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Interesting, you know I don't really have a strong prefernce towards grain vs smooth.  With this not being a riding jacket I was really starting to sway towards the Vicenza as I want a jacket that won't be too rigid and will drape a bit when broken-in.  Everything I've read makes it sound like Vicenza is the way to go if this is my end goal, otherwise I'm a sucker for Cordovan as my multiple boots suggest.
@proteinnerd  @ChrisGold   Thanks for the help guys, waffling right now between the seal vicenza and the tumbled cordovan.  After pouring over a load a pictures I think the russet is just a bit lighter in color than what I want.  This might come down to a coin flip...
 Interesting - I didn't realize the FQHH was also CXL, very different feel from the sample jacket Carrie sent my way.  I was thinking about going with the tumbled cordovan FQHH as it seemed like it would break it nicely and wouldn't be too heavy.  After quickly googling the Vincenza I'm intrigued, some of the pictures I see appear to resemble the tumbled FQHH.  How's the weight on the Vincenza?  I wish I had been able to handle some of it...
Awesome thanks, going to pass some of these by her and see what she thinks.  I always have a hard time going with a brand I haven't heard much about so I might dredge the internet a bit and see if I can find anymore info on them. Additionally anyone have much experience with the Aero leather options offered through thurston bros?  I have a number of samples for a potential Board Racer I'm ordering and didnt know if anyone had anything glowing to see about a specific...
Ya, Langlitz doesn't really have many fashion oriented pics of women's jackets thus my trepidation. I'm hoping they can make a pretty light weight jacket for her that would break in pretty easily. That being said I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has them. I haven't had much luck finding many reputable women's leather companies with a focus on fashion jackets.
Thanks Chris,  you're as awesomely helpful as always.  I've touched base with Langlitz and they've been very accommodating.  From the few pictures I've been able to come across they seem to make a mean women's jacket.  Given that this is just for fashion my wife is worried about how it will sit on her - I may just force her to take the plunge, though I do wish they had sample models to try on.   Carrie is awesome I'm in the process of ordering a board racer myself but I...
My wife is currently fixated on the ToJ Women's BCDR. Rather than go down that messy messy road I was looking for alternatives with a similar aesthetic. I've touched base with Langlitz about getting the Cascade with darting but they don't have any fit pics or samples for women. Anybody have any experience with Langlitz doing women's cuts? Or any other alternatives sub ~$1500?
 Awesome, I have a board racer coming my way but I'm really digging Shaun's jacket here.  If this jacket gets off the ground I might go this route instead.
@LA Guy Is the potential Johnson/Honourmark jacket going to be styled off of the jacket below or did I read that incorrectly?  
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