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 I tend to think rough out CXL is probably fine untreated...however I blasted mine with Nano spray to more help with getting any stains out than worrying about waterproofing.
 Yes I agree the LB is probably longer as well and fuller. It without a doubt is bigger than any other 511 boot or shoe I own in the same size.I have gotten to where I dislike any shoe or boot that I feel is too long...especially on a dressier last like the 65 so I had to sell a bunch of stuff. On the 511 a little extra length does not bother me. Personally I do not notice any heel difference when jumping a width. 
 There is a long standing belief that the Long Branch is built on the 511G....which is a slightly fuller last. I also believe that as well. So if you plan to wear your Dundee with normal or dress style sox I would consider either a half size down or a width more narrow. One thing with the 511 last for my foot for example is that a 13D fits terrific except my foot at its widest point spills over the foot bed so while it is a perfect fit snug and toe wiggle room I went up to...
first official wearing of the natty waxed hopper...just need to get used to extra room on the vamp and can see there will be some weird flex points of this leather until it gets broken in...very happy so far
 LOL...well played...however I did not order the unglazed shell boot! For once I passed on something I did not need! I have to say the suede 310 looks great and the key i think is the larger captoe...not the stubby one i have seen on other 301's
 My guess is more cigar will be coming down the pipeline now that is is so dark...crazy that in pictures it is hard to tell if boots are #8 or cigar now...and we know how darlk #8 has gotten to help put out more shell. I happen to think the new dark cigar is great looking. I prefer the old but would not pass on new.
I would take a thick sock and put it over the end of a shoe tree and leave it in for a few days then add a second sock and leave it in a few days that should loosen it up...Reason I asked size is that I own both a 13E and 12eee in the Dalton and honestly feel very little to know difference in the heel. One trick that I have been using with my boots is to tie them like a hiker boot. Put your foot in and kick your heel down so it is buried as far back as it can go. Then...
 Excellent...That is a great deal...congrats. Yeah I need the boot factor for sure. I will have to check it out though perhaps I can modify it. I like mine for sure but can use another.
What size did you buy?
 Love this shoe rack.....What size shoe do you wear and can anything taller than a service boot fit on them? One benefit of mine was that I could eliminate 2 shelves to fit taller boots. Yours may be a nice upgrade for me down the rode
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