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Lol I wish I was in Hawaii...Longbranches took a beating but just got home and after a horrific loss to Penn st not cleaning the shoes until morning.
 My JCrew captoe boot is also nearly black...I really want a burgundy shell boot that looks burgundy....not sure if #8 is the answer or what is. I def want some ruby tones in it, I am hoping for an NST boot in a shell that is brighter burgundy at some point.
Great family pictures guys...awesome stuff....Deciding what boot to wear to Rutgers vs Penn State game..may be Long Branch weather!
Been up for a few weeks now.
 Thanks that is what I thought however my fashion sense is limited. I have the Rancourt sand Chukka from the clearance that Club Monaco ran and I think it is constructed beautifully but I know I want a snuff Chukka so I can not see me wearing the sand..I have to say though for only $137 I am tempted to just keep the damn thing. If I get the Chukka I want in Brown CXL or Shell I may get Snuff boots instead.
  Holy bat crap I figured out how to nest quote! Oh and those boots friggin kill it! What boot number model thingy is that?
I have a pair of Black shell leeds also and it is why I would stay away from them...plus I don't wear denim so black is limited wear for me and I dont wear suits
 forgetting the working on your feet and needing two for rotation etc..if you had to pick 1 color between the two that you would wear with winter casual..grey, olive, navy, dark bordeaux, khaki cords and chinos would the snuff be the choice?
 Nice - great score.  How does the Dundee fit for you compared to other AE's? 
 They are not a size 13...that is what is wrong with them!
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