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Wow! Super shine job. Looks very new! I find that the regular calf shines better than the museum...or most likely my skills are just not there...
LOL you can say that again!Nice shoes!
Ask him to send you a leather swatch. He'll happily do it. Pictures are oftentimes misleading.I tried a few cream / wax combinations on my leather swatch before deciding...
Thanks! I was really pleasantly surprised to see that the trial shoes were this good...Maker is fukuda-san. He did mention that the trial shoes were machine stitched and that the final shoes will look much better...which kinda blew my mind...Not sure if I am willing to let this one cut up...thinking about keeping them permanently...
Try on shoes Extremely pleased with the shape and the proportions, but most of all, with the perfect fit. So far so good, but will have 1 month to wear them before the next fitting session
Simon,Your briefcase is truly a work of art!Congratulations on such a prestigious commission. Your briefcase will be the silent witness of the many important decisions the country will make for many years to come.On a side note however, I still think that it will look better in conker :-) :-) :-)But then again I would imagine that such an important position will require an appropriately conservative color for the briefcase...All the best!
In my humble opinion, cover the basics first (one you can wear every day to work) - which is the plum and dark brown. Once you got those covered, then get the deep gold.For your reference here's the dark brown museum which I posted here long ago
They're deeper and richer in color vs. the usual gold museum calf but definitely too light for a navy suit. Dark brown museum calf would probably be more appropriate. I would have recommended plum museum, but you already have that :-)
Here ya go...really like your oxblood austerity btw...
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