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Lovely suit. As for the tie, I would like to see it on a blue blazer, white shirt, light grey trousers.
Lovely tie. Equally liking the eye glasses and the rain coat.
There is not much material for letting out the side seams. Perhaps, 1/4 inch on each side.
I think that the US outlet store is something like "Brigadoon"--it only appears, mysteriously, once every one hundred years.When the U.S. outlet was open, I snatched a grey, pinstripe Napoli. Being a lighter, more year-round wool, I did not wear it much during the winter. This past week, while on the road, I put the suit to the test as I wore it every other day. It is a fantastic suit with a flattering silhouette. At the end of very long days, it still looked sharp...
The last Monday of April. And, still, no sign of spring!
Yikes! I better burn that tie1
2nd Sunday of Easter: back to work
What I wore for "Spy Wednesday". Thanks, everyone, for all the thumbs up for yesterday's post. It must have been due to @Sugarbutch's tie!
Out of the many exemplary posts by Brother @Claghorn, this has to be one of his best. Somehow, I missed this a few weeks ago. Worth a re-post. What a sleek-looking DB coat!
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