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Outstanding tie. Absolutely eye catching.
The ubiquitous Washington along with a SuSu shirt, tie, and PS.
An all SuSu day--suit, shirt, tie, and PS. The ubiquitous Washington.
I'd wager that a nice repp tie would make that tattersall pop. Navy blue and pink?
Brutal, winter day. Nothing rhymes with purple. Yet, it seems to go with most everything.
Robbie Burns day
A SuSu Lazio, wool tie, and PS (from a few days ago at a conference in Grand Rapids). As an after thought, the tie was not the best choice. But, it is what I threw in the suitcase.
He's back! Congrats on the academic achievement.
The Eidos jacket is brilliant.
Lovely items! I would be interested in seeing a full shot of you wearing the overcoat. (Length)
New Posts  All Forums: