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 I ordered the black Viberg's as they looked really cool...my wardrobe is entirely casual. Several posters I respect had nothing but good things to say about Viberg boots and the quality. So I figured what the heck if I am going to have one black boot(ok 2 a black AE Shaker Heights with Tweed) this would be it.
 Ordered that boot - it is outstanding casual boot. Can not wait to get it.
Thanks ..if that code works may have to try a pair finally   edit - code worked. cxl on the way
Indy boots in person which do most prefer the original brown calf or the Brown cxl? 
 you could MTO - someone MTO'd a sturgis and it looked great - I bet if you ordered this today you could get the RDA sale price plus $125 MTO fee and for $425 have a kick ass boot( I think it was on sale for $300 maybe less)....Actually I am tempted to order this right now :) No captoe is the big difference. SturgisNo brogueNatural CXLBrass eyelets(top 3 speed hooks?)Natural welt (split reverse or flatWhite welt stitchingLeather MidsoleBlack Dainite soleMed light brown...
@AndyC @jzrhwinnj @JezeC   I will look into getting a sample from Allison - I would def do this shoe also however I was posting as an example of something out of the box that would be needed to get interest going. Like I said I only saw this leather at the AE store and even said to the SA that it is ridiculous they do not explain what this is on the site at all. Once I confirm that the leather is indeed a chamois and available I will update here...   @halfnhalfnhalf ...
 Agreed - I own what I would consider perfect fitting shoes from AE in 5 different sizes and if they offered a 12.5 shoe that number probably would be higher so yea measuring can get you close but not perfect in most cases.
 The brass eyelets with #8 is killer...Damn I want those on a Tanker! Wish someone would do that makeup.
I think the 12 number is going to be tough just do to the number of shoes everyone around here owns. I am willing to sell lots of shoes to get ones I prefer to fill their spot so I am a bit easier in terms of jumping on board a GMTO I like.   Think it will take the rollout of new leathers and shells combined with new shoe releases to see this going forward. For example the Darmstadt shoe in brown at the store the leather is actually similar to the Tobacco Chamois leather...
 That is really weird...have not had that in any bal shoes I own...did you switch to a winter sock? I do not know if these are your first pairs of non rubber bottom shoes but the only think I can think of is that your foot has expanded do to walking in proper footwear now. I just read an article online...so it must be true...that rubber shoes, cushy insoles, etc actually in the long run make your feet more tired and tense wearing everyday as the nervs/tendons/muscles are...
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