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 Are they really so tight length wise too? I would take a shoe tree and put a boot sock on it and stuff it back in the boot for a few days then add a second sock etc and keep working it. works all of the time for me as I am an in between size person...clearly not going to help length..
 For my shell boat shoe when  I do it I am going with the LH sole...the shaker is the crepe looking bottom? I like Navy with a brown collar. I think someone answered on here but can you go from boat shoe sole to a traditional or vice versa? or not at all?  After I get my size dialed in, this is the next one in Navy CXL/Brown latigo glace -  I am getting - this year - I passed on the sale shoe as I think the 12D will be too tight...may regret that 
Just ordered the below to help dial in sizing - I am an essex fan and these will replace my similar colored old beaters that can not have the sole replaced...The Sebago pair I ordered in Bison for this purpose was too small and sadly had a memory foam footbed which just aint gonna cut it when they get soaking wet. Between this and the rancourt from BB at least I should have a good enough idea by end of summer to order my shell boat shoe. Ordered the below in 12E, the...
no kidding...ugh...if we combine our selection we would have a nice condo complex to rent.
LOL.....sadly my wife does not give me crap about my shoes and boots...wish she did as I should have been putting that money towards a beach house...oh well :)
 The current ones seem sturdy..I think they call it waxed canvas now...mine are going back to to defect but I think they will hold up well...the current model is not something I would be wearing to the beach in water etc often like my current crop..and the current one is pretty heavy. I think it will hold up well..looking forward to getting my replacement pair...sadly wont be here in time for vacation.
Sorry to hear about the issues with yours...my pairs have been stellar and are better finished than several of my vibergs. For me it is just needing a new style at this point. I have a ton of service boots across a few brands.I really need to sell a whole bunch of stuff.
I emailed Vince about the captoe...when I hear back wiLL let you know.
 How long ago did you order? If I recall the natural Dublin was prior to the lasting change..I could be wrong...My 13 blue madrones are really roomy while my original pair are very tight...the new lasting actually has me considering going down to a 12.5 for boots I want to wear normal socks with.
These are a full size down and a width narrow than my measured...they were a touch tight and touch short however I would take that any day as I hate heel slippage..also these have a lot of extra width where the upper is stitched to the midsole so as the material stretches some you will not spill over the foot bed.. these were a 12D I believe a 12.5 D would be perfect..My bran size is 13E...if you need any references for other shoe makers let me know and I can share what I...
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