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  Yes that would be it....
Great looking boots!....and it reminds me I need to order the candy cane laces for my green neumoks...
 It is funny you say that as my first experience to shell was buying some 20+ year old black shell Hanovers and a pair of old 20+ burgundy shell Florscheims both virtually no shine...so when I saw AE's shell it looked normal to me and the first time I went to the Alden thread all I could do was say to myself why do people want to wear those vinyl looking shoes for. Still when I see some of the pairs of Alden..especially the wingtips they look like plastic shoes to me...so...
What leads to some leather being stiffer than others...lets say calf leather...assuming same thickness some are soft and others seem stiff almost rigid. Is this due to the leather being from different sections of the hide or the way it was treated by the tannery or the shoe manufacturer? would stiffer leather have more chance of failing and cracking in shoes do to flex points?
 Congrats! on both
 Yeah those are stellar
 Sounds like your nitpicking...that nail is clearly there to help prevent pre-mature heel wear...  I thought welts were made of leather?
The toby mini lug is what we did on our Bayfield GMTO and I think if you go mini lug then you need to also add a midsole...errr never mind I see you had that...sounds great and drop the wheeling...while I love the wheeling can you imagine drying to clean dirt and muck out of it which the Long Branch tends to get worn for more poor weather adventures
Hey any bigfoots...a pair of Long Branch in 13E just popped up in distressed Teak   You can see what distressed teak looks like here on page 13 on a loafer   http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/ae_fall2012_catalog
 Shaker Heights fits me about perfect and I am a 13E and wear a 13D in the 73 last. My heel is slightly narrow compared to rest of my foot. The Long Branch fits a bit loose compared to other 511 lasted models but would start at your true size..I use boot socks for my Longbranches and they fit perfect with them. Eagle County is a longer narrow last and I may not be best to answer as I have a high instep and went with a 12eee...if I were to suggest for you I would say 9E for...
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