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This coat looks wonderful on you. I'd say that you made out like a bandit.
An attractive and interesting suit! It's a great fit. I like the length of the coat. But, the right shoulder is peaking up slightly. Maybe it is due to the way you are standing or the angle of your arm.
Hey, I like your movie, too!And, the Tigers leave Baltimore with a sweep. On to Bahston and the Monstah.During the broadcast, it was pointed out that the Central Division record against the Eastern Division is something like 28-14. So much for the Central being so weak.
A solid PS would enhance the look.I don't have a solution for a better tie to go with that shirt. The tie and shirt are too matchy-matchy. Checked shirts are really cool but are devilishly hard to coordinate.I would keep the tie and wear a solid white or light blue shirt.The suit is a good fit.
Plenty of details of which to take note. Nicely matched.
Last night's Tigers v Orioles game was out of a movie script. Going into the 9th, Baltimore led 1-0. Throughout the game, there was outstanding pitching on both sides. Then, in the 9th, the Tigers miracle happened: a stolen base, a walk, and two back to back HRs. The perfect ending. It is only mid May, but it seems as if the Tigers have had more stolen bases than in the past ten years. I expect to see an attempt every game, now. Verlander on the mound, today, going...
Reporters and fans will need to bring a dictionary to Ausmus's postgame press conferences: Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said he wasn’t sure if Norris intentionally hit Hunter or not. “It looks odd after a home run, coach goes out and all of a sudden the guy gets drilled,” Ausmus said. “That being said, I’m not saying he hit him on purpose. It didn’t look copasetic.” Copasetic??????? Where did he come up with that word! A nice Tiger victory at Baltimore. Porcello's...
Bow tie Friday. Shirt, tie, socks: Brooks Bros Trousers: J Crew Bowery classic (Purchased on the recommendation that I read in the blog: "From Squalor to Baller". At the sale price, it was a good deal, and the fit is comfortable and tidy. J Crew is not usually on my radar.) AE shoes, "Fenway" Hymn Book: "Hymns Old and Moldy"
Especially admiring this tie. A distinct color.
6 mile run, yesterday, to the Grand Haven light house. Our first, real spring day! Temps in the low 80s.
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