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Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt are theory suits worth it at 40% off? is coop brand good quality? Good questions. I asked the SA/Asst. Manager about Theory and she was convinced that the cuts and quality are top notch. I'm not convinced. Everything seems to be made in China. There are some great mills and factories in China, but overall, I guess I have a general distrust of the quality and ethical accountability. IMHO it's...
The Co-Op stores will be in on this too. I've got a pair of PRPS, Nudies, and Marc Jacobs denim on hold.
If you like it, go for it. I don't think it looks terrible, but you're the one who's going to have to walk away with it with either confidence or reservation. which will it be?
Looking to purchase a size L Rittenhouse button-up knit jacket from the Fall/Winter 2007 collection. If anyone has one for sale, please PM me with your price! Thanks!
cTo-- thanks for the great posts. i'm trying to order for the first time, but neither of those codes you've listed work. any suggestions?
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