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@WhirlingThanks gents...literally no break in at all...so far. Put about 3 miles on them today for first time out.
Thrilled with the new kids that arrived...great job Vince and co. Left the sole, quarters and stitching color up to Vince on these and I could not be happier. The sole takes a bit getting used to but so comfy...I have rlh sole in another pair of shoes so was not shocked by the feel but the knobby bottom was interestin on first step...sorry I can spoiler or change size when I get to my pc. Whatever Vince did in lasting is terrific...the tight top arch is gone...
 Agree chamois is terrific for this boot- I have a boot in that and a reverse chamoise love them both...
You could always wait for the Viberg Chelsea to hit this fall
Voted! ping pong....I did not realize this was chamois leather...cool...for some reason I thought it was aged bark...I bet this boot would look really awesome in this color as reverse chamoise.
Either way it is very cool to get another go around of these...no if we can just get that horse but....lol
I have looked at well worn boots with unstructured toe and not a fan at all...ideally if you can retain the shape of the original hopper then that's perfect...otherwise I would take a shot with the partial that raises the toe some. My old biker boots had a big ole structured toe and I loved them
Do nothing to it...brush and that's it...maybe some Bick 4 once in a blue moon
I would be interested to see it...are you going to use eyelets that allow flat laces? These blind ones are pretty close together..I want to do them to my mahogany but not really worth it unless the eyelets can be bigger. I have to do something with them as at this point I reach for my cigar shell indys and my brown shell AE Bayfields boots nearly always before my berg shells..I hope everyone loves their natty boots...congrats....didn't order a pair but I think that shade...
He posted a mock up of one a while back....so hopefully he is testing with it....I am so service booted out...lol...not that I have stopped buying.
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