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.Great looking jackets, thanks for sharing!
Thanks bud, already tried to get in touch with that user but I think that post has been abandoned.
Anyone wanna get rid of a moto 2011 around size 48 shoot me a message. Still looking for a woman's BCDR as well. Would consider picking up someone's 2013 spot if they want to let it go as well.
Ya, I figured that would be the case but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. I'm not super familiar with the female fashion market online.
Would love to grab a Women's BCDR for the wife but can't find any on the secondary. Anyone know where to look for women's ToJ?
 So my shell daltons arrived from the sale today!  The look great with only a small stiching mistake around the tongue base but nothing that should be exasperated over time.  My only issue is I have a bit of heel slippage.  I normally rock a 10.5 2E but sized down and out to a 10 3E for this sale ( so I was asking for this issue I know).  The toe and around the ball of my foot is fine - not too tight but not loose.  Anyone have any experience with heel slippage lessening...
I'm assuming that 11E was a first and not a seconds model?
Been quiet for awhile but PM sent.
Ha nope, I believe r/boots was taken whenever r/goodyearwelt was conceived. Generally all high end footwear discussion is welcome.
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