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My SA said he was waiting for the list still and that was at around 11 am this morning...he was also stunned at my order history with the MTO's...until I pointed out it was a special deal through the CEO...told him I would let everyone know that you can order MTO shoes through the outlet stores too so if your rep is an outlet store guy like mine you can toss them some business too.... He also said he thinks that there should be some $99 shoe specials on clearance items and...
 Once in a while but this is at my office, sort of main street type place with restaurants, shops and a little park
Waxy Brown Long Branches...enjoying a relaxing day at the office...  
 Tough call if that tear is only on the brogue portion and the stitching is sound I would imagine if they should be ok as I would not think that tear would extend much further...that being said at $399 I am not keeping them at $299 I might if they fit perfect...I would send that picture to them and make an offer to keep them at a reduced price you are happy with.
 Oxeblood does look fantastic and if something comes up of interest I too will be grabbing a pair as seconds...I used to share your feeling on suede however after wearing my blue Spiaggia's and tan neumok suedes over the summer with shorts I have converted and now have the Gobi in snuff, ordered a Shaker Heights MTO with half suede and will grab a blue Gobi also... Some Nano spray and they are great for those days when it is not a complete shit show weather wise and they...
 I might be interested in this in Golden Brown CXL...though with the Dundee shell trunk show not sure we will get 12 on this but might be worth it to gauge interest for a day or so.
 I really have no use for this shoe as I have an Alden with the tobacco leather and full lugged sole in the same style(amazingly got them even cheaper than this would be) so I have dark brown covered and I have the snuff Gobi and brogue strand......however if this makeup heads forward with all of the casual aspects in place..Brass/Silver/Copper eyelets -  light welt and anything but leather sole then if you hit 11 well count me in to make 12 :)
 I am on a leffot pre-order and I thought they said mid January originally but that may have changed.
Yeah the golden brown is a nice shade...the clark street is great but def make sure it fits you right before ordering one MTO. The Oak Street would look killer in this leather...I was entertaining a Gobi in the golden brown CXL while it is on sale but probably hold off for now.
Yesterday McNeil 5  
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