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i would add sock choice makes a difference...for me 1 size down with normal socks works on the 2030 but I could not wear a boot sock....on the 2045, 110, 2040 and 1035 i can wear thickerbsocks a size 1 size down. i am 13e bran and so far I am a 12 on all bergs.
one of my favorite bay pickups...after summer 2 going to get the red brick removed and red dainite put on navy with contrast stitching
 Those Indy's are reverse? I have a navy wingtip chamois pair of Alden boots...and really wish they were reverse
a little update on the essex boat shoes....sizing is perfect...no heel slip and the leather is so soft that it is like wearing a slipper...would estimate in a week i have 40 hours wear time already...still think the boat shoe pattern could use a few tweeks to make it more appealing visually and will not be ordering the shell version this year until i am 100% ok with the pattern...i am considering the 4 eyelet in shell though in a nice caramel, navy combo
received my essex boat shoes and sizing worked out well...the essex is an odd color that seemsblike it will age well and go with nearly all summer attire...construction is stellar. The only gripe is the vamp pattern...it is more of a pointy toes then say a sperry or sebago...i have noticed this on some ae offerings as well. I will get used to it and i think it is more an issue forbthose with wider feet in that it sort of looks like a football shape as it curves in from...
Really excited for these! I added a hiker for the fall and winter so this will round things out nicely.
 ....LOL! I think only my flipflops are less expensive than any clothes I would be wearing...somedays my socks exceed the rest(minus shoes). I was just thinking that even my boat shoes now cost more than my combine clothes that I would wear in any day.
the 110 while cool looks wise is not ideal for a chukka for me either...my heel swims in it....i love the damn thing so i may get a leather piece glued in the heel...these were meantbfor spring, rare summer and fall wear when i dont want a think boot sock. i may also have an extra lace home added to top to give more ummmf when tying
those are beautiful...congrats
Yes structured...
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