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interesting from businessweek dated 6 March 2008 H&M buys Cheap Monday jeans maker STOCKHOLM, Sweden Fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB said Thursday it has signed a deal to buy privately owned Swedish fashion company Fabric Scandinavien AB, maker of Cheap Monday jeans. H&M said it has bought a 60 percent stake in Fabric Scandinavien for 564 million kronor ($92 million) from the founders of the company, Adam Friberg, Lars Karlsson, Orjan Andersson and...
... i don't think that arsenal was 'woefully short of confidence" ... i think is was the exact opposite, they were full of confidence; even the italian media after the game indicated that in their reports
i have a pair that i picked up for something like $25 canadian at winners, which usually always has some that always get marked down really low (since you're in vancouver check out winners) the selvage is nice but it's no better or worse than any of the levi's capital e/premium lines that use selvage; they fit similar to a pair of 501 but somewhat slimmer (i think that there is both a slim and a standard or loose version, if i'm correct, for the warhol line)
their website indicates that in addition to liberty and selfridges, these three stores carry apc men's wear in london: bluebird (350 king's road, chelsea) diverse (294 upper street) urban outfitters (20 market place)
valextra started in milan in 1937 giovanni fontana was the founder i don't know where the name comes from though it's current revival comes from the hands of their new ceo, massimo suppancig, who previously was a ceo for hugo boss and escada brands, and just bought the brand in 2003ish apparently he has been able to lure back out of retirement the artisans who retired in the 70s when fontana retired
the true purpose of toner is to restore the pH level of your skin post any exfoliation, such as shaving, so that any moisturizer or aftershave lotion can be properly absorbed they can also be used post shaving to remove any excess residue
bikkembergs designed some clothing for inter milan he owns fc fossombrone in the italian 5th or 6th division (but they have interesting kits at least)
slight correction, there is this season plus two more with the start of this current season, there are 48 more episodes spread out over three years, so lost will finish in 2010
last night's desmond episode was the best episode of the season along with the sayid 007 episode two weeks ago of course, i'm confused as hell trying to fully understand all this time and space shifting stuff but i'm just riding along with it and enjoying it as for the original poster, the producers have the entire story for the next three seasons all mapped out, as they've said time and time again that there is a beginning, a middle and an end to the story that has...
i believe you are referring to tierra del forte and her women's eco denim line, del forte denim
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