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Good job, Royals!! With a manager, whose last name is "Yost", how can they lose?
The famous "Nick M"! Wow!
In every detail, superb!
Sunday morning: tweed, J Press patch pocket OCBD, SuSu wool tie...
Tuesday is bow day.
The 40 is clearly too small and too tight.On both coats, button only the top button.The 42 looks much better. I would not make it any tighter.My only concern is the length of the coat. It seems to be just barely covering the "seat".There is a gap in the collar of the 42. Maybe, unfastening the bottom button will fix this. Also, pull, tug, the lapels down and see if it makes for a neater look. Good luck!
Yikes? Mold? Was there moisture in your clarinet? Do you swab it out after every playing? If mold, I would take the clarinet to a competent instrument repair person to have it cleaned.. This should not happen. Very unusual.
It is a Polo suit that I purchased from Forum member Urban Composition.
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