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@ SuitsHarvey Burgundy is versatile with many colors. It would be a good investment. Your solid grey suit will work with just about anything. Even green.
From today's Detroit News sums up the sport perfectly: Rick Porcello wins a game in which he gives up a personal high of six walks and Anibal Sanchez comes up empty in a masterpiece: The age-old irony of baseball.
Joe Nathan's new name: Sloppy Joe
Hooray, Citan is back!Nice coat.It looks as if you have been hitting the gym!
Deo gratias quod Dies Veneris est.
I made a stop at my favorite running shoe store which is located in the vibrant MidTown section of Detroit--West Canfield Street. . Next door, at the Shinola watch store, one could take a quick ride around the block in a Grand Prix race car. There is a race, this weekend, on nearby Belle Isle. I did not go on the car ride. Drat! I should go back! I did not go into the Shinola store. (I'm not into the very upscale stuff they sell. Besides, I spent my allowance...
4 miles before the rain came.
As always, presenting a sharply tailored look.
I have been enjoying 4-5 mile runs for the past few days in Chicago's West Loop neighborhoods. Running in new venues always makes me pick up my feet a little faster. This morning was the first fairly, warm humid run that I've experienced this Spring. After all the wretched weather that we have had, there can be no complaints.
Today's Free Press headline says it all: "Deep Breath, Tigers Fans"
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