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Not typically but for some reason they let one model slip through and the code worked for it. That is why checking this forum every 15 minutes is important
No...I didn't purchase as I was too nervous on not being able to size it right.I am sure to regret it.
I had surgery a few months ago and have since lost 35 pounds(not weight loss surgery) my J crews captoes fit me perfect now...I guess some fat in my feet melted away...lol...they are staying put now.
@TtownMD I am waiting for my first two pair of Alden's from special orders...all of mine have been purchased from stock or second hand. Have to say I am enjoying the wait...got broken in with Vibergs and pre ordering. Just keep looking at the beautiful shoes here and your wait will be worth it.And def. Check out @mdubs site it will help a ton
Those are the first pictures of an engineer boot that made me think twice...still not for me but they look great in those photos
I wear the same also in both though I can comfortable wear a medium weight sock in the Viberg while Alden I stick to regular weight dress type socks
The welt on the Alden pictured to me is bigger than the AE...that is why I like the AE better for that style makes it sleaker. Also I prefer the lesser vamp area of the AE. That being said I don't own the Alden in that shoe so just going off pictures which can be deceptive.
I would just use the goof off or goo gone stuff and be done with it. No damage is going to happen outside of perhaps a stain..inside the shoe on the footbed...no other damage will happen.
White stitch down on a black boot was the first reason I looked at Viberg..looks terrific to me.
Try goof off or sprinkle a little powder on them to remove the tackiness
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