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 Wow I do not think I have seen a tear like that in that spot...
 yes can see that for office consists of me and my imaginary friends and a trip to the coffee house and mall once in a It is actually sad that many days now I end up in my gym clothes and sneakers. I sort of force myself to put pants on just to wear my boots. I went from business casual to casual and loaded up on casual makeups...and was too nervous to sell my more business casual shoes and boots thinking I will need them again once I do sell...
 I wear a size 12 Alden Barrie and can only wear thinner socks up to a Wigwam Unison sock at thickest. I wear a size 12 Viberg as well in 2030 and it fits slightly you should without a doubt be a 6.5 in Viberg IMHO.  yes Dainite will loosen up...however you may need to go tongue pad route if keeping them.
 Not for dress up but for dress down I love lighter welts and edging on black boots. My Vibergs and Trickers are both natural on the welt and casual dress attire for me. Though Natural seems more of a fit than antique now that I think about it.
one of my first and favorite Aldens
 it is all instep with Truman...the top arch of your foot...I am 13E and it fits perfect except for some tightness on the top of foot. If I wanted to wear boot socks I would go EE but normal socks are ok - So I measure 13E and 13D fits fine...I would like to try a 12.5EE sometime though.
 Well considering you will probably never run into anyone here and the 99.9% of the population doesn't give a shit damn about about men's shoes...I wouldn't worry.
Scout Boot Reverse Green/Olive Chamoise Smooth side Green/Olive Chamoise shaft Brass Eyelets Stitchdown Structured Faux Captoe Vibram Logger Half sole Tan contrast stitching on uppers 2040 Last   what...too soon? LOL
Yes I believe that is designed on here - Would prefer brass eyelets myself on this but wont be picky! going to be killer - 
these went out for a nice stroll today with some baggy cords...choco tankers...the flat welt on these is growing on me.
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