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Update on the laces from TZ Laces....I have been pissing and moaning about the speedhooks on the EC GMTO's, Bayfield and my recent Olive Shaker......not AE's fault at all they use proper speedhooks for that boot and round laces..Long Branches have bigger speedhooks.I love using flat laces in most my boots because I dress casual and the flat laces seem to be a better look for my chunky self and clothes...So as @FatTuesday posted "Strong 3/16" 5mm Flat Waxed Shoe, Boot...
keep me updated....would love this straight Epaulet before I buy another and convert them to this makeup
I always regretted not getting these when I see them...
@mdubs great boots...Congrats and enjoy those puppies. I believe I need to have my boots shipped first to you for photographing... Love those natty/snuff bad boys
Leffott black service boot pre-order is in for those that ordered...
 Yes ...I really was hoping for a #8 or Burgundy but seems Zero interest...oh well. I have a Navy Viberg already. I proposed a #8/Black Rough out combo Country Derby boot but sadly I am the only one who likes it..lol
 Here is my service boot in Navt Latigo....the leather is fantastic  
Seems no interest in a #8 or burgundy boot, oh well.half Japanese and country derby are two I like So far.
@Darkside nice polishing job they look great
I have used bnelson several times and been very happy...they will do a fine job with your toe taps.
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