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anthony logistics deep pore cleansing clay http://www.menessentials.com/oxid.ph...leansing-Clay/
.... my dog eats kangaroo meat dog food
i recall reading that when raf first took over jil sander, there was partnership with church's for the shoes; not sure if that still stands
... with last night's episode and the skeleton of a polar bear in the tunisian desert with a dharma hydra badge, a ghostbuster and finding the plane off indonesia with everyone on it dead, yet there are survivors, apparently, i'm truly lost as to what's going
just levi's (LVC and capital E) and one pair from the ck39 line
i'm game (although i'm technically from across the border) i've got vacation plans later this month and again in march but if around i'll try to attend
a pair of helmut lang classic cut raw denim purchased and worn on and off since january 2000, but never washed, never soaked they've been steamed on a few occassions and hung outside in nice weather a lot and surprising don't smell
i mainly drink vox as my mainstay i'm currenly liking reyka (iceland) and xcellent (switzerland) as two niche vodkas
when i first found saks off 5th about 10 years ago, it was quite good but i've seen a very steady decline, especially in the last 5 years, in what is offered and now it's mostly generic junk however, a few gems pop up from time to time as i've found in the last year cucinelli and tse cashmere, malo sweaters, richard james and duncan quinn shirts and some old leftover helmut lang merchandise along with a few pieces from neil barrett but overall, it's not a place i...
i don't think all boss is that bad a lot of their knitwear is well produced and slim fitting in design and some of their leather gloves and scarves are decent along with their sports wear but keeping in mind it's a big fashion conglomerate and it is what it is the selection line (which replaced baldessarini) is canvassed and decent, even with working button cuffs, but not as nice as what baldessarini was some of the black label and selection line use super 150...
New Posts  All Forums: