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I would've worn anything on their booth really, down to *every* single one of their ties. And I don't even wear ties. If I remember correctly the varsity is 1500. Or rather will be. How it compares to a toj I wouldn't know since I've never actually touched one, but it could very well pass for a SLP item quality wise.
Thanks for the share but I actually had this item in mind from De Bonne Facture (synthese mentioned them in the pittilogue thread).Tryng to embed pictures from my smartphone so not sure it's going to show up, anyway it's a ridiculously luxurious feel with the softest Spanish lamb suede, Italian spun virgin wool ribbing and French assembly in Castres (renowned city for its know how in leatherwork). So all around a very European jacket.Oh and it also has Riri zippers, took a...
Funny you mention this 'cause I saw a very nice one at pitti uomo from a new brand and thought it looked like the toj I never had. Probably not the place to post pics about it though.
He stalks his customers' girlfriends by following them on instagram so we also know he has had a conflictual relationship with his mother and insufficient love in the early stages of childhood which translates in his inaptitude as an adult to clearly identify whether "toj calf leather" would be smooth or pebbled.
Definitely not a joke (god, what does that say about me?)I have been trying to manufacture some BS paperwork as they require some documents as proof you don't work for a bogus company. Even as a blogger you need to send them a signed article -which I don't have- gonna check if it'd be an easier route, thanks for the tip.
Okay so uuuuuh just realized that the event isn't selling tickets to the general public. What they mean by "visitor" is really only trade-visitor.   Should have thought about that before booking flight tickets.
How about giving your company business card that state your title with your personal email handwritten and/or a linkedin connection follow up a couple days later? I'm not in HR but I've been in contact with several headhunters and contacting me on my corporate adress isn't something they ever did - quite frankly I would perceive it as a beginner's error. The most daring would call me and their first sentence after presenting themselves would be to ask if I could speak...
Funny you mention this, I showed these to my girlfriend a couple days ago - and was almost ready to get back on a horse only to justify the purchase. Anyway try the greenly boot from john lobb. Wouldn't wear them to ride a motorcycle though seeing how fast the clutch would ruin them.Then again this entire image is pure fantasy as I doubt a mechanical watch could sustain this kind of...
If anyone is willing to part from their desert digicam rivet size 31 (or trade for a woodland) please contact me via PM!
 Definite yay. Only downside is I beleive there's a rule about the universe exploding if you mix black and brown so you should sell those FF wool rivet to me.
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