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Beautiful last and certainly beautiful color! Congrats!
Try looking at Sanyo Yamacho as well while you're there. They alao make good shoes
Yup Missed it too... Oh well...I guess you snooze you loze...
Incoming... Plum Museum Slipper / Loafer in U last Decided to finally take the gamble on the loafer. While the size/fit on the oxford is excellent, I was (and still am) a bit apprehensive on the loafer sizing since it has to be bang on. However, I need a pair of business formal shoe which I can slip in/out easily because my work requires me to travel a lot (multiple shoes on/off at airports) Would have preferred a lazy man but Vass does not make one. I guess we'll...
Looking very sharp sir! Love the shoes too!!!
Sorry for the crude iphone pictures - from the rake Japan magazine
Didn't realize that the dhoe trees from Marquess come hollowed. Was that a special request or just by default? Thanks!
Wow! Super shine job. Looks very new! I find that the regular calf shines better than the museum...or most likely my skills are just not there...
LOL you can say that again!Nice shoes!
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