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O, frabjous Friday.
Thank you for the comments. It is a sport coat. It is a light olive with hints of brown.
Congratulations and best wishes to upr_crust!
Sunday morning tweed.
Wednesday: Off to school; heading for the "D" Grey suit from SuSu Brooks Bros shirt and tie Saddleback bag
If referring to me, it is a navy blue blazer.
An all Brooks Brothers Tuesday.
Why not order both of them? I bet you will keep both! I used to think that the Havana was too casual. But, I've changed my mind. In a solid color, or subdued pattern, it looks quite dressy.
A few nights ago, in Wrigley Field, after our new pitcher, Daniel Norris, hit a HR at his first major league at bat, a rainbow appeared. One of the few bright spots of a dismal season. Last night, Verlander pitched up to form, but with ZERO run support, it was a wasted effort. Due to the mediocrity of the AL, it still possible for the Tigers to get a 2nd Wild Card spot.
I just checked the Suit Supply website, and the tie is not there. Looking at comparable ties, I would guess that it is "cotton linen".
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