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I've used PM Double Hitter for the past year or so (I love the way it foams), and stopped because it ultimately does not do great things for my skin. My wife uses Aveda, and I steal hers every so often, but I've mostly been using a soapnut shampoo (see e.g. http://www.amazon.com/NaturOli-Soapberry-Shampoo-Organic-Natural/dp/B003P85MAM) in the meantime. Also have a bottle of L'Occitane Antipeliculaire that I rotate to from time to time.
Just picked up a new pair of Iron Rangers (Copper). I am between a 10 and a 10.5 in dress shoes, and at the advice of this forum, ordered both a 9 and a 9.5 (free shipping both ways), with the intent of returning the worse fit. I tried the 9's first, and they were comfortable, almost with wiggle room. They are not so loose that I think I'll need to size down, even as the leather stretches, but it may be that I'll have to tighten my laces a bit as these wear. I love them,...
I have the option to purchase shorts in either size 30 or size 36, with a 9 inch inseam. I would love to be able to add these shorts as something of a novelty (seersucker and embroidered, to be worn at a Clemson/UNC game that I will be attending this September), however I am a size 32 and neither of the available options is optimal for me. I am concerned that it will not be possible to let out two inches at the waist given the material, and that even if it is, it will...
if it's your first pair, it helps to have someone analyze your gait and show you a few pairs that fit the way you run. Most people overpronate and many supinate when they run. Once you know how you move, you can buy the next pair on your own.
Best:   Worst:
 Having a good brush is absolutely essential to building a lather. You will definitely want a badger hair brush, and although the difference between each "grade" of badger hair (silvertip, best, etc.) is not super, super pronounced, there is a difference. I personally use a Best Badger brush by Edwin Jagger. My cream of choice is TOOBS Jermyn Street, although I also like their Rose scented cream a lot. Jermyn Street, for whatever reason, builds the best lather for me. I...
Has anyone had a green papaya salad lately? Found primarily in Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian cuisine. Increasingly popular over the past few years, I have noticed, but nevertheless new to my palate.  
Jewish-style deli around the corner - Corned beef on twisted challah bread with a potato pancake sandwiched in-between. Nothing gourmet, but exactly what the evening called for:
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