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Long Branch looks like Golden CXL....though he may have MTO'd it......the @jzrhwinnj that Oddenwald is great .....love my standard issue pair. 
 For the life of me I can not understand why many do not believe black shoes go with jeans...it is a timeless american look. I am, of course a fashion idiot however whenever I see black boots with jeans I think they rock...good ole American bad ass look...of course if they are skinny jeans or real tight jeans then well.....I will be polite and bow out now.
I like the First Ave also...however it is another pointy toed boot...so unless I do an MTO in blue neumok leather and blue suede like my promontory I just don't see myself getting it...truth is I am looking forward for some new releases on the Oddenwald boot pattern for a regular height boot. I really love that boot, one of my most complimented on boots.
 I agree with this logic...100%... however I prefer the color the Bourbon is....I wish they could come up with a bourbon depth of color with dyes...I always find it sad when someone buys bourbon shoe and is not informed by whoever sold it to them that is burnished...then they screw them up as they start an un called for shoe care process reno, polish, mirror shine  etc
 Never had that happen...is that polish you applied or factory finish? and I would guess you may be rubbing to hard. I have used AE leather lotion on burnished finishes too...
Enjoyed it while it lasted...Two of my favorite boots are from the MTO program(below).....I would pay full price plus MTO fee to do them again. AE is a mass production place and we have seen the results via trunk show that even with "rare" shell...i still laugh my ass off at this term "rare" they couldn't nail that or treat that rare shell with the respect it deserved.   So be it.......and I have nothing but HUGE thanks to Paul for allowing this to continue as it did....
 Thanks and I will know several weeks prior if I can make it so as not to leave anyone hanging.
 Thanks I think you are right---it was probably the antique edge that was the selling point...will def. have them converted to all brass eyelets - cant wait for these!  thanks again
 Seems to me from the quotes sentence it is entirely about sale items
 Oh well, did they confirm the Brass eyelets? Perhaps that is what made me bite on it. If not I will have them converted - 
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