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I would stick with aero leather / schott nyc - but that's just my personal opinion
Sorry if I missed this but what is the leather on the dark brown split toe? Thanks a lot
Super classy!And nice hat!
Man, this is really bad news - and I had ordered one of their high tops like almost a month ago.I just hope mine will come out ok.  Bummer.
~5,000 jpyAt hankyu men you can choose the finishing (brass / nickel) as well as the shape (half moon or trapezoid? If your shoes have a squarish welt)FYI they also do custom laces (flat, round, in so many colors, with brassed tips) - so might want to check that out as well.Oh and if you're in the market for custom belts - they do that too, in the same place where you would bring your shoes for the metal toe tips. You get to choose the buckle, leather, etcEnjoy!!!
The easiest / most convenient way is to bring it to hankyu men (yurakucho jr station level B1) or isetan men (shinjuku sanchome - fukutoshin/shinjuku line) They do a good job and quick. I've once had it done during lunch hour (but they weren't busy at the time) The best part is that you can spend the time browsing / shopping at hankyu men Alternatively you may also bring it to brass cobbler in setagaya. They do an excellent job but a bit out of the way Hope that helps
That latch looks very similar to the ones used In JP Marcellino's briefcase :-))
+1I've always believed that shoe trees should be natural to serve their main purpose - which is to absorb moisture and prolong the life of your shoes.
Natural shells tend to darken with time and wear...I find that the natural shells (horween) will eventually turn out almost like a whiskey in the long run...
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