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it means that it's not supposed to block your pores
as a resident of windsor, i can tell you the roving gangs of drunk 19 year old americans have mostly disappeared, thanks to ever increasing border delay hassles and the lack of any exchange rate for the americans .... but we do have some of the best asian and italian restaurants peasant in birmingham is a real nice niche menswear store (www.peasantonline.com) you need a car to get anywhere in detroit or the burbs so i hope you'll have a rental
i agree with ringo on the fit of the older product, it was much larger in proportion than the same size produced today and speaking of their stores, their corporate outlet store is next to their corporate headquaters in milan (via spartica i think) and it's like a step back in time to a flea market in that it's a long narrow wooden floored space with stuff piled everywhere, bolts of fabric, boxes of ties, shirts folded in cubicles, suits hanging here and there, very...
didn't she used to have a usa on-line store? i just checked the agnes b website and the france on-line store is still up (with a 50% off sale) but the usa site is being redesigned
i've purchased a few pieces but nothing of the loud colours or stripes, all solid coloured pieces or samples and they've been generally well made and have held up well
layering keeps you warm
does FAL still exist (fashion active lab); i think the designer was some german, geoffrey grubb? i haven't seen it in a year though FAL did nicely cut active wear, including sweatpants, in thick cottons or cashmere blends that looked sharp but they were pricey (saks off fifth and nm last call used to always have the stuff on deep discount though)
... i wonder what helmut lang wears today, or jil sander or any other designer who left or was dumped by their own line?
i'm a magazine junky between subscriptions and newstand purchases (for one offs or overseas mags that are cheaper to buy than subscribe) i get something like 35-50 a month
tokyo there's some culture shock but it's more of hyper-westernization so it's somewhat foreign but somewhat familiar there a large number of museums in tokyo that will hold your interest as well as all the shopping and night life and just the basic people watching in walking down the street a good map is a must for tokyo though i think you can get along fine with just english - i have and although it can be frustrating when no one else speaks english, you can...
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