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well spring and summer stuff has already started to show up in stores this time of year, so the selection may be preliminary right now but the next month or two will likey be the best for selection price wise, you'll have to wait for the end of season for sales (unless the sales are slow you will see that stores will put on early sales to move the merchandise, so keep an eye out for that as well)
For clarification, here is what I pulled off the net: British retailer Marks & Spencer on Nov. 23 sold New York-based cataloger/retailer Brooks Brothers to Retail Brand Alliance. Enfield, CT-based Retail Brand Alliance, which owns the Casual Corner and Petite Sophisticate women's apparel retail chains, jewelery manufacturer Carolee, and womenswear brand Adrienne Vittadini, paid $225 million for Brooks Brothers. When Marks & Spencer bought the upmarket men's and women's...
i believe the rise in brooks brothers quality stems from the fact that after marks & spencer sold off the chain due to financial reasons, the italian company that purchased, i cannot recall the name but it is run by the del vecchio family who owns ray ban sunglasses, it had 'better quality' as its number one priority in mind, hence why after the sale was concluded in novemberish 2001, they said watch brooks brothers after about a years time to sort out their quality issues...
you are correct, he and jann wenner have been a couple for a good number of years (as i understand, wenner provided all the backing for his fashion outing and given the amount of money wenner has, that's what surprises me about matt nye having 'disappeared' off the fashion scene)
i would agree with joe g the quality is there, the styling isn't all that exciting especially with his own line, the vuitton line seems to be styled to a higher caliber but that may have to do with that being a primary focus given the vuitton name being attached to it and all that that entails ........ overall i don't think he's the greatest of designers though
i'm partial to hermes ties (no relation) not the ones with the small animals or objects but their more loud bold coloured prints and woven ones and strangely enough, i find donna karan signature to produce a good number of striped numbers that i like of late
thanks for the information i had assumed he closed up shop despite the praise and money backing he had i do own two of his shirts, one cotton, one linen, very well constructed and well tailored - sort of traditional stuff with modern tailoring in any event, i thought he was going to do well but i guess look what happened to oldham and john bartlett as well
.... and of all the names listed, likely the lauren company is the one that spends the most ad dollars, in north america at least (other than calvin klein)
does anyone know if matt nye is still around? american designer, well constructed and structured pants and shirts but have not seen anything by him for a few years now? (and he only started about 3 or 4 years ago in any event)cannot find any information either ..... anyone in the nyc area where he worked from know?
european interloper, isn't it the puma 96? not puma 48? or am i missing another 'line' puma put out?
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