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I think I've read a post a while ago stating BCDR would be released at some point in the future, will you offer the discount with those as well and do you have any ETA?
I've tried contacting Paypal's client services over the phone (from France) and was told that not only had I exceeded the time limit to do anything (she was relatively awed by how much), but also their insurance actually don't cover MTM stuff for no reason. That made me laugh. My bank said there were no insurance for stuff purchased but advised on pressing charges. I'm starting to fantasize about a worldwide interpol detail, but that was quickly dismissed by the harsch...
Why thanks, I beleive the close up of the balmoral seen in your second pic is the snuff rapello I was talking about, much darker indeed!
Hi guys, I'm on the fence about these MTO snuff rapello boots:     Thing is, the color differs a lot from other shoes also dubbed "snuff rapello":     Is it because of the lighting or are we really talking about different colors here?
Anyone who gave Charly their body measurements could give their BM and processed measurements please? I also haven't given mine and I'm trying to guesstimate what kind of pattern he was using to figure it out.
Pics from the spreadsheet:        
I'm in Europe, France. Ordered in february 2014 as well and Paypal closed the case immediately like everyone else.
 Sigh, I see some people have been using the form despite my warning. The form links to a separate tab on the original spreadsheet, it's ultimately not a big deal as informations can be c/c into the main one as needed, but forking data is always sub-optimal. I did this in good faith for people (me included) who did not want to have their info shown publicly, all it needs is Drew to make the spreadsheet private!
I'd be happy to help you fund/make space for this wardrobe reset by buying your brown donegal wool old rivet you know.
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