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Monday. Found an old tie and PS in the back of the closet.
Tuesday: OCBD with a plaid bow
First of all, I hope that you get satisfactory results with your tailoring concerns.I have never seen such a detailed and to the point posting about trouser alterations on this forum. Very cool!
Friday. Wearing one of my few red ties.
Sunday morning in June. An old Ferragamo tie that I always forget that I own.
I am late to the game, but I join my voice to the chorus in praise of your transformation--in health and in sartorial excellence. Thank you for sharing your story.The post that I am quoting exemplifies the "new you". You wear this suit--fit and color--splendidly. All the details are well coordinated. And, it has a dash of fun.I always enjoy your posts. It is evident that you are a true gentleman.
Say "yes" to spring! Love this.
A beautiful Friday. A good day to wear braces.
It was cool enough, today, to wear this wool SuSu Havana blue herringbone. Tie and misbehaved PS are SuSu, also.
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