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Hi, Jay. I haven't bought any of their recent stuff, but I have handled them. Apologies in advance for not having more details re: denim. I have a pair of their first run using the black seed denim (pics in this thread). I would say that their newer stuff construction-wise is more "tight". Not saying my pair is sloppy or made poorly, but similar to my OG ROY jeans, the overall construction seems to be better with successive generations. As for the denim itself, it's...
1. Have some free time to run, mess around. 2. Ride your bicycle. There is no proper way to wear jeans. You just wear them!
Bought a pair of jeans from engteach. Solid communication and shipped it out quick. Same thing with ashenwreck. Great seller, and smooth transaction.
Bump for a great price... wish I were shorter. Sort of.
I would go with a L. I'm a 40 chest and wear M-- they fit just right. If you have questions, you can "ask Jack"-- They usually respond within 48 hours. Just ask them for measurement for a M and L. Quote: Originally Posted by auggie Im thinking about ordering some of the slim fit shirts in medium? I'm 6', 175 with a 42 chest...would this shirt fit properly or should I go with a large? tks
I received the Rustico tweed crewneck this week and I love it for the pricepoint. Very comfortable and warm and a great fit. It's sold out, but I believe the Alpaca crewneck sweater (which is a blend) is very similar; different color. If so, I am heavily considering picking it up this winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi Could you please post the link? I can't find them on the website. Is it possible they've been sold out? Sorry chenz-- that sweater sold out almost immediately. I ordered it at 8:30 am EST and I checked back about an hour later and it was gone.
Nice, thanks for the update. I'll definitely swing by sometime in the next few weeks.
Got the email this morning for 30% off sale items with code "jcrew". Picked up the very nice Rustico Tweed sweater for $55.99.
Riding a bicycle will definitely get more fades in the stress points because of the friction. Wear and dirt is my theory. I don't know what happens on a micro-level, but the jeans I've worn around dirt and washed/soaked seem to fade more than those where I am just as active, but don't get dirty.
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