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Anyone who gave Charly their body measurements could give their BM and processed measurements please? I also haven't given mine and I'm trying to guesstimate what kind of pattern he was using to figure it out.
Pics from the spreadsheet:        
I'm in Europe, France. Ordered in february 2014 as well and Paypal closed the case immediately like everyone else.
 Sigh, I see some people have been using the form despite my warning. The form links to a separate tab on the original spreadsheet, it's ultimately not a big deal as informations can be c/c into the main one as needed, but forking data is always sub-optimal. I did this in good faith for people (me included) who did not want to have their info shown publicly, all it needs is Drew to make the spreadsheet private!
I'd be happy to help you fund/make space for this wardrobe reset by buying your brown donegal wool old rivet you know.
 You shouldn't use the spreadsheet as it is currently. The form is online, available to fill and links to a separate tab of the current spreadsheet, but until Drew makes it private so that only he can access/edit it, filling it is hazardous.I specifically linked the form to Drew's spreadsheet instead of making a new one because I do not want to have admin rights on this kind of info and be accountable should things get sour. Some people have been PMing me because their...
Okay I've made a form using the questions asked. People can edit their responses without having to see others informations.   ALL IT NEEDS NOW IS FOR DREW TO SET THE SPREADSHEET AS PRIVATE. Drew the results appear on the "Form responses" tab, I've set it up so that the responses are sorted chronogically from order date.   Here's the link to the form:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ufOkYs0Vz4v_vxTiUVpctU3M1qBdlp0TYlOKN1ig_c0/viewform?usp=send_form   NB: do NOT...
 This exactly.
 Charly, how to you know he moved? Is your source LBK as well?
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