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He's definitely on another level and playing field. But then what do you expect from the man who invented the faux-hawk?
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 Interesting fact: Yesterday Frank Muytjens, the head menswear designer for J. Crew came to the shop where I work (Unionmade in S.F.). He's the super stylee guy you've seen in GQ and ACL etc... He bought 1 piece: The Rogue Territory Double Indigo work shirt. Nice guy. Impeccable taste. Nice. Does anyone know how exactly to pronounce his last name? I saw that clip on the J.Crew website but still...
Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 I bought some Wine Overdyed jeans and have not been able to find any elsewhere, has anybody seen those jeans? No, but they sound interesting. Pics?
My email correspondences with them have been VERY sporadic, too. When I met them, I didn't get the impression that they were very forum-savvy like many of the e-tailers on this site. They of course have heard about sites like SuFu and SF, but definitely aren't contributing members like Mike, Jay, Mauro, Kiya, Gary and the like. I think it's difficult for anyone to balance business with craft. Not an excuse, but certainly the fact that they design and make their product...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Just sent mine off the Blue Owl to get hemmed. They'll do you right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Suckafree Just as an FYI...I have the black SM Harlems as well and had the same button ripping problem you described. After that was repaired the denim ripped in the oddest place on the back of the leg (i.e. not at a stress point) and the denim shop I took them to in L.A. (Schaeffers Garment Hotel) said they had never seen anything like it before. Must have been defective denim. That makes me feel a little bit...
she looks good in them jeans fo' sho'
The preview was nothing to write home about. Thought about picking up the nailhead shirt-- I like the fabric, but for 98 clams I'd rather put that toward an Epaulet or Drinkwater's shirt.
I got an invite to the "private" preview party Saturday morning at the store. "Light breakfast" to be served. Ooooooo. I RSVPd... I figured, "why not?" I've got nothing better to do and there's nothing remotely interesting (as far as fashion goes) in my area. I was asked to bring a friend or two, but my girl wants to sleep in haha. I'll see what they have and then hit the thrift stores afterward. I've noticed that they've been really pushing this "personal...
Killin' it. I have to get a pair stat.
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