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actual people i've run across: harry toews harry dyck donna rhea horst schmidt (trying saying horst schmidt fast and you'll get the idea)
.... there used to be lawyer in my city named brick wall (full first name was brickford) hmmm, there is more than one out there he had a brother with a really strange first name too, like cement or something but it wasn't cement, i can't recall it
i have a friend, although now at ralph lauren, who used to work for a&f as a manufacturer quality supervisor and would travel a lot to hong kong and india to check on the quality of the manufacturing of their product according to my friend, there really isn't any way for you to get a blank unless a&f offered them in their stores or you were able to get to mumbai or hong kong to one of the factories that makes the stuff and got blanks from them or from their source,...
i look back at my old post and still use the baxter face wash but don't use the others (n>dn went bust) and would add menscience face wash to the list for moisturizer, mostly just the baxter oil free or korres spf6 antishine moisturizers for day use
picked up the new issue of fantastic man magazine and fantastic man has gone the way of monocle magazine and started collaberations with designers with the first being a pair of jeans by acne called 'gentleman's jean' if you go to www.fantasticmanmagazine.com and click on the current issue no. 7 and scroll through the highlights of the magazine, you'll hit a two page spread of the acne jeans - sort of looks like rag&bone jeans apparently limited to sale at select...
it may be a mercerized cotton but as stated above, it's the type of cotton and the manufacturing technique that usually determines this
go to www.menessentials.com and read their forum there is discussion on all sorts of men's only products including products from companies that they don't sell for baxter, their shampoo is very pepperminty but gives your scalp a good tingling sensation; the body washes are good at lathering up well from a small amount and also aren't drying - i only really care for the italian lime scent though for brave soldier, their lip defender lip balm is one of the best on the...
i've been a long time user of baxter of california products overall it's a good line, good value for the price point and decent quality products there are some products in their line that are great (face scrub, face wash, shampoo, glycerin bars, body wash) that are staples for me but some that are complete duds (face masque, lip balm) menscience is also another all around good men's only line that i like but i also like items from korres, skeen and brave soldier i...
i believe it was federated dept stores (macy's) that bought PDC and took it 'downmarket' in price to fill an underserviced area of the market the quality has nosedived though
i think "10+" recently changed the name to "10 men" to help rebrand itself (the most current issue anyway)
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