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there a number of products from various non-drug store lines that i think are outstanding: baxter of california's facial scrub, italian lime body wash and eda body bars along with their mint shampoo korres body washes (cedar and coriander) along with their aloe and soapwort pH neutral everyday shampoo - their men's borage anti-shine moisturizer is good menscience has an excellent aha/bha gel like facial wash any of the skeen men's "anti-aging" products are...
although i'm of no help to you, i have to agree with you, the stuff is pretty good, even the swedish army uses it ....
all my telephones (except mobile) and answering machine are b&o and they're fantastic phones, excellent sound quality, interesting design, good functioning
another gunner here too it's going to be a fun ride for a few days for arsene and his boys
uk tk maxx = usa tj maxx/usa marshall's = canada winners and it's all owned by the same company as stated above, i've seen some high end brands at these places as well on deep discount, it's simply hit and miss
you may need to buy an extraction tool (tweezerman sells one) and combine that with a clay masque once a week (anthony logistics red clay mask is a good bet) the extraction will help clean out the existing blackheads but with pores, they'll clog up again and you'll get blackheads back so the key is to use a masque, which, over time, will help reduce your blackhead issue - it may take many months but a once a week masquing will slowly see a reduction in blackheads
i have some of both that i purchased when they were first popular and i didn't know much better but which i'm still wearing the pink shirts have by far upheld better than the tyrwhitt ones however, having said that, almost all of the pink shirts i have which have held up well are the original 'made in ireland' ones whereby the workmanship is considerably better then when they moved production to morocco or whereever it was; the few non-irish made pink shirts are more...
yes, entertainment weekly does a preview / recap for each episode and usually talks with one of the producers who confirm a lot of theories or steer the viewers in the right direction here is the link for the desmond episode: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20182393,00.html if you look at the bottom of the page for that article, there are links for the previous articles as written by jeff jensen aka doc jensen
i can't really help you other than to say i've seen the stuff in person and it's quality shopjake, an affiliate here at SF, carries the stuff in chicago and they post here from time to time so perhaps they can answer your query (or send them a message)
there is an entertainment weekly column that explains a lot of stuff by chatting with the producers so here is the explanation of sorts on the most recent episode since i still can put it all together: Executive producer Carlton Cuse was gracious enough to spill the following: ''Finally! Ben's gonna tell us who sent that damn freighter!'' Whoa! Now that's a big-time tease for you! Thanks, Captain Cuse! You know, wouldn't it be a fiendish twist if we find out...
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