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Tonight is THE showdown between the Tigers and the Royals. The Tigers magic number is 11. Catcher, Alex Avila, is still out--not a good sign. Verlander on the mound makes me feel nervous. How things have changed. If it is a terrible game, I guess I can switch over to PBS and watch "The Roosevelts".
Thanks, all, for the many kind thumbs up for Thursday's post.
In reply to your question, the suit is by SuitSupply--a Havana.
Nope. I just folded it and stuck it in.
Blue and brown and hot cocoa
37 degrees, this morning, and 4 miles. Because there was no wind, it did not feel cold. Ran through some pea-soup foggy patches. I forgot my headlamp, and on a twisty street, I lost my bearings because of the fog.
Tweed, 'panes, checks, stripes
God bless the White Sox! Last night was the second consecutive game where Rick Porcello pitched a really fine game. (8 innings) But, no run support. Dramatically, in the top of the 9th, JD Martinez hit a 3 run HR to put the Tigers ahead by a run. Then, reliever Sloppy Joe Nathan came out an blew it. Soria has got to become the main closer in a tight situation. Ausmus should have left Ricky in the game. At least, we are still 1.5 games up. More like 2--that...
After a rain delay and several rain showers during the game, the Tigers lost to the Royals, 3-0. It was the same old story: The starting pitching--in this case, Porcello--and even the bull pen pitched well enough to keep us in the game. But, you can't win with ZERO runs.
The trousers are dark charcoal.
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