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 Not sure who makes it.  I bought a piece from a large roll at Caccioppoli in June 2015.
Some new stuff arrived this week.  Linen Hopsack Jacket, 2PC Smith Finmeresco, 2PC Smith Midnight Blue Wool / Mohair Dinner Suit, Blue Linen Jacket.  Colours have come out a little strange on my screen, but very pleased with the outcome.  Perhaps I should take some photographs outside in natural light if I get a chance.                  
 Any photographs?
I just left the Sartoria for fittings of my current order (4 jackets).  I looked at the finishing of at least a dozen jackets downstairs, and a few jackets upstairs in the workroom.  It was very good.  I couldn't ask for more, and the price is good with the current exchange rate.  The example posted looks sub-par and I agree I wouldn't be happy if my jackets looked like that (but I'm sure I would soon forget about it).  I can't comment on pattern-matching given I've never...
 Yeah nope. 
Who do you have making this stuff up for you?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's drape, and a deliberate feature.
 What do you mean by balance issues?   It looks fantastic.
 That's a cool story man.  
I have tried one jacket from Rubinacci, and one jacket from Solito.  From that 1 order, I have already derived an opinion of them both, which will direct future orders.  The Rubinacci has better craftsmanship and fit.  It is a harder jacket, with a straighter shoulder line.  The hand-work is impressive.  The Solito is a faaaaaaar softer jacket, with a rounder appearance, that I like.  The fit and make is not as good, but is still good to very-good.  But I think the fit...
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