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 Nice, did you order those during the MTO launch offer early november?
Do you guys know whether Carmina dies their shell themselves? Seeing those beautiful bourbon/armagnac shells boots are giving me angst that my still-in-production burgundy jodhpurs will turn too dark for my taste.
If your bank is in the UK it might be easier to invoke section 75 of the consumer credit act (1974 I believe). I'll let you google it but it basically forces them to reimburse undelivered goods for payments between 100 & 2000 £ (again not 100% of the figures but i'm positive a toj jacjet is in the sweet spot).
 his email is dieworkwear () gmail com (not a joke).
I have a pair of cream linen walts with a bad case of coffee spill. It says no washing machine, dry clean only. What would happen if I was to clean them at 30° with low tumble dry (my machine goes as low as 400 rpm) ?   Also how do you guys clean your tweed wool rivets?
Can't help with anything useful I'm afraid, but when the time comes I'll partake with the egging of the facebook page.
  I don't suppose you have heard back from Drew's alleged girlfriend right?
I think I've read a post a while ago stating BCDR would be released at some point in the future, will you offer the discount with those as well and do you have any ETA?
I've tried contacting Paypal's client services over the phone (from France) and was told that not only had I exceeded the time limit to do anything (she was relatively awed by how much), but also their insurance actually don't cover MTM stuff for no reason. That made me laugh. My bank said there were no insurance for stuff purchased but advised on pressing charges. I'm starting to fantasize about a worldwide interpol detail, but that was quickly dismissed by the harsch...
Why thanks, I beleive the close up of the balmoral seen in your second pic is the snuff rapello I was talking about, much darker indeed!
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