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Ha! This is not my normal speed--though I wish it were! On the 4th of July 5K, I ran a plodding 9'+ mile. I am just lucky to be running. (Arthritis in my wretched hip.)
Thanks for the tip. It looks great!!
Whether it is Kate or body-is-still-healing-after-surgery or advancing age, we still need Verlander. I hope that Ausmus becomes a Sparky Anderson "Captain Hook" and pulls JV if at the first sign of trouble. Let's get whatever mileage out of him that we can. We need him. Right now, he doesn't have the power to get out of a jam.IMO, three things are needed for the 2nd half of the season:1. Porcello has to continue to throw his "where-did-that-ball-go?" pitches. Don't...
I just purchased tickets for the two games that the Tigers will be playing in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to seeing PNC park. Maybe there will be a Jim Leyland sighting! The Pittsburgh area is where he keeps his permanent residence. I will be staying just blocks away from the park in the historic Mexican War Streets neighborhood. Should be great fun. Here is an article written by a guy who has visited every MLB park and "rates" them. PNC was ranked #1. Cellular...
Friday morning: 4 miles; 27'40" This is a VERY good timing for me. Enjoying the last days of moderate weather. 90 degree temps are in the forecast for next week. #rememberhowdreadfulthewinterwaslastyear
This morning, temperatures in the upper 50s, clear air, clear blue sky: 5 miles at a 7'45" pace. Really fast for me. The half foam roller can be useful in a variety of ways. I especially find this technique to help with shin, lower leg pain.
A July 4th at the ballpark. 42,000+ packed the place. But, Drew Smyly did not have his "stuff". It is exciting to see an athlete such as Ian Kinsler at the plate. His performance, thus far, has spoiled us. We always expect something to happen. He is not tall. But, very lean, tough, and sinewy.
5 K, this morning, at the "Run-of-the Mill" race in a small town near Lake Woebegon. Pure Americana. Not a better way, or place, to start the 4th of July Celebration. Gorgeous weather: blue sky, 50 degrees. Heading to Detroit for tonight's Detroit Tiger game.
Porcello! Back to back complete game shut outs. In post game interviews, he's a very "Aw, shucks! guy. Fast game, tonight! (The way baseball ought to be.) About 15 minutes shorter than today's USA/Belgium soccer game. I did not listen to the radio broadcast, but I reckon that Jim Price made plenty of references to "The Art of Pitching".
On Monday, the members of the '84 World Series champions were on hand to celebrate their 30th anniversary of the "Bless You Boys" team. 42,000 people were on hand to witness the pregame ceremony. It was a special moment when Alan Trammel spoke on behalf of the team. During the pregame Q & A, it was pointed out that not one of the members of the 84 team have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was a team comprised of many talents and not super stars. And, of...
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