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Quote: Originally Posted by BRMC_doves Uggh I just messaged this company asking for measurements on a non-levis top they have. What are the chances they hook them up? They're sold out of sz smalls on this particular button-down, so I'm wondering if I could pull off the medium. Just call any of their stores.
Same here. I like how it leaves traces of indigo onto the canvas/duck fabric on the sleeves. Like Rick James on Charlie Murphy's couch.
I just got the denim shirt today, too. It's pretty thick, it's more like a shirt jacket-- it's gonna be good this fall. Diggin' the details. I'd say it's pretty TTS as well. Size 40 chest, mediums across the board, medium here. Pics of some of the notable details.
go to a pharmacy and wait for some of the people on medicaid to show up. then wait for the people with money to show up. total suckfest on both ends of the spectrum. poor people who feel entitled, and privileged people who feel entitled.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 The number of people with single digit post counts raving about this brand is a little troubling. Or maybe I'm just cynical. I agree... And I think we can all agree that generally speaking, they do make some nice jeans. However, I'll never buy another pair again, especially since there are better alternatives out there.
BEAR JEW - that's frickin' awesome. brilliant movie on so many levels. nice handle.
I actually took the time to read that sufu thread re: ToJ's issue with this seller. His defense was basically "miscommunication"; that his rep as a seller (on sites like eBay) speak to his reliability, and that it was a private problem to be resolved between him and ToJ and no one else's business. Problem is, his argument wasn't sound based upon his behavior, and if you're going to sell on PUBLIC FORUMS and cheat people out of their money, you better expect a COMMUNITY...
Got my jeans re-worked at Schaeffer's Garment Hotel in LA. Sent them out and got them back in about 8 days. Great staff and service; can't say enough good things about how they salvaged the button-fly tab. Hopefully, nothing else will begin to unravel. I've already put in half the $$ I spent into repairing these.
Nice buy. I'd wear it with shorts or if I was at the beach wear it with a regular pair of khakis rolled up when it starts to get cooler. I'd pair it with some nice white/light-colored kicks. Personally, I wouldn't layer, but this is a fairly versatile piece. You could get away with it in transition when summer starts to cool off.
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