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Posting only because it is the Fourth Sunday of Advent--a good day to load up on purple.
From a few days ago, when I was listening to violin, viola, and cello auditions in a school hallway. Posting so that @Mr. Six knows this jacket is worn often.
Lovely jacket.
All of your posts are excellent, but this is one of your best. Clean and sharp.
Friday. Hotel mirror shot.
New tie.
Sunday morning, the day after a great Michigan victory.
Barbour weather. Best time of the year. (Beaufort)
Watching the Cubs and Indians play makes me realize how far off the mark are my Detroit Tigers. Nothing will ever top Bill Murray leading "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". (a la Daffy Duck!) I predict that it is going to go down to the 7th game. As it should.
Tuesday. A wool, bow tie that I forget that I own.
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