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Wednesday: Off to school; heading for the "D" Grey suit from SuSu Brooks Bros shirt and tie Saddleback bag
If referring to me, it is a navy blue blazer.
An all Brooks Brothers Tuesday.
Why not order both of them? I bet you will keep both! I used to think that the Havana was too casual. But, I've changed my mind. In a solid color, or subdued pattern, it looks quite dressy.
A few nights ago, in Wrigley Field, after our new pitcher, Daniel Norris, hit a HR at his first major league at bat, a rainbow appeared. One of the few bright spots of a dismal season. Last night, Verlander pitched up to form, but with ZERO run support, it was a wasted effort. Due to the mediocrity of the AL, it still possible for the Tigers to get a 2nd Wild Card spot.
I just checked the Suit Supply website, and the tie is not there. Looking at comparable ties, I would guess that it is "cotton linen".
Friday night, Tigers and Twins. A wasted Verlander effort. How can a team lose in the 9th with a six run lead? That loss sucked the life out of the team--as evidenced by the flat play on Saturday and Sunday.We are as close to death as we can be.It is silly to make getting the second wild card our goal. I think we are something like three games out from the second wildcard. We might as well be thirty games out.I don't want the Tigers to do this, but the best thing to do...
Trim and dashing as always. Especially, I like the choice of shirt which serves as a perfect foil to the pattern in the suit.
I purchased this tie in the spring and forgot that I had it.
In mourning. The Tigers are just barely a .500 team. Cabrera will be out for 6 weeks. Most of our pitchers are weak. Today, the Tigers earned 5 runs, and that was not enough. Verlander is done. On the positive side, J D Martinez has a hot bat. HR #23, today. McCann, the catcher, is a beast. A superb athlete.
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