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Hi there!   Our Classic White pinpoint fabric is a great place to start. If you prefer a wrinkle resistant fabric we have a similar pinpoint at $95 that I think you'll really like.   Our default style is the slim forearm which has one pleat in the sleeve. Our traditional forearm has two pleats and gives you about an inch more room through the elbow. If you are looking to trim up the bicep area I would suggest narrowing the sleeve width about .25" and going with the...
Let us know how the test shirt works out for you! I'm confident it's going to fit great but if you decide to make any tweaks to the fit or style we are here to work with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Lets make this right for you! We have a perfect fit guarantee and I'm confident we can lock in a great fit for you. It sounds like we are on the right track with adding a sloping shoulder adjustment-- http://propercloth.com/static-pages.php?page=shoulder-slope&overlay=yes   It also looks like the cuffs are also a little loose and we could trim up the top of the sleeves a bit. Please email me directly (Brittany@propercloth.com) with more information about the type of fit...
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