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I am sure that the collar will shrink. (I hope it does!)Disclaimer: Using the corporate card, I did not pay the full price. But, still!
Yes, it is.
Sunday morning: Tartan on stripes. This is the new BB "original polo" OCBD. I am glad that they are making the attempt at bringing back the original collar, but at $140, I'm not convinced that the quality of the construction of this shirt merits this price.
Saturday: new tie from Brooks Bros
I took the plunge, and this arrived, today.
Thursday: SuSu Havana, J Press, Eidos
Lovely tie to match with this jacket.There is plenty of waist suppression. The silhouette looks good. You look comfortable and natural.
Tuesday night: Churchill dots Tuesday, during the day: holding music scholarship auditions in a school life skills room
Thanks. It is the brown birdseye. But it is not too brown. Here is the best picture I could get:
Sunday afternoon brunch.
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