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This morning, I ran in the first annual Detroit Head for the Cure (brain cancer) 5 K in downtown Detroit. It was a fun course--beginning on the Detroit River, winding through some of the thriving, historic back streets, turning at the Eastern Market on the Dequindre Cut. Everything bad that you have read about Detroit is true....and then some! But, there are pockets of amazing rebirth that rarely receive attention. The entire, reclaimed river front district would be...
Oh gosh! It was like reliving the '12 World Series all over again!Oh, the humanity!I just knew that Steve B. was going post this! :-)
Just the right amounts of color and pattern matching. One of your best posts, IMO. Nicely done.
Superb! Great color. Stylish fit.
"Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!’ Michigan v Notre Dame: The Final Game #beatnotredame
At 5 a.m., I was all set to go out for a morning run only to find a bat flying around the kitchen. Eek! It was the second bat within a week. With broom in hand, I ran around the house, instead. No, I did not get the bat. :-( Before my eyes, he was gone. "Where did he go??" Heat duct? In our 1927 house, there are a million nooks and crannies. Time to call the bat control people. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Apparently, the Tigers have decided that they will only score, big, during the 11th inning--an explosion of 7 runs. Scherzer was inefficient last night as he threw about 124 pitches . He was sitting on a nice 4-0 lead, and then, in the 7th inning, he made it one run game. Relief pitcher made it a tie game. Somehow, reliever, Phil Coke, has become a hero.
Hopefully, there will be a book written entitled “Tigers of ‘14”. Just dreaming...
Está bien! Here is an example of great color coordination--the PS to the coat, of good taste, and of knowing how far one can go with bold patterns. An outstanding first post. That is a splendid knit tie. I like the white edge on the bottom.
Lobstein delivered! A come from behind win in the 9th inning. Now, would some one please inform the Royals that it is time to stop winning?
New Posts  All Forums: