigan v Wisconsin basketball game. Go Blue! Suit Supply, Ledbury, an old tie I purchased in Montreal many eons ago (label is gone), Allen Edmonds (oxblood), Polo PS
I came early to watch the game. The game started just as I stepped through the door.
Watching my Wolverines on TV in the Big Ten Tournament. No work being done this afternoon! Big Ten Basketball Tournament.
The Prisoner! :-) Love it!
Looks fantastic.
When I saw the initials, I did not know what to say. Crusty said it perfectly. Those socks are great, too.
Bow Tie Tuesday
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