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Get some boot socks or Medium weights and it will eliminate the sliding around.
Those are walnut?
AE may release it on their own in oxblood....they did that with Bob's Chili from what I recall - adding a few models here and there. on top of that there was talk of them alloying other shoes to be part of the trunk show...
I wish they would announce what other models they will be offering in oxeblood...I think I want a Bleeker St in it but do not really want to MTO it ...would have during the sale so maybe during the black Friday sale.
 This shoe has really grown on me over time.
  Congrats and great photos! Is that the Jomoc on the left?
 When you say you have not heard anything...you did get your initial response from Allison right? With the work order?
LOL...my wife says very little about my shoes as she also knows I sell a bunch...which is great for keeping the confusion up...however when boxes come from AE directly she realizes those puppies are for me...and well I am do for about 6 boxes to show up over the next month or so .....hmmm perhaps giving her a really nice Christmas present early will stem the any complaints.
I have been trying to ignore you two....lol.
Only issue with that is according to the postcard blood is a burnished finish so I think that requires being more careful than merlot which is dyed from what I understand.
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