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 The shoe will settle the more you wear it and you should be fine. 
First time I saw them I did not realize that was suede on the heel...I thought they looked good with what I thought was two different leathers
@SJYSNYC  you could darken them for sure with some brown creme polish but it you do not like them after that you are stuck..do you own AE conditioner/cleaner? You could rub some of that on the toe and it will darken it a little. Yours look like the pair I saw at the AE store...   Gobi is a very nice chukka       Got my Neumok olives in 12eee to replace my 13D and they are going back ...they fit great but the pattern is way way off the short wing actually dips into...
I would agree...I own an nst boot and love it...I did see a picture of a shell Bradley on eBay at one point an was shocked it was AE as the stitching looked Alden like. Also agree about the longwings though I think alden suede longwings look nicer for some reason than the suede McGregor.So basically I added nothing to the conversation.
Untreated...had been considering that boot also.
Love the color but for some reason the NST monk does not float my boat...love the NST boot however.
How did everyone who owns a Bleeker Street size it? Standard 65 last sizing for bals or blucher if you size those different?
 NO WAY!!!! those look way better than fuddy duddy black welt and edges
 I owned the strawfut and would suggest your standard 65 last sizing.....they will probably fit similar to the strand...if they have them in a C width that would work also assuming your foot does not over spill the footbed. My 65 bal size is a 12eee and the 13D or E...I forget was huge on me...made me look like I was a clown going to the circus...
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