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Your posts are always a treat. Keep sending the pictures. And...if I forget to not push the thumbs up, forgive me in advance. It is just a habit.
What a grand tie!
Wednesday. Older Taylor Stitch shirt. AE Strand (oxblood)
A new SuSu tie for a Monday morning.
So many details. All done to perfection.
O Man!! This is great!
Old stuff.
I purchased this Napoli grey suit in November and have worn it often (while on the road) during the winter. The wool is great. Even after a long day of wear, the suit snaps back to pristine form after a good brushing and careful hanging overnight. For the money, it is a great suit. And, since everything goes with grey, it is the perfect travel suit. I have 1.75 inch cuff on the trouser.
Consistently defining good taste and elegant appearance.
New Posts  All Forums: