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 I think that is from a Harrison's Cashmere book.  I think the length of fabric alone is $2000AU.  Ouch. I am meeting with Incontro this weekend in Sydney to get a pant order started.
 Hi T, are they coming to Melbourne and Sydney, or just Sydney?  Any idea yet on price range?
  Jacket - Minnis Fresco 0516 (2-Ply) Trousers - Minnis Fresco 0501 (1-Ply) Shirt - Grande & Rubinelli Luna 170s Shoes - Edward Green Chelsea, Mink Suede Tie - Drakes London Grenadine   I don't like the lean cut of the chest.  I'm hoping to get a fuller, drapier look in future commissions.
 Do you sell cut-lengths to individuals if they visit your store in person?
Has anyone got experience with ordering trousers in person in Naples?  Can they turn around a few pairs (or one pair) in a week?
 That's fantastic.  Is that Orazio Luciano?
 It's Hunter and Winterbotham, Twister.  Lightweight stuff, but good for the hot weather down-under.
About the ship this off to Sartoria Formosa for a summer jacket and some odd-trousers.  
 I respectfully disagree with this.  The item does exist in some form before the commission.  At least the style does.  Every Tailoring House has a "House Style".  You don't walk into Cutler and ask him to make you a Neapolitan jacket (of course, we can argue about what constitutes a Neapolitan jacket).  Also, you can't have absolutely anything you want.  You can only have what the Tailor is capable and willing to do.
The thing about P Johnson is.  You take some considerable risk regarding your first order.  You can only alter the finished garment which arrives in a limited way.  You certainly can't change the buttoning point.  You can't realistically change the length by much, given you will end up making the hip pockets look strangely placed.  You can't change the shape of the quarters.  You can't change the shoulders (well perhaps you could narrow them, but that is a pretty major...
New Posts  All Forums: