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Awesome! I really like his work on female shoes. His work on male shoes however, is just too feminine for my taste. Amazing craftmanship nonetheless...
More pics from Ascot shoes fb site. Wish they had taken a closer shot to compare the U and the C lasts. Can't really tell much difference from these pics
Love the original buckles. Very unique and classy!!!
I was browsing Tye Shoemaker's blog today and my wife instantly fell in love with this pair below. While my original intent was to make a bespoke pair for myself coming October (shoemaker not yet decided they're all brilliant) now I really want to get her this pair instead, for her birthday. Now if only we can synchronize our travel plans...
I have a similar disease. I love adelaides and while I keep telling myself that I have enough of them, I keep ordering adelaides (v cap, wingtip, or normal cap toe) - though in different make ups and colors. Except for 1 boot and 1 austerity brogue, the other 8 are all adelaides...Not that I mind...really like every one of them... :-))
It's the best fitting last for my feet. Have it in various shells, museum, various adelaides, etc.However, now that I've thought about it again, the v gap on the lacing is already perfect for me as I have a high instep. Pretty sure the S last won't fit me if they're going to lower the instep.Nevertheless - still looking forward to seeing it in a month's time!
I have a total of 10 pairs - but that's over the course of 2.5 years...still if I had known they would be coming out with this S last, I wouldn't have ordered anything this year hehehe
Dang! I should have waited before having ordered so many U last pairs!!!
J: No Problems!   Additional pictures of the outer sole & inner sole (which I had taken last week.)  You can see that Jan Kielman had built arch support for the inner sole - to correct my over pronation - which is really fantastic!   Having tried the shoes now for 2 full days in the office (alternate days of course) - this is now officially among the best fitting shoes I have (along w/ Vass' U-last.)   While I'm tempted to order another one (w/ a longer toe and close...
+1 chesnut or oxblood!
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