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Here are the embarrassing photos of the terrible repair job. However, if you look at the top flap, you can see the inherent flaw in the construction/material. I've never seen fraying/unraveling like this before. Thanks, Matty!
Quote: Originally Posted by JackFrost09 Never had any issue with shrinking and I've got 3 reverse seam shirts. Only issue, which isn't an issue based on the styling, is they fit a little tight across the chest- feel like they pull one button from the top. Other than that the fit is great and make a nice casual alternative to BoO etc. +1
My gluttony knows no end. I ended up buying two pairs of Rambler jeans in 2009. I've since moved on to other brands and have never taken the time to break these in. The ones I currently wear are my favorite jeans in the rotation-- they're buttery soft with beautiful fades. You can tell by the pics that they are brand new with the tags; there is slight creasing from having tried on the pair, but they've never been worn (you-know-what-I-mean), rinsed, or washed. Just...
Haha true. Free fake... If he's in Korea he might be able to pull off the same job at Dongdaemun market.
Quote: Originally Posted by GinoAGC As some on who works in design in the apparel industry, I can tell you that labels, packaging and zippers all change frequently from season to season. Even when styles are repeated, as in basic stock replenishment programs, new packaging is often developed for no other reason then to keep the designer interested in what he's working on. Furthermore, grammatical mistakes on labels are far more frequent than you would...
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Edwin or Edun?
I'm sure this goes without saying, but for those who have never ordered from BO, the measurements that Jay posts here and elsewhere are spot on.
Here are some pics of the "Elliot" jean from RD. A month and a half of steady wear, zero soaks and washes. The jeans are very comfortable and apparently made from Cone Mills black seed cotton-- really nice material. It's getting close to stanky, and I'm of the opinion that if it stinks, it's time to wash. I really like the details-- the back pockets (they've grown on me), the red chain stitch thread, the plain copper buttons, and the "x-ray" pockets signed by...
Great stuff, Jay. I just bookmarked this thread...
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