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Gobi love today
Being that they now have 3 or 4 burnished colors I am amazed they do not burnish the leather when it is flat...seems like a no brainer to have a machine that can burnish flat leather...but what do I know...lol
Depending on your shoe rotation, dainite will eventually get very grippy in wet conditions. It takes many wears but eventually gets a rough surface all over it And becomes very flexible.Not for ice for sure but on wet marble, wet steel stairs etc it works great. If I get a chance will post a picture of the bottom of my really worn pair.
Putting these through the paces...so far so good
I think you will be happy with them...the vtread is an excellent touch and if the color is the same that my returned Daltons were you are going to have a tough time not wearing them....oxblood Daltons hopefully will be here tomorrow and plan to wear them all spring to early summer.
Hahaha...yes indeed...odenwalds. ...was the correct and now corrected word.
@fairlynerdy thanks they are really comfortable @garland thanks and love the monks. Any idea if the odenwalds will be part of sale...think I have settled on size and should have a pair of stock broken in over the next few weeks to really get feel.
If I had an easily sellable foot size I would be doing the same...lol
Oxblood baby...I got a fever and the only cure is more oxblood......
Still pretty obsessed with these
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