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Congratulations! You look sharp in that tux with your lovely bride.
Out of curiosity, I looked at the SuSu "suit advisor" measurements for the Havana 40S and the Tuxedo 40S. According to the website, the Havana is 28.7 inches and the Tuxedo is 29..9. No way is my 40S Tuxedo 29.9 inches--measuring BOC as what seems to be indicated on the web page.Once again, the measurements on the size advisor seem to be all over the map.
Simple, tasteful, and stylish.
There is a lot of "counterpoint" going between the pattern of the coat and the pocket square. But, that nicely colored solid tie provides the much needed anchor and pulls everything together. Very creative.
The length measurement, BOC, is 28 1/4 inches for the Havana 40S and 28 1/2 inches for the Tuxedo.My earlier comment was in reference as to how I thought the fit in the chest and waist of the tuxedo compared to other SuSu coats.
Saturday morning, the temperature was 29 degrees. 5 miles. A wool cap and gloves provided all the extra warmth I needed.
For me, true to size.
Just got tickets for the opera. Always geeked about Puccini!
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