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I am struggling badly with townley size...the only 511 last I have that fits perfect is the Dalton and being a boot it is more forgiving. my leeds fit really well in same size as dalton but not perfect...this is were no 12.5 kills me.
Lol...well if you are going to spin it that way...then the shoes are a good deal
Does anyone else size bals and bluchers different on the same last?
Seems like 80 bucks and craigslist backpages is a whole lot easier.
Maiden voyage out of the house for the Alpine Grain NST from Unionmade...much happier with the color in person more to the brown side and will be very versatile with winter clothes...eliminates the need for a suede boot...not the want though  
My guess is that thee are a lot of the new styles on the second list so those wanting someb of those it is not a bad deal.
Beautiful boots, great looking.
Mcgregor is on 5 last
Different lasts and eyelet area curved on the macgregor
I think I asked already but did you size them same as other 1 last? I think the ones he may have will be a width to small but Shell is usually looser on me..Hoping have not heard back yet though so losing confidence. 
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