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working now?
Perhaps for the first image, but I doubt it for the second image. Huntsman tries to keep a centered button stance, and the suit in the image has one that is much lower. Also from what I've read previously, huntsman uses quite sturdy fabrics, a little too thick to be the second suit.
No, the SUITS. The shirts are obviously Eton, but the SUITS are the more standout pieces
Does any one know the brand of suits that these Eton models wear? That's truly the most impressive part of these ads. Love the second suit a lot more than the first.   
hahah I'm in a much smaller city than NYC. Harry Rosen had an Armani trouser in almost exactly what I was looking for. That's where I got the idea for this. But that was last summer and Armani no longer mills that fabric. Very similar to the jacket I posted. Still unsure if a gingham suit is going to be garish or not. In my head its a cool idea with a super tonally matched tie and white shirt. Don't see a lot of them out there which is both exactly why I think it would be...
But is a gingham suit going to be 'out of fashion'? There would be no point in spending the money if its 'out of fashion'. I respect the fact that its not the 'in fashion' pattern right now. All of the MTM fabrics that I've liked have been marked as jacket fabrics. I was told the manufacturers are reluctant to fabricate suits out of those if they will even consider it. Plus jacket fabrics don't wear as well when made into pants.
I can find sport coats that are almost perfect for the look I want, but nothing in a suit.   The Tom Ford construction isn't for me, but I love the fabrics that they have.
Most of those suggestions are ~1k, and I'd like to try to stick to a little more luxurious of an item. 2-3k is kinda where I'm looking. Less fashion oriented, more of like an old school British look.
I'm on the look for a grey/charcoal gingham suit with a hint of a blue. Hard thing to find, I know, but I was hoping I could browse the internet to look at any kind of gingham suit to get a bit of an idea. There seems to be nothing out there. Why is this? Have gingham suits completely gone out of fashion? (Albeit they were never really IN style...) I thought with how fashionable checks are right now, gingham suits would start popping up all over the place. Any body have...
Part of the reason why the guy as macy's suggested a navy suit is because navy is a great base colour for almost any shirt. Light or dark shirts work, but not too close in shade or tone. Blue on blue is really in this season, so its definitely 'OK' to weak the darker shirt with the suit. But so would a light grey. Both navy and grey are basic colours, so you can mix and match almost any shirt (like the white one) with either suit.
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