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I dont believe that I posted these...I picked these up from the owner who never wore them for a great deal. I probably would have never spent full retail for this style as just didnt think I would like it...wow is all I can say...this is the Leffot Peanut Bull hide from I believe 2010...from what I recall the owner asked for and got this special red interior lining. I dont know if all hikers are eee wide but these are. I had to watch a video to learn how to tie these and...
the 1035 fits outstanding for me however i have it on the country boot pattern and I dont love the combo..on service boot it is fine. Sometimes on larger sized boots with other makers too things can look a bit out of proportion.
same exact thing for me....so far the only issue i have had was with our sfgmto 110 chukka...loose in the heel. if a service boot the extra lacing would snug it fine.with no option for half sizes I feel lucky so far with Viberg sizing across the 5 lasts I own that fit has been excellent.
I love Gustin...sadly my body is not built for their cuts...i have begged them to go a size or two larger with their patterns but to no avail...since it is all made to order not sure how tough it could be to make a bigger pattern...oh well
 Nice...ok I see it - thanks! Nice pants also...Gustin?
love these boots...while I was sad to have passed on the Navy shell do to just having received these when orders were do....The heel on both boots is lighter which I love and I never did ask Vince if it is a different leather than the front...the suede quarters are terrific. My only complaint was the sole and the lug pattern...while still not ideal the sole has firmed up a lot since my last wearing of these.If they got the lug right on this sole it would be a real...
i am typically a fan of the tan laces also...looks really good.
love that boot...agree lug would have been way to go or at least an option.
very nice Daltons...love the light welt and is it split also? cant tell on mybphone but if it is that is great
I like it a whole lot and considered a derby in ...though I have a fair amount of #8 colored stuff already...
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