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X post from another thread.Seems like they're keeping old formulas as well as the technical stuff. From my discussion with Mr. Kuti he mentioned that they're making samples for Vass (due in May.) They (vass) are not sure yet of the quality until they've seen the samples and therefore not yet ready to promote Ilcea. The soonest timing of taking ordes (assuming samples are good quality) is around sept / oct.
Very nice!!! Would you know if this is Haas or Bonaudo museum calf?
 I think the general consensus here is that you would wear the same size between U & K Last (though K is more constricting in the toe box.)  I recently took a risk myself trying the K-last in the same size.  Luckily it worked out fine.  If you read 5 - 6 pages back we discussed the U vs. K shape / sizing.  K is a tad roomier in the instep, but more constricting in the toe box
Basically the below are Horween's colors for shell: 1. Color #8 - sometimes called Bordeaux (if comes out lighter purplish) or oxblood (if comes out dark purple.)2. Cigar - Really dark brown3. Cognac - Brown (darker shade but lighter than cigar.)4. Saddle - light brown / tan (if you're lucky sometimes they come out orange-ish.)5. Brandy - very similar to Saddle (couldn't really tell much difference between the 2)  Carmina used to source brandy but decided to go with saddle...
 They're both one and the same (essentially color 8.)  It's just that Horween's color 8 sometimes come out quite dark (like oxblood) and sometimes come out quite lighter purplish (bordeaux.)  Horween's shell colors really vary depending on the batches.  I've owned 3 color 8 and they all don't look the same (they were acquired years apart from each other.)  If you look at a few pages back where I've posted the pictures of my shoes - they're the darker version of color 8 -...
Thanks guys!!!   To be very honest - I take care of this particular pair much more so than my pair of deco GGs.  For the simple reason that acquiring them was so difficult (they don't deliver outside of Japan.)  This will of course change as I will be traveling there very frequently on business with my new assignment.   This thread is really really addictive.  I didn't realize I just spent the last hour or so reading every page & taking down notes for my trip next...
I suggest waiting for Ilcea. If you've seen Roger's pair then you'd understand what I mean (though his is a deeper shade of gold, not brown.)
Thanks!Am really looking forward to it myself
This is by far, the best thread in SF!!! Thanks to everyone here for sharing pictures and their experiences!!! Wanted to share my latest acquisition of Sanyo Yamacho MTO which I had picked up in Tokyo. It's no spigola or il quadrifiglio by any means, but still quite pleased with the outcome. Finishing is top notch and the leather very very supple! As I will be travelling to Japan quite frequently (bi monthly) with my new assignment, I do plan to visit many of the...
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