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Last night, post concert. SuSu tux
Thank you. This was a Beethoven photobomb that I posted on social media. Sorry, I don't have a full view. I've posted this coat and trousers in the past. It is a discontinued SuSu Havana.
Beethoven eyeing a SuSu coat.
Sunday morning: drab brown, grey, and blue. Yesterday really did not happen. It was all a dream.
Let's Go Blue! Michigan v Michigan State
One of your best posts. Especially liking the mix of color and patterns.
Friday night.
Critics and Gould agree on this one:Brahms 10 IntermezziGould was prouder of this recording than almost any other. Said Gould: “It’s the sexiest interpretation of Brahms’s Intermezzi you’ve ever heard—and I really think it is perhaps the best piano playing I have done. You know what an incurable romantic I am anyway.”
Said conductor, George Szell, of Glenn Gould: "That nut's a genius!"
New Posts  All Forums: