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You might come to an antique table in a number of ways ... each has its own merits ... -- Looking for period-specific pieces (e.g. all late 19th century Empire ... all Gothic .... etc). -- Looking for pieces that you can mix with other periods and styles such as more recent furniture for that “mixed / eclectic” look. -- Looking for a centerpiece ... to be one of the handful of truly fine pieces in a particular room. The thought being to have around five (5) truly fine...
Living in a border town (Detroit), when I heard the Canadian national anthem it still reminds me of the CBC sign-off with the video of the old guy in the canoe and the timber and the little kids. Like a breath of fresh air.
Coleman's. (health food)
When I was in college I worked with a guy who absolutely loved em, on wonder bread with miracle whip and yellow mustard, that and a chocolate Yoo-hoo. We'd order pizza and even when we were buying, he'd stick with his vienna sausage sandwiches.
McDonalds has some killer looking food from around the world.Here is a link to pics of Mcdonalds food from around the world ... including the notorious "McBeer" from Germany ... yes, they really call it that. this is some serious food porn.I'll have a Corn McCup, a Cheese McToast, a CroQue McDoo, and a McBeer please.Looking at the items at that link ... it's probably better we don't have all those items in this...
... or that you could Raze a building or Raise a building. Sounds like a misunderstanding that could lead to hard feelings if a contractor with an excavator was involved.
Things that are making me happy ... Finding a hardware store that has a huge bulk cache of road salt for sale because after they took delivery of the dump-truck load their front end loader broke down, soes they couldn't easily load it into the truck beds of commercial customers ... and now they are selling it for $6.50 for a 5 gallon bucket if you bring your own bucket.
I see your point ... but I just don’t think it's necessarily because of lonely people.“intelligent center” just aint that simple ... it's just not left or right.Nativism ... nope ... actually I am pro-immigration to this country ... Not to be misunderstood; fwiw - all my grandparents are “right off the boat” ... not nativist - again, it's not that simple ...More accurately: “what I’d like to see fixed”Very well. Maybe a bit too much spleen on my part ... my post was...
meh ... It was an analogy.
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