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Casual from a couple of days ago.
Tuesday. Ready, for another snow storm.
Monday: squares and stripes for school "in the D".
It is the Phineas Cole suit that we are supposed to enjoy (which I do) but it is the "spoiler" with you in the restaurant that steals the show.
This is cool! It looks exactly the way a home of a high church Anglican lady mystery writer ought to look. Thanks for sharing.
The bonus picture is the best!
Purple in the plaid. In better light, the tie and coat are not as matchy matchy as appears in the picture.
Soft collar, tartan, and Tweed.
Stripes and checks for Monday. Proper Cloth shirt Brooks Bros tie Eidos over coat
Sunday: before and after churchNew Spirit of Shetland sweater, navy blue, in real light. [[SPOILER]]
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