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Sunday morning.
Trying for autumnal color. New tie. (Spacca Neapolis)
Last night, at the opera. After three hours sleep, off to the organ bench! #why church organists cannot have a social life on Saturday nights
I am considering the Havana Navy Plain Traveler jacket. I wrote the SS customer service and asked what are their most popular/reliable jackets, and they recommended the Traveler. I am looking for that everyday go-to jacket that can be both dressy and casual. I like that it is navy and not blue. I assume that this means the color is darker. I've did a little search in this thread but could not find anyone with a post with the Traveler in the "wild". Any comments or...
How light/dark is the blue? Can you post, or have you posted, a real life picture of the suit? Thanks!
This tie! Brilliant!Tis good to see @Sprezziamo posting again.
Did anyone receive an email from SuitSupply like this, today, from "Travis", my "personal stylist"? Step 1 Share your preferences Step 2 Receive your first box Step 3 Pay for what you keep Suitsupply invites you to the Box Office – our new personal styling service via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. No commitment, free shipping and returns.
Thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery to @upr_crust--one of the really great guys on this forum.
Thursday: new tie and the mid morning cuppa
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