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 I love the black unicorn service boot - however I have 2 black boots already and can not see adding another - 
I just checked and mine are 13D...there is a touch of room in the toe so you may be fine with 14. I could not size down to a 12 in these.
 Frack - I want that Blue Suede/blue nuemok leather combo on a boot the First Ave and Normandy are out as they didn't use real heals just stitched. Thinking maybe an Oddenwald or a Dalton would be pretty cool
@watchidiot I may have asked you before but is the blue that blue? I LOVE it so tired of Navy and blues looking black.
 Congrats...they look stellar - wearing mine around the house as I am working from home. Mine def. need some breaking in.
@peppercorn78 and @mdubs  great boots and shoes gents. Can't wait to get wearing my Merlot, Navy and bourbon/black grain Eagles again in a month.
 You are a brave man! 2045 in 12 fits for me so that is 2 lasts out of the way and both the same size.
I use Lexol and Bick 4 now. Like I mention being that it is solid at room temp I was just thinking that it would firm up and be forced out of the boot. Glad to hear it is working for you though.
I think this is a really nice build from unionmade- again stupid speed hooks  
 Got my context boot- it is great, love the leather - but understand how the last might not work for some. Not sure what soles you have on the 2045 but the corded seems to enhance an off balance nature...the right boot tilted in towards the big toe a whole lot when I put them on. So much so I said immediatly that these are going back.  I looked at the sole...looked at the boot...looked at the sole..Grabbed the front of the boot and back of the boot and twisted the front of...
New Posts  All Forums: