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 Thanks for the compliments. I was worried that the straighter shoulder line and longer jacket would make me dislike the end-result.  Particularly after trying on my second fitting with Solito, who have made a rounder shoulder line.  So I emailed them and went back again a few days later to re-finalise the garment.  They responded within minutes to my email, which was nice, and booked in a time for me to meet again with Gennaro. We played with the length and I tried to...
 Luca's email address has recently changed.  Try the one above that Winot quoted.
 Thanks.  No I actually saw both Luigi and Luca last week in Naples.  I was just curious.  Good luck!
Are you seeing them in London? If so, do you have the details of the Trunkshow?
 Do you intend on ordering any clothing? I have hundreds of great photographs to sort through.  It is an amazing place.  The Farnese Collection at the Museum was spectacular, as was the walk we did through The Royal Palace.
Sorry I was confused by your original question, as I had no recommendations in Rome.  It was Trattoria San Ferdinando that was recommended to me in Naples.
 I just told them I wanted unpadded shoulders, with spalla camicia construction.  I didn't say anything about round-ness or straight-ness.  Gennaro doesn't speak any English, and I was pretty happy just letting him do his thing.  Luca certainly has very straight shoulders on the jackets I have seen him in.  They look padded to me also.
 I don't think anyone was expecting you to put complete faith in the final product.  Regarding pizza... I'm just saying that I didn't think it was that different to what I eat regularly at home.  400 Gradi and DOC are the places I frequent back home.  FYI, we don't always eat the DOP imported buffalo mozzarella here.  Believe it or not, we have cheese-makers and buffalos (? buffali) in Australia too.  And I don't think our version of the cheese is terribly behind what I...
Just finished off a small trip to Naples, and will be back next week to pick up some clothes.  Some interesting pictures for those who haven't been before.  I dragged my wife across, and she actually loves the place.  We are already planning a return trip next year.     The train from Rome Termini was incredibly convenient and clean.  And reasonably priced too.     There are guys wearing jackets like this everywhere in Italy.  You see so many jackets with double...
 Yeah, fair enough.  No ruffles intended.  
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