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Everything that YRR wrote about this post was spot on. I would add, for a quick fix, a solid white or blue shirt would improve this 100% Patch pockets are a nice touch for a casual jacket. Keep posting.
Posting only for the tie. Favorite old pair of Trafalgar braces.
A dazzling tie!
Those trousers! +++++1
Oops, I forgot. Your attire is so brilliant that I cannot help but push that button.
Crushed! A terrible loss. It's just one game. We'll get 'em, tonight.
I like the shoulder on the Lazio very much. Out of the entire SuSu canon, I like the Lazio best.Regarding the PS, I wasn't seeking compliments; I just don't like the results I get when I try this. I like the look.
It is chilly and damp enough, today, to warrant wearing this light Lazio one more time this season. The shirt, also, is by SuSu. Out of the entire SuSu canon, I like the Lazio best. I own just one.
I don't do pocket square sans souci very well. SuSu Lazio An old, wool Ferragamo tie that I forgot that I had. AE Strands oxblood
New Posts  All Forums: