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i second the baxter product it's actually a clay pomade mix so it has hold properties along with some pomade but i find it mostly matte in finish if you want something strong, try nolita molding clay
as mentioned above, LG has a new biometric one that uses your fingerprint plus a password: http://us.lge.com/products/model/det...HP8GNALP.jhtml
i've been using baxter products for a good 6-7 years now i constantly recommend them given their quality and size of product at a very decent price point i'm a big fan of their scrub as stated above, it has hard large particles that really make you feel the scrubbing action but they're not rough or damaging to your skin the shampoo and conditioner, body wash, night moisturizer, clay pomade for hair and glycerin bars are all standouts the lip balm, shave cream,...
likely heard of but i like them nonetheless: de gustibus non est disputandum (there is no disputing about taste) and quidquid latine dictum sit, alturm videtur (everything sounds more profound in latin)
brave soldier makes an excellent gel-like lip balm called "lip defender spf15" which i find i put on in the morning and it pretty well takes care of the day for me, no reapplication (it's pricey though at $8.00 of 0.33 oz) kinesys sport also makes an excellent spf 30 sun stick for lips that can also be used on nose and ears (i think the intent is that it is designed for athletes) but again pricey at $12.00 but it works but i agree with j, once you start using some...
for toner, baxter of california herbal mint toner for astringent, kiehl's blue astringent herbal lotion
incotex is part of the slowear company www.slowear.it
i still enjoy the show i've given up trying to figure everything out and am just enjoying the ride i did find the finale last night a bit weak but it was still good i guess i was looking for more i think that this season, two episodes, "the constant" with desmond and his time travel explanation and the episode where sayid turned out to be a hired assasin, were two of the better episodes ever done, so the show is still going strong
baxter of california it's a thicker particle scrub but works well and has an amazing almond scent
skeen www.skeen.fr
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