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Great choice! Among his lasts this shape is my favorite.When I was there last time he insisted before going bespoke that I first try his ready made last and patiently tried a few adjustments on insoles etc. What a gentleman. I also find him quite knowledgeable about feet anatomy.Very unfortunately I was in a rush with work and did not have time to return. I shall do that the next time I'm there!Good luck with the shoes and all the best!
LOL I hope not :-))
It's gentille 79 Koji Endo who previously trained under Anthony Delos Very lovely couple and shop in Fudomae area in Tokyo
How dis you get the moore in chestnut? Can't seem to see it in afpos site
Now THAT is how a leather jacket should fit!!!Congrats man - beautiful jacket and most of all - perfect fit!
Thanks a lot!These are Enzo BonafesForgot the style number but I bet Gabriel from Skoak will have it.What I remember is that this is hidro suede / vitello giamaica combination
These bad boys arrived from Skoak 2 weeks ago but haven't had the time to take pics / try them on. Taking them out for a walk today. Very pleased with the outcome. Saw these when I was in Japan (with all dark brown suede) but I thought it could have looked better in this calf/suede color combination. Had ordered 2 (other one in cordovan) - will take pics later on. The cordovan pair felt slightly looser (small margin of error so they still fit fine.) However, this is...
There we goIt is FQHH
Thanks for all the inputs and advice guys! Really appreciate it. In terms of style it's indeed premier half belt (not august.) My mistake! I've tried more leather jackets locally and asked the experts in the store. His advice: I need a jacket with wider shoulders (due to the width of my lats - my arms will always look like they're bowing and the wider shoulders will compensate for it.) The waist also needs to be at least 2" smaller than the aero I'm wearing. This...
Hey guys...need a bit of help on fitting advice - as I'm a completely newbie when it comes to leather jacket. So - I just got myself an aero leather premier August 1930s - but as I'm wearing it - it seems like the arms are "bowing" / "curving" to the sides (attahing the picture here.) The opening also seems wide I'm not completely sure if it's because the jacket is really new and will take some time to break in, or if this is a really bad fit (I'm kinda thinking that...
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