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LOLNo but I sure hope I won't get one
FranceTCan you help to PM me the names of the shoemakers?I would also love to see the current batches of museum calfThanks a bunch!
Recently Carmina has been screwing up their MTOs. First the Tobacco suede and now this...
+1724 last is definitely the wider one
In case you don't know, Carmina already ran out of stock for the "copper-like" tobacco suede as the tannery had already went bankrupt. The new tobacco suede doesn't look good imhoCheck out skoak thread for yourself
Mahogany works well for me :-)
Really love that tobacco color...too bad
AS Moore in oxblood! Now we're talking...
Understand completely - though very unfortunate. The first group were very lucky to get the tobacco suede :-)I'm assuming that we will get an option for refund? I just hope Camina will take responsibility...as it is not fair to you guys...
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