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I will disagree on the dainite in terms of as they wear..I have several pair that have 50 plus wears on them and they grip well in wet conditions. The soles are pretty abrasive at this point.It does take a long time for them to get to that spot though so for a larger rotation of shoes it could take years to get to that point.Mileage may vary of course.
 I would not subject suede shoes to heavy doses of slushy snow , however with Nano protector sprayed on them they will stand up to  getting wet here and there. You could also get a topy applied to them.
 Yes you have a chance of them fitting but it really has to do with the footbed, meaning that sometimes what some refer to as wide is the volume. There are shoes that fit me well, nearly perfect in widths less than my measured however the toes or side of my feet will spill over the footbed. Not always uncomfortable but not right either. I would order a few sizes from AE website to try on and then return what does not fit.
 I just recently discovered him...is that the Catspaw sole on those boots? I had just started researching who could do that. And agree this is an excellent thread to start especially as I am going to start with mods on my Alden and AE's over the next year or so. Right now looking at probably 10 pairs that I want to change up somewhat.
 Enjoy all look good - The Gobi to me is a one of the more comfortable shoes I own and it stays pretty classic to the chukka vibe.
Vampires are known for the stellar footwear.
Great collection, now you have to retake it in the sunlight
I have had shoe trees in mine since day kne and have not noticed any issues they are the AE and J bank ones
Size 12 in 2030, hopefully one day there will be one I get...could be the hopper...It will classic that I think I voted on all the chukkas but the natty cxl which I may get...if the aged bark does not make it.
I am too fearing the big flat looking shape in the bigger sizes with unstructured toe.It is what may hold me back from the hopper. I think unstructured looks great for some just not sure for me.
New Posts  All Forums: