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 So my shell daltons arrived from the sale today!  The look great with only a small stiching mistake around the tongue base but nothing that should be exasperated over time.  My only issue is I have a bit of heel slippage.  I normally rock a 10.5 2E but sized down and out to a 10 3E for this sale ( so I was asking for this issue I know).  The toe and around the ball of my foot is fine - not too tight but not loose.  Anyone have any experience with heel slippage lessening...
I'm assuming that 11E was a first and not a seconds model?
Been quiet for awhile but PM sent.
Ha nope, I believe r/boots was taken whenever r/goodyearwelt was conceived. Generally all high end footwear discussion is welcome.
Nothing too mind blowing in 10.5. Considered the reverse shell but it would be more of a novelty than anything to me.
Just got my color 8 shell bergs and they are beauties.  I was so bummed when I missed out on my grail boot, the announcement and sale occured when I was in Asia and I missed the whole shebang.  Feel very lucky that I was able to get these second hand (thanks  @TO Tie Guy )!  Quick question, mine feel the slightest bit dry in a couple spots, did anyone else hit theirs with some reno or vsc upon arrival?   I'll try to post some pics tomorrow (because of course I'm wearing...
Welp I caved and bought them.  A whole 10 minutes of dillema.  Who needs money when you have boots right? Right???
Hmmm says here that BCC has free returns (you're just out the original shipping charge). Tempted to try a half size down now.... Edit: Strike that, looks like they just bumped their prices up on the boots....
No half sizes
Looks like the Okayama Standard is back up....
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