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Added the Indigo Dip-Dyed Crewneck, size S. Drop on the CT blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by oboy_oboy Like that Medium blazer...but trying to resist new purchases! They're not sexy, but they're still drops! Check your PM, oboy...
definitely looks like some weird texture/flash effect.
This is a pretty damn good price...
Beautiful collaboration jeans with much-respected Amsterdam-based shop Tenue de Nîmes. Selvedge indigo canvas... whoa. Someone on sufu copped a pair of their indigo canvas and it looked like pretty amazing fabric, cut, and construction. http://www.tenuedenimes.com/shop/pro...ollaboration/#
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin +1, also had good purchase from grooveholmes, excellent seller, great communication! Right back atcha, fellas. Harbin and .Impulsv = Great members to deal with. Thanks for the feedback.
Added the most current version of the Blazer, additional drops.
Drop on the dip-dyed sweatshirt, added another MF tee, Covert Twill Jacket, and put the CPO back on the table.
Thanks guys-- that makes three of us: it's a really sweet piece. Drops on the MF tee and sweatshirt!
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