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Thanks, all, for the many kind thumbs up for Thursday's post.
In reply to your question, the suit is by SuitSupply--a Havana.
Nope. I just folded it and stuck it in.
Blue and brown and hot cocoa
37 degrees, this morning, and 4 miles. Because there was no wind, it did not feel cold. Ran through some pea-soup foggy patches. I forgot my headlamp, and on a twisty street, I lost my bearings because of the fog.
Tweed, 'panes, checks, stripes
God bless the White Sox! Last night was the second consecutive game where Rick Porcello pitched a really fine game. (8 innings) But, no run support. Dramatically, in the top of the 9th, JD Martinez hit a 3 run HR to put the Tigers ahead by a run. Then, reliever Sloppy Joe Nathan came out an blew it. Soria has got to become the main closer in a tight situation. Ausmus should have left Ricky in the game. At least, we are still 1.5 games up. More like 2--that...
After a rain delay and several rain showers during the game, the Tigers lost to the Royals, 3-0. It was the same old story: The starting pitching--in this case, Porcello--and even the bull pen pitched well enough to keep us in the game. But, you can't win with ZERO runs.
The trousers are dark charcoal.
Back in first place in the ALC! "Let's go, Ti-gers!"
New Posts  All Forums: