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Stop making me type it lowers my resistance...navy shell bleeker mto and natural shell Bradley mto....I just saw a shell Bradley and the stitching looked damn close to the Alden nst....
That is some serous cheddar...i refuse to even think about what you just said..
Edge dress them in black...
I think they would work also and I wear black shoes with black, grey, stone, olive, and cadet colored chinos and cords. I think black leeds with black pants looks pretty awesome.FyI ...I have no style so take that forr what it's worth.
Nervous due to size? I did the opposite and went with my 65 last bal size and worked out well my 511 last size is 13E and my ec are 12eeeI have a feeling this is a very forgiving boot.
Will post when I get home...I never did post a pic of them as I must have gotten them before I started posting here..
I do not have a leeds with flat welt..so essentially I am posting nothin of any help BUT I do have a macneil with a flat welt and it looks spectacular.
Sizing will be interesting for sure and what you propose sounds right. I assume this is a boot for business casual or business dress?For me being strictly casual I would add brass eyelets, double sole, lug tap sole, black split reverse welt with that double stitching with contrast welt stitching, light brown transparent edge dressing.
I am sure the Horween and Paul tandem are quite sure they will have enough shell. The shell shortage is about as real as as the 82 Bordeauxs in vegas.
Get some boot socks or Medium weights and it will eliminate the sliding around.
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