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4 miles, this morning. The temperature was 68 degrees! Temperatures have dropped drastically. Overnight, 1-3 inches of snow is expected.
My first experience with SS was in Chicago where I purchased a Washington and a Havana. I was nervous and apprehensive about the way measurements for alterations were to be done. The very helpful sales rep typed in all the measurements and required tailoring on his computer. I saw the lady with the sewing machine in the store who would do the actual work. When the suits arrived in the mail, I was relieved to find that the fits of the suits were spot on. I don't...
Palm Sunday. O, hosanna!
As described in the Detroit News:It was a fun win:Verlander pitched well for 7 innings using a nice mix of pitches--not just brute force,Torii Hunter is back.The Padres made it interesting to the end but (like last year's Tigers) stranded tons of men on the bases.Rajai Davis can run!The bullpen--Kroll and Nathan--did what they are supposed to do.Cabrera showed signs that the sleeping giant is awakening.As for JV's hits: Holy Babe Ruth!
He certainly did a number on us!
4 miles
Such a tie! Nice.
Saturday morning. The coat is navy blue.
Padres 6, Tigers toothless. I stayed up to watch THIS? Porcello had flashes of both greatness and failure. I am more concerned about our lack of run production. Was that Steve B I heard saying? "Kitty, Kitty..."" Castellanos has been a point of light.
The choice of PS, here, is brilliant.
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