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Part of the reason why the guy as macy's suggested a navy suit is because navy is a great base colour for almost any shirt. Light or dark shirts work, but not too close in shade or tone. Blue on blue is really in this season, so its definitely 'OK' to weak the darker shirt with the suit. But so would a light grey. Both navy and grey are basic colours, so you can mix and match almost any shirt (like the white one) with either suit.
How far does the rule of 'no navy and black together' go? I have a navy chalkstripe suit and got a green/black/caramel pocket square to go with a handful of shirts. The green and brown match really well, but im worried that the black background to the colour throws the whole thing off. Is this just me worrying about nothing or will it actually destroy the look?
I would go with no tie to this lunch. You are seeing him in an informal setting, but are respecting what he does and the requirements for his attire. Personally, i like the grey shirt with no vest and would suggest a colourful pocket square as well.
Is there any knowlege of which stores will carry eidos as it moves forward? Im in edmonton and dying to see it!
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