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I will just shop at Marshalls....lol
Congrats - they look terrific!
 Pretty standard for many shoemakers like Alden and Allen Edmonds and many English shoemakers.
  Those are beautiful...sadly they would end up collecting dust. My shoe wearing is super limited these days. Though if they had the Goyser stitch i would probably bite and have some cool lug soles added to make them casual wear.
They look terrific.
Unless you have really narrow heals...the 10.5 as even if a touch big on your smaller foot it is nothing that a thicker pair of socks won't fix.
in terms of shipping...just cause i have a touch of knowledge on the subject...most shipping companies will go out of their way to not deliver a package early. Back in the good ole days one could ship 40 boxes to the same address and only ship one of those 2 day and the rest economy...and all 40 would show up on 2 day. Computing power and scanners put an end to that over the years. Fed Ex ground is avgreat service in that they quote you days so a package from NJ to...
these bad boys dress up with a suit for a wedding and great with denim....may spell the demise of several boots that wont get much action now sorry about the pants...i have not mastered the foot selfie while keeping pants straight technical wizardry.
i only use Bick 4 on cxl
your pics look much better of that boot...enjoy!
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