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Congratulations to the Orioles. They functioned and executed in manner befitting a playoff team. I have to admire teams like the Orioles and Royals who do things "right". With payrolls far less than the Tigers, they have built championship teams mostly by developing the talent they have. They outplayed us. End of story. I have never been proud of the fact that the Tigers have tried to "buy" a championship. Haven't the Yankees proven that not to be the case? Our off...
Essentially, the Nats and Giants have already played Game Three. That was a lot of innings without beer.This game plus all the college football upsets made for an interesting day in sports.We shall not mention the Michigan v Rutgers game.As for the Tigers, I know that Price, today, will deliver and stay in the game all nine innings.For Game Four, on Monday, the Tigers should use Max Scherzer instead of Porcello. Let the doctors in New York or Boston take care of Max's...
Tiger bull pen.
Two days in a row: done in by the bull pen. Unbelievable. I cannot type what words I said out loud. I have no doubt that Price can pitch a long game on Sunday. Now, the pressure will be on Porcello. We are going to have to rely on his wonky, awkward, hard-to-hit pitches. When he's good, he is very good. We need that very good.
12-3, Orioles. What a disaster. Suddenly, what Porcello does or does not do becomes all important. I'm confident that Verlander and Price can get the job done.
Gray day; gray suit.
The SF-SF members have too much fun. #jealous Looking forward to seeing pictures of the party.
Sunday. Game 162. 7th inning. All we have is a 1-0 lead... Meanwhile, today, the White Sox are not going to help us out. The only reassuring factor is that David Price is pitching. I hope that if the bull pen is needed, one of the available starters is used. "All hands on deck!"
This morning, 8 miles. Temperature, 42 degrees. No wind, no problem. I wore gloves. As long as my hands are warm, I'm fine. For the entire week, Michigan has had ideal, perfect weather: cool mornings, clear blue skies, moderate afternoon temperatures. I wish this would last forever.
New Posts  All Forums: