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I have four pairs of Alden shells in C width that I've never felt any pain wearing, however they feel very slightly wide in the instep so when I recently bought some alden longwings in shell I went for a B width. I noticed that while the shoes seem to fit perfectly they feel noticeably narrower in the heels and the first time I wore them there was a slight pain on the side of my heel. I've worn them to work several days now and they are slightly better each time. I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid That's odd. I pulled them up but a few days ago. They're still appearing on Google, but the 'click' does not correspond to the page. Did you get the liner? Is it easy to zip in and out, and what's the quality like? Sorry to trouble you with questions. I got the wool liner, and it seems nice but I haven't had to use it yet. It buttons in and out easily, especially since it doesn't have any arms. I...
The biege, it is the traditional trench color. I think the stone is a very light gray. Yes that was on the FL, but those posts have disappeared.
I haven't inspected a burberry or aquascutum, but I can't imagine they are of noticeably higher quality material and construction. Also, when I took it in to a high end menswear store to have the sleeves shortened they asked where I had bought it. They were thinking that it would be a nice item to offer in their store.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I just knot mine in the back- i get the form of the cinched waist without the hassle. Square knot does the trick. Doesn't that make it more difficult to reach the grenades?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Did you size down, how is the fit? I know someone looking for a trench considering Burberry and other similar articles so this might be even better. I'm 6'2" and can be between a 44R and a 44L in a coat. I bought the 44L to be safe and ended up having the sleeves shortened by about an inch. The 44 part was perfect.
I have been using mytailor.com and have been very happy with everything they've done. The key is in the tailor though. Joe Hemrajani makes trips to my area and I love working with him. I've seen mixed reviews posted concerning some of the other tailors. My suggestion would be to order one suit or one sport coat and slacks combination and one shirt the first visit and then wear them back to your next appointment to see what needs to be altered. Also, before your first...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Just found this company: http://www.raincoatsdirect.co.uk/web...tegoryId=10401 They say their trenches are hand-made in England and sell for £275, with a 10 per cent discount that's £247.50 (if I have got that right). The coat looks to fill all the traditional criteria. I shall phone them to confirm that their coats have horn buttons, or whether they are imitation horn. Anyone heard of them before? I...
I have the same measurements. While I have had the pants on some OTR suits altered, I have never been satisfied with the results. Unless you can find athletic fit suits you will need to stick to 1) sport coats and slacks 2) suit separates or 3) made to measure. I've gone the made to measure route and have been very happy I did.
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