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Maiden voyage of the Navy EC gmto today...12 hours straight without any discomfort....running in the house at Midnight from a late dinner trying to beat the internal clock to the toilet....and squish step in a huge pile of dog shit...in the house.... Navy Eagle Counties forever unclean.
My reds are still in but seem less red than those...my orange laces are still in clark st and red still in spiaggia...being lazy also contributes
 Congrats and wear in good health...nothing clashes with the Long Branch they go with everything! Especially rain, snow and mud! I just use some AE leather lotion on my CXL but I really have no idea if that does anything or not.
 I wear lightweight socks with my Alden Barrie boots so I went up 1/2 size to allow for boot sox
Same for me
Ha I just face booked to ask about this boot two days ago and the response was what boot? Lol...have to say wish I waited to do the mto of the shaker as I like the captoe...though maybe not a $100 more...
 Thanks I did size the same as Dalton...thanks!
Hmmm now you guys have worried about the Bayfield and townley....I think they had indy lining right? My jeffs are the only pair of Bals that fit perfect in an e width as opposed to a eee width...I guess it could be the soft leather... Then again with a blucher they are generally more forgiving than a bal so now I talked myself back into not being worried.
And I was going to see the play Kinky Boots...takes on a little different meaning now
Interesting, have not had that yet in terms of having to go to a different size. Thanks for pics.
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