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Looks really fishy...I'd be very very careful
Does anyone know how to contact Mr. Bestetti - I have been getting no response after 4 - 5 emails in the span of 2 months.  Just wanted to check if he had changed his email address / anything of that sort.   Many thanks
In the wild Enzo Bonafe Last 773 - Vitello Gianmaica calf + Hidro Walnut suede Thanks to Gabriel, the sizing was spot on. I wear the same size as Carmina rain last. The instep is a little roomier and the heels grab my ankles better. Break in is almost non-existent and quite similar to Vass. Very comfortable and easy to wear. You can also see my N&F elephant 4 fading nicely in the background (in hindsight that was a bad decision as I've left a bit of indigo on the...
Wow, the new vintage chestnut sure looks greatCongrats!
And so is your color 8 bal boot short wingtip roger!
Super sick boots Those look like rain last?
Give it some time :-)6 - 8 wears is not enough break-in time yet. Mine took 30 wears or so before they eventually become very comfortable. I do hope it will eventually work out for you.
Wow That was so insightful Never knew those last names actually stood for something! Thanks for sharing
A little bit off-topicJust an update in case the learning could benefit anyone considering to order the loafers - they ended up too big / loose :-((Oh well I guess you win some and then you lose some. Should have sized down by 0.5Trading this for a 0.5 size smaller - hope that works
Not taking any sides on the HW or GYW argument as I own and enjoy both. But none of this matters if the shoes don't fit :-))
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