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SOLD Waist: 29 Length: 32 Rise: 10.5 Opening: 7
I was looking for my size at a warehouse sale but instead chanced upon this. BNWT but has the "non-returnable" black mark through the MF tag. Not a big deal to me, but if you don't like it, move along. $125 shipped CONUS via Priority Mail. For people abroad, we'll have to figure out the shipping costs case by case. Chest: 18 Sleeve: 22 Shoulder: 15 Length: 25.75
I don't really need to say much except I own a few of these myself and they are the tits. See for yourself in the macro shots; these are impeccably made. These shirts are even better with subsequent washes-- the slub fabric really takes on wonderful character once it hits the water. Anyway, the only drawback is the black marker through the tag, but c'mon-- it's an undershirt-- if you don't think you can get over it, don't buy it. $45, shipping included. Chest:...
FINALLY visited the new shop. John was there to hem my raw indigo canvas jeans. Awesome guy-- I picked up the AB Fits x Jason Jagel bandana while I was there. The space itself was wonderful-- a lot of nice pieces for guys and gals. The workshop was impressive-- lots of room filled with wonderful machines. Can't say enough good things about the whole operation. I still love the local ethic they embrace and appreciate their enthusiasm. It's nice to see Cone and a...
Just received my Denime "New 66" raw jeans from Blue Owl today. Excellent customer service. Jay is a really great person to talk with and he took the time to help me find the right fit over the phone, WA to NC. I'm a 33.5 waist, and Jay suggested I go with the 30. According to the Denime website, they estimate that after the first wash it should measure just under 34. Well, these fit almost perfect out of the box, and with additional wear, I think these will be fine. ...
I hate the styling but several of the pieces by themselves seem alright. Definitely going to miss Daiki's aesthetic. MM should do fine tapping into the ivy-side of WWM's history, probably for better and worse.
Sorry to hear about the negative dealings with Harbin. I've got nothing but respect for the dudes who have posted their grievances. However, I did have a positive transaction with Harbin a few months back, so it's a bummer to read these posts.
If you havent already, I'd shoot Karl an email directly through the RT website.
I've got this jacket. It's one of their better pieces from the past season. Very well made and at a great price.
Ditto-- beautiful piece. I'd be tempted if they were my size. Crazy sizing on those... Good luck, Z.
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