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 I have boots that I sized either a 1/2 size up or a width wider to wear with winter socks....It was a good excuse to buy more boots! I wear wigwam but will pick up a few smartwools this year
 My biggest complaint with #8 is that they are too dark sometimes - I know color and Alden fans are polar opposites - that being said wear them a ton and more red tones will appear- at least my pair has.
Excited to see they are using 100% veg tanned leather - between this and CF Stead Suede they are upping their leather game...not that we can MTO it...or that beautiful navy,red,green CXL....UGH Something on this shoe is just off to me like I said the Contrast stitching on the side or the stitching running into the mask..
and the bates -i like the informal nature of the contrast stitching but not sure about the bar piece? looks sewn poorly and crooked Montello Ribbed sole not pictured  
New Penny Loafer up - while the kirkwood hit a nice medium between boat shoe and beefroll - I think this one is a miss. Not a fan of the contrast stitching on the bottom side of the mask - has a Montello Ribbed sole not pictured  Made in USA  
 That is very nice - love the sole on this shoe
@misterellington great score - never have seen that boot in person - enjoy
 Hoping they mix in some small upcharge MTO features like sole changes or leather swap outs- While I love being able to control every detail of an MTO sometimes simply leather and sole changes are fine
 Thanks for that info - I was referring to the midsole as a welt by mistake
Thanks for the update - have a pair of Sebago Handsewn USA that I want to see if I can get the RLH sole on - wonder if B Nelson does it - 
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