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 I was wondering the same thing, they seem more brownish than bordeaux-red to me. Wow, inadvertly found out pressing ctrl+i switches to italics, works for all other options too. Spent so much time clicking on those tiny icons, ain't nobody got time for that.
 PLEASE upload the template for this somewhere!
Actually Sigmund Freud stated in 1924 the best way to avoid frustration and despair wasn't to complain about your problem but rather to picture a tiny box, put all your problems inside and crush it with a mind of ice. Like unwanted kittens in a frozen lake you know.
If Distorbiant doesn't deliver end of march will we fund a kickstarter to hire a hitman?
Absent leather jacket I've successfully not gone cold by staying inside for the last 14 months. True story.
 To me they look baggy on the thighs. It could be because of the pic perspective but if I had to venture a guess I'd say you could probably size down, can you wear those without belt?
Your soap bar just fell there, fella'
You should go for the QBCDR.
 But then who would educate the poor fuckers that we are into graduating into the elite RO stuff so we can all be goth ninjas on sufu, the holy grail of everything desirable that gives life its true meaning?
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