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A SuSu day: suit (Lazio), shirt, tie, and PS
Earl Grey for a grey day. SuSu Lazio
It always rains on Election Day.
Why does it always rain on Election Day?
For a Shetland sweater, it is fairly snug. My jacket size is 39. I tried the O'Connell 40 and the 42. (Their website suggests sizing up.) Both were huge on me. This sweater is a 38, and it is roomy enough. You would not want a skin tight Shetland wool sweater. You would overheat! The science of the Shetland sweater is the air space between the wool and you.The O'Connell sweater is thinner and lighter than a J Press Shaggy Dog.
O'Connell's Shetland sweater Color: mushroom
Such a coat!!! Splendid!
From Saturday... It was freezing in the Big House. At least, we won. U.S. Navy pea coat vintage circa 1955 LL Bean Shetland sweater Brooks Bros OCBD J Crew classic wool trouser AE McAllister
U.S. Navy issue pea coat circa 1955 Needed this on Saturday as it was absolutely freezing in the Big House. At least, we won. Wearing underneath an OCBD and a fairly heavy shetland wool sweater.
A better tie...
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