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these went out for a nice stroll today with some baggy cords...choco tankers...the flat welt on these is growing on me.
 Ahhh instep yeah that is tougher than just width.P2 for me in standard width is tight...have not tried something wide from them. Soller in standard is tight for me but on the suede boot is workable...I would have prefered a width bigger but such is life..LOL 
 I believe that is the last I am getting my monkey boot on - 
 Sorry to hear that - I had a boot made in Forest EEE and it is very roomy for my E width foot.
 The new one is what I want in the NST chukka style boot...not that I can get anyone to return my email...LOL. Not sure if it is lost in language barrier or what. Pretty much sounds like.."Take my money....see picture...please make it!" lol
 For some I was enjoying my coffee...I would have to say Snuff Suede needs a spot...I might go for the chukka over the wing boot but Snuff needs to be there I versatile. My brain says a brown, burgundy and a black but my heart has 2
 Nice choices Mike...yes agree this would be the disputed part for sure..Indy great selection the other two as streetwear...not for me..While I do agree shell can stay in the streetwear I would have gone for the Alt Wein #8  - the new run has commando and split welt also(can not wait for this and it will be a denim paired shoe) - Not a stock model for sure so perhaps that might leave it out For another boot - I guess I am going Barrie NST Black Shell boot, Split welt on...
 Agree - terrific boot...sad they did not have my size.
walked six miles in these Ironsides today....with some on the beach...71...NJ....Feb...Yes please!
the photo posted prior to the welting looks like the rounder last....assume we are talking about the navybshell boots...but from the angle tough to tell
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