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I've heard it, only in UK & US.   And it's not about the thermomether, it's about the scaling system.   Too intricate indeed :)
There I've fixed it so it makes sense.  [[SPOILER]]
Yes I do know these, I seem to recall there was a black version as well thus my pondering.
Wow are these pants really brown? They look black on my screen.
 Don't blame your bagpack. Blame the bagpack.
I just look like someone who lifts more books than dumb bells, and eats more vegetables than fries. No disrepect to people looking slim whilst wearing regular fits, but you guys must be down right fat.
Why not offer slim fits on regular shirts as well?   Size S fits me just right at the shoulders but are too roomy around the chest and I have to bring every one of them to the tailor. Reckon the slim fit would solve this.
I've ordered the pants on 06/14. I don't know about god but according to my religion you get extra delay on MTOs if you wear crocs at a wedding (period triples if you're the groom). You can lift the curse through sacrifice with one of your top 3 clothing items by giving it to a younger relative on a friday evening. Amen.
Received my order today and I am very happy with the Italian delave linen walt pants!   [[SPOILER]]  Though I have more mixed feelings about the gitman espresso pinpoint MTO shirt, not because of the sleeve lenght (which I've ordered longer and was 100% my mistake) but because of the arm's width: almost 8 inches for size S! The Gitman vintage I have on the first pic is 1 inch slimmer.   [[SPOILER]]  So anyway I'll take it to a local tailor to fix the excess fabric.
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