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In dominicis Adventus. J Press jacket Brooks Bros OCBD Wool tie (liturgically correct)
On a good day, I am barely 5' 7 1/2" I have a Havana, a Washington, a Napoli, a tuxedo, and a Lazio--all in the "short" size. They all work for me.I'm not sure what you mean by "broad shoulders" as to whether or not that would be a factor.Going to a SuSu store, if possible, is the best way to find out. Good luck!
Twas the day after Thanksgiving.... Shopping for a snow blower. Stormy Kromer mackinaw coat (Made in Michigan) LL Bean pullover Fox River wool mittens
Thanksgiving Day
A vintage Chippewa Falls Woolen Mill mackinaw coat. This coat, made in Wisconsin, is more than 60 years old and has nary a tear or sign of wear. Long before Filson, there were woolen mills all across the Midwest. I suspect that the original owner of this coat wore it only while doing weekend errands--as will I. The hunting pocket, in the back of the coat, provides an extra layer of warmth.
Dots and stripes. @sugarbutch is outstanding, today!
Vintage US Navy Pea Coat (circa 1955) O'Connells Shetland Brooks Bros OCBD J Crew Bowery classic wool trousers AE
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