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I've got a 15% code for Oakleaf & Acorn-- John (owner) asked that I keep it on the DL, so please PM if you're serious about ordering and I'd be happy to share. He's a great guy and provides excellent customer service.
I've ordered from pretty much all the SF affiliates except for (WW, Dressspace, and Uncle Otis) and never had any issues with Brigade. In fact I found the service to be quite good. Communication has been great, and the site has improved leaps and bounds. Running an online shop is a learning process and shit happens. Re-reading the old posts on this thread is funny to me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I can't comment on their experience. But these guys are...
Cool, thanks for the info. Sounds like with the 2010 shirts (some stockists still have them) stay TTS and with the 2011 line, size up 1.
Great transaction with ekstra - communication and shipping were top notch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee groove, did you buy your regular size? or anyone else? thanks! Holy sh*t, sorry for the month-late reply. In the original cut, I went with the large first via Oakleaf & Acorn, which fit ok, but was a little too big for me. I still wear it to lounge around in, but then went with a medium via Unionmade. I have a 40 chest, and the medium fit just right. The new cuts are longer-- Context has the size info...
Drop on the t-shirt, damn it.
Drop on the t-shirt, damn it.
Just had a quick and smooth transaction with Seafinch.
Drops on jacket and shorts
I have the same shirt-- it's a very dark navy.
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