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 Please do!
Yes I've been trying to buy these olive twill pants for 10 minutes, seems like they still show up in the scroll down menu even though they're out of stock.
Are there any plans to issue a bagpack in olive canvas / cxl leather? I held off the black edition in anticipation for it.
Same here about 6 hours ago, couldn't phone them (rings once, phone picked up and then blank for 1 minutes until it eventually drops). Emailed them and got no reply.
 Is quilting on the shoulders / arms totally out of question? Or shearling lining?
Well, what do you got?
I've heard it, only in UK & US.   And it's not about the thermomether, it's about the scaling system.   Too intricate indeed :)
There I've fixed it so it makes sense.  [[SPOILER]]
Yes I do know these, I seem to recall there was a black version as well thus my pondering.
Wow are these pants really brown? They look black on my screen.
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