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Yes sir: a plain, Brooks Brethren OCBD and tieGrey Harris Tweed coat (unlined) from the (long defunct) Crimson Shop in Harvard Square.
From this past week...
I wear a 40 in all these SuSu models: Havana, Lazio, Washington, Soho, Napoli
Quot Angeli in capite clavus saltare ?
Pink and blue and tweed.
Sunday. Maize 'n Blue tie in anticipation of a great Michigan basketball victory, this afternoon #beat state Brooks Bros and Barbour
Kind of frumpled at the end of a long day.
Saturday. Sunday.
This full page ad appeared in today's Freep: Turn to page 16C (Can't link the exact page.) http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODE/DFREEP Max: a class act
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