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Lovely Paisley.
Everything looks great! Especially, I love these shoes. I hope you win the challenge.
5 miles, this morning. Perfect weather: temperature was near 40, no wind.
It is certainly long enough. No problem with that.
Liking the coat and tie. A plain, white or light blue linen pocket square would take everything to the next level. Getting the pocket square right has to be ultimate challenge in dressing well. The PS that I'm sporting in today's picture is, IMO, epic failure. Though no one has called me on it, I would have done so much better with a simple, solid "hankey".
Ohhhhhhh, those socks! Love 'em.
I told myself that I was not going to watch the Tigers @ Dodgers. But, I stayed up way past midnight to the 8th inning. Smyly was pitching; the score was 6-3 Tigers. I went to bed. This morning, I read that I missed another extra inning nail biter. But, at least this time, we came out ahead. Thank you, V-mart! Joe Nathan has (what he describes as) a "dead arm"? Oh, great!!!!! Just the news we need to hear. It is refreshing to see the Tigers be aggressive on the...
At last, we, the Tigers, have the best starting pitching rotation, a much improved infield, a new mindset on how to win games. And yet, it is the bull pen that will be our ruin. It is going to be a season of great anxiety during every 8th and 9th inning.
New Posts  All Forums: