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Agree...I just find myself reaching more for the commando, lugged sole shoes and boots more. I will still have a black park ave and burgundy shell fifth with leather soles for those formal occasions.Can't wait to see the Daltons and Leeds when you get them done. My burgundy Leeds are basically new so that is why I am thinking adding the tap sole as opposed to redoing the whole thing.
The Leffot's are right in my wheelhouse...I have two AE shaker's boots with the Tweed and third with suede....Wow these go with my casual attire well...Guess I should start researching the 82 last.
 I agree about it not lending to certain boots and makeups...for me I want the beefy look for a Viberg Country boot as opposed to the sleeker 2030.
@Raneleigh I see what you are saying for sure....it just never strikes me as pointy when wearing it. That is a good shot with the 2040
Here are some to compare with...Just to give an idea if it helps anyone..Two AE's and a Vass at the bottom...Viberg is the black 2030...I chose the least pointy AE models I have in boots and the Vass as well...
 Can I ask what other boots you own that make you call the 2030 pointy? Not causing trouble really curious as I keep hearing about the pointy 2030 and I own two pairs on it and I do not consider either pointy. My Vass and Allen Edmonds certainly are pointy if you will ...even much of the Carmina, Edward Green and C&J I see are pointy. Outside of my Alden Barrie lasted Boots I just do not consider the 2030 pointy. Again not trying to be a jerk but I think if someone does...
 Cool and don't worry about trying to work any of my specs in...would rather see folks who will be wearing these a ton get what they want. Right now I have 3 or 4 pairs of shoes getting ready to be altered just making final decisions so by time the Rogue comes up my tune may change..Also still have to fit the Townley GMTO in the rotation. Burgundy shell Leeds- have Brass Eyelets added and sole edges lightened and commando tap sole and heel added-BNelsonORBurgundy shell...
 This summer I received more complements on my Blue Suede Spiaggia's with red laces than any other shoe so far.
@jzrhwinnj  congrats those boots look killer...
 I really really really like the rogue...for me though it would really have to be an oddball GMTO to make a go of it..do not spend enough time wearing dress shoes to warrant another pair.. For me it would have to be a rogue on steroids...something like natty CXL with a chili split welt with contrast stitching, brass eyelets, and either a double/natural edge sole tap commando or full commando with natural midsole like the shell Bayfield..
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