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Congrats that is a stellar makeup - I have the Viberg in natural with the same heel config...one of my faves.
 I actually amazingly enough passed on the shell navy as I have the blue's like above and really can not see having both though I considered selling my current pair for the shell.
 I find the heel to be too wide for the 110 as a chukka...on a service boot it would have been fine for me...to date I am the same size on all Viberg lasts
WTF....I just realized I had not ordered....Just took care of that! I paid my deposit in record time for the toe structure when that link went up and somehow thought I paid the deposit for these...LOL...
 Don't know what they are but the heel looks weird to me..just get one of vince's plain toe service boots, hes has a ton of brown available in shades similar...and ask him to order you a white christy or vibram sole
Just want to give a little feedback after wearing my Blue Madrone's with the RLH sole a ton...this really only applies if you have big feet I think...I am not sure if they offer a bigger size or if if Vince used the largest he had...anyway it really gives you a lot of foot wobble due to the lugs being pretty far away from the edge of the boot...so much so that for a few wears I was getting big toe pain from always stabalizing itself. I have worn them so much that that has...
@WhirlingThanks gents...literally no break in at all...so far. Put about 3 miles on them today for first time out.
Thrilled with the new kids that arrived...great job Vince and co. Left the sole, quarters and stitching color up to Vince on these and I could not be happier. The sole takes a bit getting used to but so comfy...I have rlh sole in another pair of shoes so was not shocked by the feel but the knobby bottom was interestin on first step...sorry I can spoiler or change size when I get to my pc. Whatever Vince did in lasting is terrific...the tight top arch is gone...
 Agree chamois is terrific for this boot- I have a boot in that and a reverse chamoise love them both...
You could always wait for the Viberg Chelsea to hit this fall
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