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good question as i have noticed it too, moreso with the label sometimes being different i'm certain they're genuine articles, as saks does have a bit of a reputation to uphold and i don't think they're in the business of selling fakes, however, as with most outlets, perhaps it's that old adage that outlets do get things manufactured just for the outlet and it's not always last seasons stuff on discount so having a designer make something for the outlet and have it made...
i guess it is not all that well advertised or known, i only came to know of it a few months ago and have been pleased with the knowledge and great responses everyone has to anyone's queries, whether very niche questions or very generalized ones
here is a link to an article that may of some interest to some of you regrading the retirement of Art Cooper from the helm of GQ Magazine: http://www.adage.com/news.cms?newsId=37267
kiehl's makes a great "all over hand and body lotion pour homme with oatmeal and aloe vera", has a great masculine sort of spicey smell to it
kms makes a great molding paste product, called simply, molding paste, have had great results with it
i have seemingly tried them all LOL but i've stuck with powerbar, either their regular ones (vanilla or the oatmeal raison) or the other powerbar line which name i forget but it's like a granola bar in texture and flavour but i'll try the detour one, thanks for the heads up on it
i also like the anthony logistics for men line of shaving gear along with anything from king of shaves (the former is found at www.menessentials.com or www.anthony.com and the latter at www.kingofshaves.com) complete lines in both for sensitive skins, preshave oils, rasor burn defences, shaving balms etc the anthony line is premium priced but well worth it the king of shaves line is from the uk, modestly priced (they sell some of it at target stores even) and very good...
the anthony logistics line for men is actually much better, from my own experience using the various lines, they have a glycolic cleanser that is amazing as well and does its stuff there is either the menessentials.com website (that has a tonne of tips and articles you can also read in addition to buying) or the anthony.com site which is strictly a online shopping site from last time i visited
i recently read about Castangia, lseeming a little known but well made Italian suit and shirt maker out of Sardinia, recently added to the sales racks of bergdorf goodman anyone ever run across this or have any experience buying anything made by them? as i understand, they also make or made a line of suits for barneys under a different name but i do not know the name
the ralph lauren book is called Genuine Authentic: The Real Life of Ralph Lauren and is by Michael Gross, just recently released in the last week here is a press blurb from the publisher from the book release: From the Publisher Everyone knows the name Ralph Lauren. Many people know that he was born Ralphie Lifshitz. But not even Lauren himself knows the extra-ordinary history of his ancestry. And until now, no one really knew how this pint-size nebbish rose from the...
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