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O frabjous day! It's Sunday!
@ SuitsHarvey Burgundy is versatile with many colors. It would be a good investment. Your solid grey suit will work with just about anything. Even green.
From today's Detroit News sums up the sport perfectly: Rick Porcello wins a game in which he gives up a personal high of six walks and Anibal Sanchez comes up empty in a masterpiece: The age-old irony of baseball.
Joe Nathan's new name: Sloppy Joe
Hooray, Citan is back!Nice coat.It looks as if you have been hitting the gym!
Deo gratias quod Dies Veneris est.
I made a stop at my favorite running shoe store which is located in the vibrant MidTown section of Detroit--West Canfield Street. . Next door, at the Shinola watch store, one could take a quick ride around the block in a Grand Prix race car. There is a race, this weekend, on nearby Belle Isle. I did not go on the car ride. Drat! I should go back! I did not go into the Shinola store. (I'm not into the very upscale stuff they sell. Besides, I spent my allowance...
4 miles before the rain came.
As always, presenting a sharply tailored look.
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