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 Yes  I would think that could be the case ...I should have specified on the 65 last I go from a 13E to a 12eee to get the right fit...thats why I suggested going down...they do not do 12.5 so I go a full size down.
@owl06 that stinks and without selecting a pair from a store I would never order a pair on a timeframe do to QC issues. Sadly that is the reality...when they are right they are a great value and that is the plus side...negative is sometimes it takes some work to get a great pair. Sounds like you know shoes however I would suggest maybe going down a half size in length and a width wider...those v gaps are how mine used to look until I dialed in my size better on AE lasts.
I have a 15 year old pair of I think CH shoes that never have seen anything but a wipe down with a dry rag...have not worn or looked at them for several years.....I will dig them out.
@Dragontail275 not fixable...Bourbon from AE is a Burnished finish meaning it is not dyed...you essentially stripped away the burnish...your only chance of making it better is to even out the other shoe.   I personally only ever use neutral polish on any burnished finish. In terms of the second shoe...just leave them alone and let them dry out and see what happens. Personally I wait 24 hours between applications on my AE shoes...getting them somewhat moist with...
  Wow those are spectacular....excellent! I am starting to gather up a few pairs I want some altercations done too...very nice...is the welt flat black or dark brown
 How the hell do you search in the Marketplace? 
 If the seconds price was a good deal I would keep them....if it was calf I would think it would be more of a problem than with shell. I would not think that will get any bigger length wise
and of course you know you can not wash them...LOL...but it seem the new era of denim wearers think they do not smell.... for real enjoy...I do not wear them but think they look sharp on the gents around here.
LOL...don't give into the speedhook!
I am not sure I have a centered heel seem from AE. I do not even consider it anymore......looks odd when you first see them but now I do not even notice.
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