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Enjoying a cuppa after a long morning of lessons.
+1 on the tattersall shirt.
With the morning sunrise, 6 miles. Usually, I am a slacker and avoid "Piety Hill". But, today, I did the right thing.
Baseball legend, Don Zimmer, dead at age 83. A baseball lifer who could trace his roots to the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Every team Don Zimmer played for, coached and managed is claiming him as one of their own. No better tribute. The 1989 division winning Chicago Cubs were called the “Boys of Zimmer”. Jim Leyland called him his “best friend”. God be good to Don!
Happy "National Running Day"
Celebrating "National Running Day"!
Blue Jays and Tigers: a perfect pitcher's dual. Going into the 9th inning, the score was 0-0. Then, the Tigers bullpen, starting with Joe Nathan, coupled with incredibly inept fielding by Romine gave the Jays 5 runs in the 9th. We countered with 3. But, too little too late. Sanchez, our pitcher, gave another stellar performance. But, all for naught.
Thanks, everyone, for the many thumbs up, today. And now, @sugarbutch and @upr_crust know that I am their maturing and much older brother!
Always, you wear sharp-looking clothing, but this sport coat is in a special class of its own. Very attractive. And, an equally good fit.
Indeed, a textbook example of a perfect fit.
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