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All your posts are great. This one, IMO, is one of the best. There is a power in its simplicity.
Home from church. Behold! The bow tie. (The word, "behold", popped up a lot in today's Scripture readings. 'Tis a pity that we don't use it in every day conversation.)
I would bet that Dave Dombrowski is on a plane headed for Havana as we speak.
Not excited over the trading of Porcello to Boston for Cespedes. It is a lateral move--just to try something different. We are giving Porcello away as he is improving each year. And we are getting Cespedes as he seems to decline each year. I am surprised that Boston was interested in Ricky P. The small confines of Fenway are not suited to his kind of game.
SuSu Napoli, tie, and PS.
Oh, man!!!!!!!! Superb!
SuSu Napoli, tie, and PS. Taylor Stitch shirt Thank you for the many thumbs up from my post of a day or so ago.
Thanks!My height is 5' 7".I wear a 39s. So, my SuSu size is 40s with alterations--trouser waist and coat back side taken in. I think that I will have the thighs of the trouser taken just a bit.
The fabric is not too heavy. But, yes. I'd wear it only in F/W.If you can visualize the color as being brown, this is a good representation of the fabric.
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