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Who do you have making this stuff up for you?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's drape, and a deliberate feature.
 What do you mean by balance issues?   It looks fantastic.
 That's a cool story man.  
I have tried one jacket from Rubinacci, and one jacket from Solito.  From that 1 order, I have already derived an opinion of them both, which will direct future orders.  The Rubinacci has better craftsmanship and fit.  It is a harder jacket, with a straighter shoulder line.  The hand-work is impressive.  The Solito is a faaaaaaar softer jacket, with a rounder appearance, that I like.  The fit and make is not as good, but is still good to very-good.  But I think the fit...
 Well perhaps Mariano has a more positive view of the situation than the younger Rubinacci. I was in Naples in September 2014.  From what Luca has said in his Instagram post, they assigned me the old and worn-out guy, who doesn't meet the high standards of Rubinacci.   I'm a Doctor by trade.  Gennaro walks around with a spring in his step.  He is not frail at all.  I think if he was too unwell to cut clothes for Rubinacci full-time, he wouldn't be catching flights to New...
Well if there was any question about whether or not there was a amiable break-up between Gennaro and the Rubinacci family, I think we have our answer.  I asked Gennaro if he cut my jacket when I was in Naples, and he said he did.  He was present at all of my 3 subsequent fittings.  I wonder if Luca is telling some lies here.     
Some people sure love to bash Rubinacci here.   Rubinacci costs the same as other "high-end" Savile Row tailors.  I don't know why people give the brand such a hard-time for their prices.  The showrooms on Mount Street and Via Chiaia are reason enough why their prices are not the same as other Neapolitan Houses.  Sure, other Neapolitan Sartoria are much cheaper, but they do not offer the same calibre of service for the International customer.  Answering the telephone,...
 Having received the Rubinacci garment, I can confirm that the shoulders are definitely straighter than the Solito coat, which has a softer and rounder appearance.  The chest canvas at the upper shoulder, where it meets the shoulder seam, is thicker than the Solito, and extends to just beyond the shoulder seam.  I think this is part of the reason why the Rubinacci has a straighter shoulder line.  My shoulder is definitely unpadded though in the final garment. I've added...
 They accommodated 3 fittings for me in 5 days.  Southern Italy is a nice holiday to take.  It's a no brainer unless you have three kids to drag along with you.
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