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Reporters and fans will need to bring a dictionary to Ausmus's postgame press conferences: Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said he wasn’t sure if Norris intentionally hit Hunter or not. “It looks odd after a home run, coach goes out and all of a sudden the guy gets drilled,” Ausmus said. “That being said, I’m not saying he hit him on purpose. It didn’t look copasetic.” Copasetic??????? Where did he come up with that word! A nice Tiger victory at Baltimore. Porcello's...
Bow tie Friday. Shirt, tie, socks: Brooks Bros Trousers: J Crew Bowery classic (Purchased on the recommendation that I read in the blog: "From Squalor to Baller". At the sale price, it was a good deal, and the fit is comfortable and tidy. J Crew is not usually on my radar.) AE shoes, "Fenway" Hymn Book: "Hymns Old and Moldy"
Especially admiring this tie. A distinct color.
6 mile run, yesterday, to the Grand Haven light house. Our first, real spring day! Temps in the low 80s.
Tuesday morning: Detroit Tigers .667 This won't last. But, it's fun to have a winning streak.
Bam!!!!!This made my day. Super sharp!
These are terrible! Because you are such a good guy, send them to me, and I shall make sure that they are taken care of properly!Seriously, you did well. Beautiful ties.
A much needed mid afternoon cuppa. (Ginger tea)
As of Friday night, here is a surprising stat: Since July 4 of last year, four major league pitchers are tied for most wins--13. Rick Porcello is one of them! Last night, Drew Smyly convinced us that he belongs in the starting rotation. Today, the Tigers have a 7-0 lead in 5 1/2 innings.
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