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 That might explain why they are so vague on leather styles, type etc...good to know. 
 I think AE purchases most of their leather from Horween...of course Horween purchases from European companies for raw product....and I can be completely wrong it is just what I had in my brain for some reason. AE may indeed source from European tanneries....would actually like to know that now that you sparked my interest.
 Well I may not be the most capable to answer but when you re-sole if you have a cobbler do it then you can whatever sole you would like put on...Horween is a tannery that produces Kudu leather while a chukka is a style of ankle boot. If you purchased Alden shoes then they will only re-sole with what was originally on the shoe while a cobbler like B.Nelson can re-sole it with whatever you want.
I find that Carminas are nice look and have handled a few pairs but yet to buy....I am wearing more boots than shoes and really almost all of Carminas boots are pointy toed not full rounded...of which I don't need more.I came to AE originally as a made in the USA product and while I have strayed out to a few Vibergs, Vass, Alfred Sargent and I am sure at some point Edward Green will make an appearance.....Alden and AE will remain my main shoe and boot providers due to...
Heel slippage is the issue in my pair also...I deal with it and also have bowing around the ankles..I wear them sock less in the summer with shorts.
@sazon Ack that really throws a wrench in things....lol...thanks for the heads up!
 The color in person on those is amazing...one of my favorite pairs..I have concern for the leather long term as I posted a while back but every time I slap them on I really find myself just staring at them at various time during the day.
 those are nice looking...very sharp.
 Yeah...#8LHS would be sweet - ouch that 20% is killer.....what is getting me is my Olive Suede/Distressed leather boot I MTO'd from AE in October is still not ready(due to damage) so I feel like I still need green in my boot lineup...lol Also I am thinking the green NST will make me be fine not having the chocolote NST......my brain says no need for two green boots. My only REAL want for 2015 is the #8 tanker with antique edging on commando...though every so often the #8...
 I am lucky with the 511 last in regards that the footbed itself on 13D I tend to spill over a touch so 13E is my only option if a touch roomy volume wise. Really I think a 12.5E would be perfect for me in the Dalton, Bayfield etc but that is not produced. I fit in a 12D Barrie boots they just need to be with lightee weight socks..12E probably would be perfect on the Barrie or 12.5D but i have not yet been willing to jump through hoopes to get special makeups in those sizes.
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