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I should qualify my answer to that the bespoke service was offered in the past. I'm not certain that they continue to do so. It's worth an ask.
For the past several days, I have been in Chicago and stayed in Lincoln Park--not too far from the Lake. One morning, I ran past Saint Clement's Church. The door was opened, and I went in and "Wow!" A little bit of Byzantium in Chicago. I'm sure God did not mind me being in my running shorts.
I've got the tree stand. It's made in Michigan and weighs 16 pounds! Now, to find that perfect 10 foot tree. Today is perfect peacoat weather. Wearing a vintage US Navy coat.
Sterlingwear also has a bespoke service. For more money, of course! Just ask about it.
@Roycru is the best!!!
Sunday: stripes on stripes and a hymn book. Unintentionally sprezzed with the tie tip showing.
I wear the same size in all SS suits.
While in Chicago, I popped into the SuSu "penthouse" store with the intention of picking up a tie or two. Instead, I walked out with two suits, ties, and PS's. Vah! Napoli Plain Grey suit Soho Brown solid dark brown (which I do not see on the website) Recalling the positive impression by @Holdfast of his Soho DB, I was curious to try it on. The color and texture attracted my eye immediately. The fit was spot on. The coat and trousers need to be brought in just a...
This may be good news. Or, it may be bad news. On Wednesday or Thursday, I will be visiting the Chicago SuSu store. I will be curious to see how some of the new offerings look in real life. I have nothing in mind, but if something catches my eye.....
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