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Saturday, a day of music performance adjudication.
Oh to have been at the table nearby and listen in on the great conversation that must have taken place.One of the great pictures in this thread.
Southwick, J Press, and a SuSu PS Great appreciation to @Mr. Six
Monday: Tweed and Argyle Sutherland
This jacket and tie were meant for each other. Very sharp!
The new (old) soft collar point is the same size as the BB OCBD collars have been for the past few years. On my (much) older OCBDs, the collar point is just a tad longer.The material of the shirt is soft.The buttons are cheap and thin. I predict that they will not hold up after several washings.After the first laundering, there were some loose threads.For a $140 shirt, I have second thoughts about the quality of the construction. Perhaps, others have a better impression...
I am sure that the collar will shrink. (I hope it does!)Disclaimer: Using the corporate card, I did not pay the full price. But, still!
Yes, it is.
Sunday morning: Tartan on stripes. This is the new BB "original polo" OCBD. I am glad that they are making the attempt at bringing back the original collar, but at $140, I'm not convinced that the quality of the construction of this shirt merits this price.
Saturday: new tie from Brooks Bros
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