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The Epaulet Inns Michigan is the first Mich boot I have liked....perfect build-all eyelets on commando...and only smaller sizes left 1 minute after email received....
 The second there is a discount code that works I am on that hunting green wing.
Oh well my fears about Gustin sizing turned out correct...received my 2xl trucker jacket and it basically fits like a skinny shirt...lol - The jacket is beautiful however I can't wear it..the arms are too tight and around the bicep area for starters which is amazingly odd...these arm opening seem like they belong on a large not a XXL....overall it is small everywhere for a 2xl -  The chest I do not think would ever button...until I was under 200 pounds...which will never...
 That is how all of my size 13 65 lasted bals fit - I went down to a 12eee and was able to close the gap and the shoe fit perfect - That gap is not horrible and after a bunch of wears it will probably close up more
@peppercorn78 Great pics! Beautiful day out - enjoy.
 Much like the overlord I wish these were on the B34 last...I really want a fat shoe
 Ha...I was typing on my phone and I guess part got left out...It was supposed to say it looks like the fit was designed for your foot...lol....I mean there is no gap or anything on those loafers on the side. Amazing how the B width changes the Barrie...- enjoy sir! and happy Thanksgiving
@mdubs Stellar shoe those things look like they were designed for your foot....also you Alden grain long wings are sharp. Is that on Barrie? Seems a little more elongated
I agree not such a huge fan of plain toe shell
I posted earlier that they had about 200 in production. ..that was as of last week. I am yet to hear of anyone receiving them yet...so seconds would not appear...soon though...with the current sale price just buy a first
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