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Today's victory over the White Sox and Seattle's loss clinched a playoff spot for the Tigers. I was at today's game which had a little bit of everything: - a real pitching dual, Verlander v Sale - some creative offense by the Tigers that included an effective bunt and some daring base stealing (something that is fairly new to us!) - Verlander's second consecutive strong start. He pitched 8 innings today and gave up 1 run. He's on the road to coming back to his old...
Sunday. After a long day on the organ bench. Tie and myself feeling a bit droopy.
Where is "Papa"? At home, I find myself standing, rather than sitting, as these nerve racking 9th innings unfold.In WWII, Patton was used as a decoy to distract the Nazis from the real plans of the D-Day Invasion. Ausmus is using Soria in the same manner.It was neat to see Perez calling out Perez! In today's Freep, we learn that Hernan shouted the information to Vizquel in Spanish. Que bien!A sweep of KC, today, will make a statement. Porcello has pitched well enough,...
Tonight is THE showdown between the Tigers and the Royals. The Tigers magic number is 11. Catcher, Alex Avila, is still out--not a good sign. Verlander on the mound makes me feel nervous. How things have changed. If it is a terrible game, I guess I can switch over to PBS and watch "The Roosevelts".
Thanks, all, for the many kind thumbs up for Thursday's post.
In reply to your question, the suit is by SuitSupply--a Havana.
Nope. I just folded it and stuck it in.
Blue and brown and hot cocoa
37 degrees, this morning, and 4 miles. Because there was no wind, it did not feel cold. Ran through some pea-soup foggy patches. I forgot my headlamp, and on a twisty street, I lost my bearings because of the fog.
Tweed, 'panes, checks, stripes
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