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The silhouette, the tailoring, and the ticket pocket are truly superb! As always, IMO, you set a standard. I would love to see this ensemble, sometime, with a solid, light-colored, linen PS.
Super sharp lapels!!
Solids, stripes, dots.
The Tigers' road trip win streak ended in a 10 inning game. I never get upset about a loss if we are "in the game" and putting up a fight. We're still 7 games up in the Division. There are two things that always annoy me when we play at Cleveland: 1. All those lake flies in the air--the kind that get in your mouth and nose. 2. That damned drum!!
Side vents = elegant, sleek, neat & clean looking back side (I prefer!)Center vent = fuddy duddy, tradHaving said that, there are times when fuddy duddy is a good thing.
Cool tie!
4 miles in perfect weather: 46 degrees, blue sky, sunrise, no wind. Being a slacker, I tend to avoid running the route that takes me up what is known as "Piety Hill" in our town. The good weather inspired me to do the right thing. Hill work is a good thing.
A sweep of the Sox at Fenway! Sweet! The 11th straight road win for the Tigers. Today, the Tigers (.692) play in Cleveland. I know the Indians are struggling, but I am always apprehensive of the cunning mind of Tony Francona. And, at this time of year, those pesky May flies are all over that ballpark.
This morning, 4 miles. Temp, 36 degrees. Had to wear my mittens.
If it were Denny McLain, it would have been intentional! There are very few nasty pitchers like Denny anymore. And, that is a good thing. Both Norris and "Ver" (as Ausmus calls him) are not of that ilk.
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