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recorded it and watched it early this morning, it was okay but not great it was an hour but unfortunately, 20 minutes of commericals and only 40 minutes of actual programming there were some small interesting segments, like the guy from carpe diem who travels around the midwest looking in old mines for vintage denim and a small interview with adriano goldschmeid and some of his work ..... the last ten minutes was a short trip to japan and a very small piece on...
eternal 811 is one of my favourite pairs i don't own, but have tried on, iron hearts and the eternal 811 simply 'fits' my body better than ih does the eternal 811 are slim and somewhat similar to 5EP ldb pair other than they're not bootcut though the indigo goes off like easily though on the eternal in comparison to 5EP
as stated above by houserichichi, the boss outlet in canada is in windsor and there are a lot of deals, especially on the boss black label and selection lines
for all you fellow canadians (or americans in border cities that can get cbc over the air) this is airing this week on cbc in canada on thursday 28 february 2008 at 8.00 pm eastern time blue jean confidential Blue jeans are the world's favourite fashion statement - so popular they've become an American icon. Here's a garment that's remained hip for more than half a century, that's thrived from World Wars to the present. Jeans have helped define every youth...
although the schiesser revival line is being trumped here, they also make a more affordable line called 'uncover' which is just as good and holds up better in wear and wash in the long term than the revival line (and affordable is knocking about $10 off the price of the revival line pricing so it's still higher end pricing)
i think the heirarchy is more like this: armani alta moda ('couture') (i think it may be called armani prive now) classico (blue label) armani borgonuovo 21 (black label) giorgio armani armani collezioni emporio armani mani a/x
anthony logistics deep pore cleansing clay
.... my dog eats kangaroo meat dog food
i recall reading that when raf first took over jil sander, there was partnership with church's for the shoes; not sure if that still stands
... with last night's episode and the skeleton of a polar bear in the tunisian desert with a dharma hydra badge, a ghostbuster and finding the plane off indonesia with everyone on it dead, yet there are survivors, apparently, i'm truly lost as to what's going
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