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Congrats to the Giants.
Not sure about this tie. I know that there will be no shortage of suggestions. J Press coat (sides need to be taken in) Shirt 'n tie: Brooks Bros Trouser: Epaulet
Any team that has Joyce Didonato and the Kansas City Symphony perform the National Anthem deserves to win. Go, Royals!
All the information is on the SuSu website. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits?prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Evening-TuxedoIn reply to your questions:$569 (A year ago, it was about $100 less. I should have jumped, then.)A couple of days. I ordered OTR. The coat required no adjustments. I just had to hem the trousers. I kept the waist a bit loose for the wearing of braces.Super 110's wool from Vitale Barberis Canonic It has a rich, black tone to the color.
From a few days ago, after a concert. I have had several opportunities to wear my new SuSu tux. It is the best fitting and best looking tux that I've ever owned. For the money, it is a great investment.
Back in time, when this Forum was just starting, Nick M, who was from Australia, submitted posts frequently. Always, he offered good opinions and had interesting comments.
Good job, Royals!! With a manager, whose last name is "Yost", how can they lose?
The famous "Nick M"! Wow!
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