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Thanks a lot for the info, thats what I was looking for.  If you look at the photos I posted of them you will see that the right boot has a very mild bull peen going on where the boot breaks over the ball of foot, definitely not as bad as regular 1000 mile boots I've had.  The leather actually seems very high quality, I am surprised that it's not Horween.  The only tell tale sign is that it is a bit stiffer than CXL.  Wow. I think the McClean is one of the better looking...
So whats with the Horween card inside the box?  Is it a mistake/false advertising?  Also came with the same little leather tag on the laces as Original 1000 Miles.  How'd you confirm that they aren't Horween?
Are you referring to the new McCleans?  Because mine came with a Horween card inside.
Two pairs of boots in great condition     Wolverine 1000 Mile Size 9.5 Brown     160     Redwing Beckman Size 9.5 Brow          175   Small oil spot on redwings, shown in photos   Buyer pays shipping   Worn less than 15 times   Both are wrong size     Would like to sell in US
Ordered McCleans from Nordstrom   Not as red as regular 1000 mile brown.  Thicker leather.  Color lightens where flexed.  One boot has a wrinkle pattern, not too bad kind of cool.  One stitch has a small irregularity.  I like them.  They are 10.5.  I measure 11 (ball of foot/arch size)               Brown 1000 Mile vs McClean Brown
i've been hunting for a pair without the veiny leather... it's been tough to say the least, i've looked through four pairs.  sucks.  Any boot recommendations that are similar to the 1k's in shape?  red wings are too bulbous and the 1ks are just right.  i've seen the white's semidress, not really a fan.
i found a small piece of what i believe to be thread from the welt sticking out between upper and sole, looks like it was possibly attempted to be burned off.  anyone seen this before or know if itll pose a problem in the future?
 It's just the way these boots are at the moment.  I feel they may have had less issues in the past when demand was lower, but they are very popular right now.  Wolverine doesn't seem to care because the boots are selling very well.  The doc 1460s are made in china and other countries, likely on a machine.  The leather is different from the Wolverines.  It's the nature of the beast with handmade goods and natural materials.  I've been looking for a good pair myself, and...
 Unfortunately you do have to settle for some blemishes with these boots, but if they arent structural then its not a big deal.  You might want to look at another brand if small imperfections are a deal breaker.  I know that one shouldnt have to settle, but with these boots I've seen many defects ranging from stitching to size imperfections to bad leather to small cuts/nicks etc.  If you wear those boots for an hour, the tongue will end up looking wrinkled on both of...
So I see that people recommend conditioning the leather sole, and also that the leather sole will not take a topy well once conditioned (or in general because it is already so oily).  What's the best route?  Conditioning and then wearing down the leather with a bit of natural wear before topy?  Cobbler sanding?  Not conditioning the sole?
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