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takeo kikuchi
get rid of the gel you need something will coat the shaft of the hair and give it some additional strength switch to a paste or clay product for thin hair kms molding paste is very good baxter of california clay pomade is very good both will give a good hold but are matte and therefore not shiney there are other products on the market so you can try any kind of paste of clays
i usually buy some currency for whereever i may be about a week before i leave years ago i tried playing the currency exchange rate game and it just becomes a hassle sometimes you win by buying early, sometimes you lose so i just deal with the rate a week before and live with it as for a credit card in the uk, from what i understand, unless you have a permanent address there, you may have an issue getting one as a temporary resident (unless you're there with an...
another brand to try is moom for men
has anyone run across this label from sweden yet, "indigofera" apparently selvedge with natural indigo dye via sweden not much information on the website though
brave soldier - best gel like lip balm on the market in the summer, i tend to use kinesys sport spf 30 lip balm
i think all hermes boutiques in NM stores carry hermes shirts the hermes boutique inside the NM in troy michigan (detroit) sells them
i think i saw that bag (or at least one very similar) at the hugo boss outlet in windsor on boxing day, 50% off i'll have to go back and look, if it's still there, and let you know
baxter of california recently introduced 3 candles geared towards men with apparently masculine scents ( i still think a lampe berger is the best bet to purify smells from a room you can use their 'neutral' oil for an unscented purification
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