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@Leaves: what last is the GG gable in?
Fantastic makeup. Well done sir!You keep raising the bar on this thread!
I suddenly have the urge to call Mr. Kuti to order another adelaide (as if I don't have enough of them) but this time in green museum calf. I don't know for the life of me, what I'm going to use it for, or how green will match the rest of the attire...but I've never had any experience with green shoes yet, and I have a feeling that unless I've tried it, this curiosity will never go away... And not sure why but it almost feels like cheating on your missus...???!!!
Are those 2 the same pair or is it just the lighting? I really like the 1st one
Fantastic!I've never thought that Ghillie looks so good until now...!
I don't mean to make anyone feel bad but I've ordered AS Moore twice from AFPOS - one in cherry and the other in brown suede. Both pairs were flawless. No veins, loose vamp, or dents of any sort. Below is what I had posted back in April. I also recall at the time, folks did not have any problems with quality. It could be that the recent purchased ones came from a bad production batch - not sure.In any case, I've been in a similar situation before, albeit with a...
Is that a fact or is it hearsay? Please make sure you don't fall prey listening to a fourth party...LOL
Amazing shoes! Very nice makeup...One question if you don't mind? How does the nap of the suede feel? The reason I'm asking is because the last time I did suede with Vass, the nap felt a bit rough...In any case, congrats on the kop!
That depends. If not mistaken, Vass keeps changing the source of their calf (between annonay and du puy) depending on availability. What I do know is that It's getting harder to source from du puy (which is supposedly softer / suppler but creases more) vs. annonay which is a bit harder (but creases less.) They are both about the same thickness and definitely thicker than Ilcea.What frustrates me the most however, is that I cannot get navy / green / ruby shells through...
Thanks guys... @NAMOR: The shell had too many variation in color and quite a few blemish. I wouldn't normally mind but it was just to a point where it was not pleasing aesthetically. @Roger: It was your first EG pair that gave me the inspiration to try him out and yes he has mad skills indeed!
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