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Yes that 2045 makeup is killer....I actually decided the other day when wearing them that I probably will not seek out a 310 build...the heft of the front of the 2045 is enough for me. I was scouring the world wide internets for 310 builds and think it would be a bit too much spring and big front... 2045 looks beefy without going to far..especially in bigger sizes.
The one with the burlap sole thing? If I didn't have the horse butt I would have gotten that in a heartbeat
Love shell strands...sadly don't own any and no reason to wear them..I guess I could put them on a shelf to look at.
 Alden makes up my second most most brand of boots and shoes and I have not found the weight to be an issue at all...now that being said I weigh 250+ pounds so boots and shoes are like adding some pocket change to normal folks.....The only boot I have that I notice the wieght over time is a Viberg Horse Butt service boot on corded sole...the leather is the shell cordovan with the horse hide still attached so that is super thick and the corded sole is super heavy...
For the B34 last I go with 65 last length and in 65 I wear an e or eee so the D width b64 works great. If I we going to wear heavy legit boot socks I would go up a sizeI still don't know how everyone gets such great shots of their shoes and make their pants look good...lol
 While I dont have Carmina Shell - my AE shell Bradley's, Bayfields and Leeds feel the same as my typical Alden shell's...My Viberg Shell is very much so thicker than my Alden's and AE...My AE shell Townley is on the thinner side.
 Lack of steel shank is huge..if AE's weighed more I believe more many would have a different opinion to the good side. People who jump to Alden and are impressed often by literally the wieght which mentally makes it seem so much better...sort of like folks who judge a restaurant by the quantity of food on their plate not the quality. FYI I am in no way comparing Alden to 36 ounce "Select" beef as opposed to a Prime Ribe Eye...Just saying the first time I held an Alden...
 Could not agree more...they are terrific...going to be wearing mine today
 That is a great pic for sure - one of the best I have seen of the rogue
I do not believe you will be sorry with your Truman's at all.
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