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Those Milanos are looking good.
Bump for a great seller-- quickly delivered and a great item in great shape.
Yeah, black seed cotton is the fabric, woven at the White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC.
slightly off topic-- it's funny to see an avatar of federer and read "fuck europe" in the same line. but then, he is swiss...
Those BiG chinos look great. And here's the link to Epaulet. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/t...British/Detail
It's a goddamn forum, man. Where else are obsessive straight/gay/other types going to talk about khaki's and chinos? Work? With their fishing buddies? If you want a pair of really nice chinos, then I suggest Epaulet-- those are the tits. Personally, I think every guy should have at least one pair of those pants because the price is a steal for the quality. But if you're on a limited budget, and are looking for practical, decent-fitting slim khakis, the new Dockers...
Quote: Originally Posted by bombers I got the signature and the slim soft 2 weeks ago and they fit pretty much straight leg and not slim at all. The leg opening on the 34x30's i got is 18". I ended up throwing it in the same package and return it right away. I'm about to order the SF slim tapered and the wader hoping for a better fit. Same here. I was very disappointed with the cut of the signature slim-- not what I expected at all. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo have you compared their fit to say the J.crew urban slim fit? I'm interested in the waders, price is nice too. I've tried on both, and they are very similar in fit. The difference is the fabric, which I think (and others disagree) is great. It feels like a lighter-weight moleskin material and crinkles a bit like a jean. In terms of crispiness, it's similar to the first run of J.Crew officer's chino-- a...
Not inverted on my end. Great items. Free bump!
bump for a great poster and great shirt at a steal of a price. i'd be all over this if i didn't already own 324,393,289,439,905 blue chambray shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: