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brave soldier makes an excellent gel-like lip balm called "lip defender spf15" which i find i put on in the morning and it pretty well takes care of the day for me, no reapplication (it's pricey though at $8.00 of 0.33 oz) kinesys sport also makes an excellent spf 30 sun stick for lips that can also be used on nose and ears (i think the intent is that it is designed for athletes) but again pricey at $12.00 but it works but i agree with j, once you start using some...
for toner, baxter of california herbal mint toner for astringent, kiehl's blue astringent herbal lotion
incotex is part of the slowear company
i still enjoy the show i've given up trying to figure everything out and am just enjoying the ride i did find the finale last night a bit weak but it was still good i guess i was looking for more i think that this season, two episodes, "the constant" with desmond and his time travel explanation and the episode where sayid turned out to be a hired assasin, were two of the better episodes ever done, so the show is still going strong
baxter of california it's a thicker particle scrub but works well and has an amazing almond scent
actual people i've run across: harry toews harry dyck donna rhea horst schmidt (trying saying horst schmidt fast and you'll get the idea)
.... there used to be lawyer in my city named brick wall (full first name was brickford) hmmm, there is more than one out there he had a brother with a really strange first name too, like cement or something but it wasn't cement, i can't recall it
i have a friend, although now at ralph lauren, who used to work for a&f as a manufacturer quality supervisor and would travel a lot to hong kong and india to check on the quality of the manufacturing of their product according to my friend, there really isn't any way for you to get a blank unless a&f offered them in their stores or you were able to get to mumbai or hong kong to one of the factories that makes the stuff and got blanks from them or from their source,...
i look back at my old post and still use the baxter face wash but don't use the others (n>dn went bust) and would add menscience face wash to the list for moisturizer, mostly just the baxter oil free or korres spf6 antishine moisturizers for day use
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