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In my humble opinion, cover the basics first (one you can wear every day to work) - which is the plum and dark brown. Once you got those covered, then get the deep gold.For your reference here's the dark brown museum which I posted here long ago
They're deeper and richer in color vs. the usual gold museum calf but definitely too light for a navy suit. Dark brown museum calf would probably be more appropriate. I would have recommended plum museum, but you already have that :-)
Here ya go...really like your oxblood austerity btw...
I did not know that fosters make bespoke shoes for women...thanks for posting. They look stunning!
Just received my pair of shoes from the webstore and the left shoe is in a different width compared to the right shoe...LOL This is the 2nd time the order came out wrong. The first one was the tobacco suede through Skoak - when they failed to tell folks that they ran out of the tobacco suede and had to use suede from another supplier which was in a different color. Fortunately that one was handled beautifully by the folks @ skoak... Oh well...
The randomness is pretty mindboggling...I ended up giving my OE II to my brother...luckily everything else seemed to have been quite consistent for me (within margin)Oh well...still the best fitting and best value for me thus far...
Justin I think you have an adelaide problem. I Have a feeling that this is going to be the 2nd time we'll be in the same adelaide GMTO
I am SO IN for this makeupAnyone else???
The issue is the old english iiNote the picture below - they're all in U last and in the same sizeOld english II (shell) & Austerity (calf)Austerity (calf) & wingtip adelaide (shell)From my experience I don't feel any size difference between calf & shell.At one point I had ordered 2 old english ii at the same time (one you see above and the other one in museum calf) and both felt bigger vs the other styles (calf or shell) around the instep area - not really sure why. But...
I want this book! Thanks for the link. The other interesting one is called Japanese dandy...Will get them on my next trip there!
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