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What I wore for "Spy Wednesday". Thanks, everyone, for all the thumbs up for yesterday's post. It must have been due to @Sugarbutch's tie!
Out of the many exemplary posts by Brother @Claghorn, this has to be one of his best. Somehow, I missed this a few weeks ago. Worth a re-post. What a sleek-looking DB coat!
Tonight, Wednesday, doesn't look promising either. There will be no precipitation but the temperature at game time will be 38 degrees with a windchill below freezing. Poor Smyly. (His first start.)
Thanks for the kind comment. Oh, I feel as if I have posted this jacket too often! It is a MTM from a local tailor in Southeastern Michigan. The specs (basic template) on the jacket are by the tailor; the coat is made in Montreal.
Like Don Cherry says on the Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts, "OK, kids, this how ya do it!" A bow tie should never look perfect. This is splendid.
Tuesday. Winter returned with 3 inches of snow and some ice. Thus, tweed and wool are back. With much gratitude to Brother @sugarbutch for the lovely, wool tie.
This morning, footprints on the fresh fallen snow. Just when I put the snow shovel away. What cruel joke is this, Mother Nature???
Snazzy get up. Liking the cuffs on the trousers. But, it is the bag that steals the show.
New Posts  All Forums: