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Are the back side ripples caused by the way you are standing? Perhaps, take another picture in a more relaxed, natural pose. Are the vents sewn? If so, that might prevent the coat from laying smoothly on your back. Of course, taking the coat to a good tailor is the thing to do. An honest tailor will tell you if the coat is workable or not.
Shoot! Today, I attended my first game of the season, and we lost. We can't win with only one, stinking run. It was a gorgeous day to be at the ballpark, however. It was "kid's day", and the pregame lineup was read by two kids. I loved it when one of them said "Tohwee Huntah". We had a great view of the dugout. Interesting to see how calm Ausmus looks during the game.
Now, Ausmus understands why Jim Leyland smoked Marlboros! With a comfortable 5 run lead in the 9th, the bullpen had a meltdown--a group effort starting with Coke, followed by Alburquerque, and ending with Joe Nathan.The good news from Saturday's game was Rick Porcello's outstanding performance. He doesn't have the stuff to be a "thrower"; he has to be a pitcher. And, he is getting there.Torii Hunter is amazing.I'm going to this afternoon's game. It's going to be warm...
For the sake of the Big 10, "On Wisconsin..." But, I'm not holding my breath. Kentucky is such a physical team. They are powerful.
Well, there is never a danger of dipping one's tie into the soup when wearing a bow.As a person who owns waaaayyyy too many bow ties, I must say that the Su-Su bows are excellent and attractive. The price is competitive or less expensive than bows from Brooks Bros, Paul Stuart, or J Press.Again, your new Hudson model suit is splendid. You are ready for summer!
Not nearly as exciting or snazzy as steffenbp's, new Hudson, here is a new Su-Su bow tie.
Hooray for Friday! Thanks, all, for the many thumbs up for yesterday's post.
A Lazio afternoon at the keyboard.
[[SPOILER]] A Lazio for a lazy afternoon.
New Posts  All Forums: