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Anyone pick up the Upton or Clymer ranger moc? Curious as to how the comfort level on the heel is being that it has stacked leather compared to a traditional full rubber heel...I think the Upton is one of the nicest looking shoes rancourt does
LOL...the 555 just does not give me a good fit. I would have bought at least 2 boat shoes, 2 of the beefroll hybrid and 2 of the camp mocs...loved the color choices. Instead I found a pair of 25 year old new in box Sebago made in USA boat shoes in brown cxl which was the same model I bought as my first expensive summer shoe in 1989. Sadly I had no idea when i discarded them a decade later that you could re-sole them. Also getting a brown pair of old cxl Sebago handsewn in...
I really wish I could preserve the lighter shade of my natty CXL..not that I don't like the darker patina but I have boots in that color range already.
 With you on money, closet space and well luckily my wife has not complained yet. Yeah I am thinning the herd even more...sadly. I just do not wear the shoes that much and when I started buying heavily several years ago I went mostly with shoes as I was not a boot guy and went overboard on shoes. Then about 2 years ago boots started catching my eye and I went from zero to over 20 pairs of boots with another 5 on order... I keep having this weird fear that I will sell most...
LOL....My AE count is low this year...I tried to own about 6 different colors on the 555 last but it just does not work for me :( 
 I was looking at them also and decided to hold off - if you ever are looking to move anything in size 12 let me know
Agree looks good...burnished finishes seem to go with jeans better
Not a speed hook fan either as I generally don't have to unlace the top few rows to get my feet in...plus I cross my feet a lot and they are always dogling into the other boots. Plus on boots like Alden's the 4 are so close together it takes me longer.
I have been using nano so please update when you try the saphire...actually I need to get the suede family out for a fall nano treatment.
 right - that is great for you guys...was just pointing out that for some it can be an issue and for some they don'tlike the spots..personally I can not imagine going to work in an office with other people..gross
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