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Got it Thx a million
The email bounced. Is there any other means of contact? Many thanks in advance!
All of them are Kudu
Thanks a million Skoak - Wanted to give Gabriel special thanks for putting up with me (all the back and forth emails and conversations) on the MTO These came much better than I expected!
Please kindly let me know if anyone has any resolution to the issue - as I would also like to get my refund.
Not Koji Suzuki. Koji Endo from Gentille 79
Who is they? Enzo or G&G?
@justonemore: You're killing it dude...congrats! question...did you feel any difference in fit between the suede and smooth calf? Been thinking about doing all suede but wanted to get a sense on the fit...thx!
I say if Mr. Kuti had already confirmed it then it's probably the most reliable information you can get. He would know best I guess. I had seen s / sp last before (never tried them on) but I'm not a big fan of either.
Gentille 79
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